Everything You Need to Know About Roadmaster Tow Bars

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A truck towing an RV with a roadmaster tow bar

Motorhome owners tend to run into the predicament of whether or not they can tow a second vehicle.

It can be a hassle to hitch up a second car, but it can also be convenient to have a smaller vehicle to drive to the grocery store, museum, or national park. Many RVers have chosen to go with a Roadmaster tow bar and the other necessary equipment to flat tow their vehicles. 

If you want a quality option that’s easy to use, a Roadmaster tow bar may work for your travel needs. Let’s take a look!

What Is a Roadmaster Tow Bar?

Roadmaster manufactures towing products, including tow bars, baseplates, supplemental braking systems, wiring kits, and trailer suspensions. It’s a well-known and respected brand among RVers.

Roadmaster tow bars were first introduced in 1986. A tow bar helps connect the front of a vehicle to the rear of a motorhome. This type of towing is called flat or dinghy towing, where all four wheels touch the road.

A Roadmaster tow bar mounts to the RV trailer hitch and attaches to the vehicle base plate.

Can You Back Up With a Roadmaster Tow Bar?

You can’t back up with a Roadmaster tow bar without potentially damaging the entire towing system, the vehicle’s front end, or the rear of the RV. 

Backing up with a vehicle in tow causes the vehicle to jackknife. Always detach the towed car and then back up. Reattach it if needed when finished backing.

Can I Install a Tow Bar By Myself?

Because installing a tow bar requires specific knowledge and expertise, it’s not recommended to install one yourself. It comes down to safety. 

A Roadmaster tow bar must be fitted correctly, requiring care and precision. You’ll have to drill holes, attach pivoting joints, and wire the car. If you don’t have experience working with cars, it’s best to leave the installation to a professional.

Roadmaster Tow Bar Buying Guide

When it’s time to buy your Roadmaster tow bar, there are a few things to keep in mind. You’ll want to know the weight of your towed vehicle, the size of your hitch, and the auxiliary braking system.

Weight of Your Toad (Vehicle You’re Towing)

You can’t choose the right Roadmaster tow bar without knowing the weight of your towed car. Like other towing components, they’re rated for a certain amount of weight. 

If you buy a tow bar rated for 5,000 pounds and tow a vehicle that’s 7,000 pounds, you’ll endanger the lives of other drivers because the tow bar can’t pull that amount of weight safely. Roadmaster has tow bars rated to tow 5,000 to 10,000 pounds.

Braking System

You’ll also need an auxiliary braking system when towing a vehicle behind your RV. Roadmaster also makes these products. InvisiBrake, BrakeMaster, and Even Brake are three options made by Roadmaster.

InvisiBrake is convenient and installed out of sight and out of mind. Although not portable, you can remove the major components and install them on another vehicle. 

BrakeMaster connects directly to the motorhome’s braking system and is ideal for RVers who won’t change motorhomes or vehicles any time soon. 

Even Brake works best for travelers who’ll change RVs soon or need to switch between towed vehicles.

Hitch Size

Next, you need to know your hitch size. The trailer hitch receiver on the rear of your motorhome has a specific size.

For example, a standard Class 1 or Class 2 hitch on a sedan or small SUV measures 1 1/4 inches in size. Class 3 and 4 hitches standard on trucks and larger SUVs measure 2 inches.

Tow ratings also increase with hitch size. For example, a sedan with a 1-1/4-inch hitch can tow 2,000 to 3,000 pounds. A truck with a 2-inch hitch may tow up to 10,000 pounds depending on the vehicle’s towing capacity.

The Roadmaster tow bar attaches to your RV’s trailer hitch. Thus, knowing its size is important to pick out a tow bar that’ll fit correctly.

Close up of a ball hitch

Pros of a Roadmaster Tow Bar

As already mentioned, Roadmaster is a trusted brand in the RV industry. Many motorhome owners used Roadmaster tow bars to help them travel with a second vehicle. But the company also manufactures easy-to-use, durable, and long-lasting tow bars.

Easy to Use

The design of a Roadmaster tow bar makes hitching and unhitching your vehicle simple. The large hookup radius means your car doesn’t have to be perfectly aligned to connect. 

The adjustable arms and pivot points make the tow bar easy to install when it’s time to hit the road.

One particular feature of the non-binding tow bars, the Freedom Latch, transforms linear motion into rotary motion at a 400-to-1 ratio. This means you don’t have to straighten your towed vehicle and motorhome to release the tow bar.

Keep in Mind: Having the right ball hitch is essential when towing your RV! Click to learn about the Different Ball Hitch Sizes and When to Use Them

Made of Durable Materials

A Roadmaster tow bar has stainless steel, which prevents corrosion and rust. It also has a high-tech powder coating for maximum durability. And the full-length crossbar comes reinforced for superior support and safety.

Roadmaster uses the same computerized testing method as NASA scientists, locating stress points in the steel and tweaking the design.

Close up of a tow bar


Although the longevity of any RV product is greatly affected by how much you travel and the conditions in which you travel, you can generally expect a Roadmaster tow bar to last around 70,000 miles. 

Normal wear and tear will occur every time you venture out, and this will increase if you tend to travel on rugged terrain or tow vehicles that are too heavy.

Cons of a Roadmaster Tow Bar

Although a Roadmaster tow bar makes a great investment for many RVers, it’s not the best option for everyone. The expense may not feel worth it if you only camp twice a year.

It’s also heavy, so if you’re limited in your mobility, you may want to find another option that’s easier to manage.


Non-binding tow bars made by Roadmaster include the Nighthawk, Sterling All-Terrain, BlackHawk 2 All-Terrain, and Falcon All-Terrain. They have weight capacities that range from 6,000 to 10,000 pounds. These models can cost over $1,000.

The classic Roadmaster tow bars include the Falcon 2, StowMaster, StowMaster Pintle, and Tracker. They have weight capacities that range from 5,000 to 6,000 pounds. They range from around $265 for the Tracker to $725 for the Falcon 2.


Only the Nighthawk and Sterling All-Terrain tow bars use aluminum. This means the other products are much heavier because they’re made of steel. 

For example, the BlackHawk 2 All-Terrain Roadmaster tow bar has a weight capacity of 10,000 pounds. But it weighs over 60 pounds. This can make maneuvering difficult when it’s time to put away the towing system.

The Best Roadmaster Tow Bars

We’ll explore three great options for a Roadmaster tow bar so that you can find one based on your needs and budget. Remember your vehicle’s weight and your motorhome’s hitch size when choosing. Also, consider which is worth the investment based on how many times you’ll use it.

Close up of a tow bar

Our Pick: Roadmaster BlackHawk 2

Weight Capacity: 10,000 pounds

At over $1,100, the Roadmaster BlackHawk 2 isn’t easy on the wallet. But it’s a great product for RVers who’ll travel often. Because of its non-binding arms, it’s good for travelers who like to camp on rugged terrain. 

If you end up on unlevel ground or parked at a weird angle, you can release your vehicle. This tow bar may work well if you want to tow a larger vehicle like a Jeep or a truck. However, if you only tow a smaller vehicle like a sedan, you might find a more budget-friendly option since you don’t need the high weight capacity.

Highest Rated: Roadmaster Nighthawk 

Weight Capacity: 8,000 pounds

The Roadmaster Nighthawk is even more expensive than the BlackHawk 2. However, it comes with LED lights, which make you easily visible at night. It also uses aluminum construction, making it more lightweight than other options as well. 

Compared to the 60-pound weight of the BlackHawk 2, the Nighthawk is much lighter at 35 pounds. The Nighthawk is also designed for MX, MS, and EZ5 base plates. If you have a Roadmaster crossbar-style base plate, you’ll need a different product.

Budget Friendly: Roadmaster Falcon 2 Tow Bar 

Weight Capacity: 6,000 pounds

For about $725, you can get the Roadmaster Falcon 2 tow bar. But don’t let budget be your only deciding factor. If you need to tow a larger SUV or truck, make sure the 6,000-pound weight rating exceeds the weight of your vehicle. 

You’ll also need another tool to help disconnect if you end up on unlevel ground since the Falcon 2 isn’t non-binding. Additionally, it has durable steel, but this also makes it heavier at 50 pounds.

Keep in Mind: Stay safe while towing your vehicle with the safest braking systems for your RV!

Tow Your Vehicle on Your Next Adventure With a Roadmaster Tow Bar

Check out the Roadmaster tow bars if you need a quality product to help you tow your vehicle on your next adventure. With all the different options, you’re bound to find one in your budget with the necessary capabilities to tow your vehicle. 

These tow bars are easy to use, and the products have high-quality materials. You may spend $700 to $1,400 today, but the Roadmaster tow bar will last you for tens of thousands of road miles!

Will you purchase a Roadmaster tow bar in the near future?

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