Are Four Wheel Pop-Up Campers Good?

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A Four Wheel Camper on a truck set against a sunset and mountains.

Are you a solo traveler looking to enjoy the outdoors on the weekends? You already own a truck but don’t want to upgrade to a larger one or spend thousands of dollars on a pop-up camper or travel trailer to pull behind your vehicle. Do you have any other options? The Four Wheel pop-up campers might be the perfect solution for your adventures. Let’s take a closer look at these models!

About Four Wheel Pop-Up Campers

Four Wheel pop-up campers can fit any standard truck bed. Their options are lightweight, which means travelers can go camping without having to buy a bigger truck. Outdoor enthusiasts also don’t have to worry about the setup and tear down of a campsite or the hitching and unhitching of a travel trailer.

One option is the slide-in camper. This camper comes in a 5-ft, 6-ft, or 8-ft model, depending on the truck bed size. The slide-in campers feature a slide-out bed over the cab of the truck, a couch, a sink, a stove, and a fridge.

Another option is the flatbed camper. This camper is designed for 6.5-ft truck beds or 8-ft truck beds and features a queen bed, fresh water tank, stove, sink, and fridge. You can also add a shower, furnace, or toilet if you wish.

A third option is the Project M “Topper.” This camper features GearTracs and roof latches to haul equipment. Inside there’s a bed over the cab of the truck, wall tracks, a cold-weather blanket, and shelves.

The biggest difference between these three options is how the camper attaches to the truck. The slide-in camper slides in to the truck bed, whereas the Project M “Topper” connects to the truck’s bed rails. As you might have guessed, the flatbed camper fits on flatbed trucks.

The Benefits of Choosing Four Wheel Pop-Up Camper

As already mentioned, Four Wheel campers provide camping opportunities for singles or couples who don’t want to spend money upgrading their truck. Whatever vehicle you have, there’s probably a Four Wheel camper that will fit. Let’s look at a few more benefits of choosing a Four Wheel pop-up camper.

Off-Road Durability

Because the camper attaches to the truck, you have off-road durability. If you enjoy overlanding, a Four Wheel camper might be the right choice for you. This Colorado-born company started as a way to get out and away from conventional life. Campers and fifth wheels can’t withstand the constant bouncing and pounding that overlanding brings. So Four Wheel combined the off-road capability of a truck with the comfortability of an RV lifestyle.

You can visit secluded campsites or go fishing in remote lakes without worrying about your RV fitting in a tight spot. Plus, if you’re going to travel under any low-lying bridges or drive down a washed-out dirt road. You’ll save your truck’s suspension as well.

Image via Four Wheel Campers

Incredibly Lightweight

The dry weight for a Four Wheel camper to fit in the bed of a full-size truck like a Ford F-150 is a little over 1,000 pounds. A slide-in model to fit in the bed of a mid-size truck like a Toyota Tacoma is a little under 1,000 pounds. And a flatbed camper will be around 1,300-1,400 pounds. 

Remember, these are dry weights, but when comparing these Four Wheel camper options to small travel trailers, they’re incredibly lightweight. This is why almost any size truck should be able to travel with a Four Wheel pop-up camper.


Enjoy the comforts of RV travel in this small space. But don’t be fooled. The top hatch pops up to make headroom over six feet in height. Most people can stand and move about easily. 

The handcrafted cabinetry gives you options for many different configurations to make your travel fit your needs. The Four Wheel campers can sleep up to four people with bed sizes ranging from twin to king. Also, each camper comes with a standard deep cycle AGM 12V battery, so you’ll have a power source, no matter how remote your location.

Not only are these comfortable to stay in overnight, but they also make the drive comfortable. You can easily pull into a parking spot and eat at a local restaurant or pull up to a gas station without worrying about wide turns. 

The ride is smooth and easy. The low profile also makes the drive easy in windy conditions—no white-knuckle driving through crosswinds with a Four Wheel camper.

Options for Most Any Pickup Truck

You can build your own model and choose options depending on what truck you have. If you have a short bed mid-size Chevy Colorado, you can select that option, choose from a slide-in or topper model, and then view the different floor plans and additional features. Or, if you have a long bed full-size Dodge Ram 1500, you can select that option and go from there. 

Four Wheel makes sure you receive the camper that you want – with all the bells and whistles or with just the necessities.

Image via Four Wheel Campers

Easy to Set Up

It takes less than three minutes to pop-up the Four Wheel camper and be ready to enjoy your stay. One person can also set it up easily, so you don’t have to be traveling with a partner. Because setup is manual, you also don’t have to worry about mechanical failure–that’s a sure way to ruin a camping or fishing trip.

Releasing the top hatch is just as easy as setting it up. So you’re quickly off to your next adventure!

Are Four Wheel Pop-Up Campers Good Quality?

Four Wheel campers are handcrafted. From the cabinetry and woodwork to the hatch fabric and velcro windows, you can buy with confidence that you are receiving a pop-up camper of good quality. The roof is one piece, which reduces the risk of damage or leaks. And the company claims that it won’t need servicing for decades.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Buying Four Wheel Pop-Up Campers?

It’s a small space. Although the Four Wheel campers can accommodate four people, if you’re a family of four, it would be a very tight living space. Even for just a weekend, it could be difficult to manage. Travel trailers and larger pop-up campers offer more space if you’ll be consistently traveling with more than two people. The Four Wheel campers are best for individuals or no more than two people.

Would You Enjoy Owning This Camper? 

If you enjoy hunting, fishing, overlanding, rock climbing, skiing, or any other outdoor adventure, the Four Wheel pop-up campers might be for you. Especially if you travel alone, these campers offer easy setup, durability, and comfortability that you won’t get in a travel trailer. 

So, depending on your travel lifestyle and personal needs, check out the options Four Wheel has and decide if one of them is right for you. 

Do you think a Four Wheel camper is the best solution for your next outdoor adventure?

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