Is Thousand Trails Peace River Campground Worth the Hype?

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View of peace river campground

Florida has hundreds of campgrounds ranging from good to bad. So is Thousand Trails Peace River Campground worth the hype? We investigate this in this article. 

Keep reading to learn more about Peace River, a Thousand Trails campground. We examine what people love about it and why some people avoid it. 

Let’s dive in! 

About Peace River Campground 

Peace River RV and Camping Resort is a popular Thousand Trails property in Wachula, Florida. It’s inland, about 70 miles southeast of Tampa. 

You can make a reservation for Peace River Campground under a Thousand Trails membership or book a resale site at a nightly rate. There are also cabins for rent on this property.

The campground has full hookup site options or water and electricity only. The full hookup sites are available on a lottery system. The water and electric sites are first come, first serve for members. Non-members can call for a reservation. 

If you’re on an electricity and water-only site, you can sign up for the honey wagon service to empty your tanks weekly at no cost. They can provide this service more often for a fee.

Amenities at Peace River include a pool, hot tub, pickleball courts, bathrooms, showers, a laundry facility, and two dump stations. In addition, the campground offers activities and regularly has food trucks on-site.

About Thousand Trails

Thousand Trails is a campground and RV resort membership. It has over 80 properties in the United States and British Columbia.

Its campgrounds and RV resorts provide various activities and amenities, including pools, beaches, outdoor recreation, and more. Some offer RV storage and seasonal and annual sites.

Each property is unique in its offerings and campsites. Most have full hookup sites, but some have only water and electric hookups. 

Memberships range from zone passes to lifetime memberships with annual dues. A zone pass allows you into Thousand Trails campgrounds in one particular area of the country, like the southwest. It’s a less expensive option for those only using the membership periodically.

In contrast, lifetime memberships require an upfront buy-in and annual dues. The benefit is access to more campgrounds and more extended stays.  

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Friends setting up their camping spot at peace river campground

What Is Peace River Campground Known For?

People know Peace River Campground for being in a quiet location in the middle of Florida. It’s the perfect place for those wanting to break from the hustle and bustle of Orlando or coastal cities. 

Peace River flows along the edge of the campground. The small town of Wachula is also a few minutes drive or bike ride down the road.

Wauchula has a Walmart, restaurants, fast food, other grocery stores, banks, vehicle repair centers, and more.

What People Love About Peace River Campground

Like any campground, some people love it, and others don’t. Peace River Campground is no different. So let’s look at what people love about the campground.

Here’s a review from Google by a camper: “We absolutely love this park. The nice walking trails by the river are so relaxing. I meet more people here than in any other Rv park. I guess it’s the relaxing vibe this place puts out and just puts everyone at ease and at a slower pace.”

Over 450 Campsites

Peace River is a spacious campground. There are over 450 campsites. Most are shaded, while several sunny sites are in an open grassy area. 

Since it’s a large Thousand Trails property, it is easier to get a campsite here amid Florida’s peak season. While you still need to be conscious of booking in advance, there are many sites to go around.

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Trails, River, and Small Town Feel

People also like staying at Peace River Campground due to the river. You can go fishing and kayaking, but remember to watch out for the gators! 

The campground also has a walking or biking trail meandering through the wooded acres on the edge of the property. It’s an excellent way to enjoy nature and possibly glimpse wildlife. 

Wauchula is a draw for some people. It’s small and easy to navigate versus larger cities in the state like Bradenton or Orlando. You won’t need to wait in long lines or get caught in traffic.

An alligator at peace river campground

Activities and Food Truck

Like many Thousand Trails campgrounds, Peace River provides activities for all ages. Families enjoy the atmosphere and gatherings for kids. 

The campground has outdoor recreation like pickleball, basketball, and a pool. In addition, food trucks regularly sit by the office area. It’s a nice treat that sometimes includes an ice cream truck.

A food truck at peace river campground

What People Don’t Love About Peace River Campground

Peace River Campground has many good things about it. However, there are some aspects people don’t love. 

One camper left the following review on Google: “We arrived at a busy time, and it was completely overwhelming to try to find a place to park so we could check in and get on the lottery for a full hookup.

Not my favorite, but the manager could see my stress and tried to alleviate that a bit. Once we were settled, everything was great.”

Lottery System for Full Hookups

When you make a reservation at Peace River Campground, you’re making one for a campsite with water and electricity only. Since not all the sites are full hookups, they have a lottery system for people to move to a full hookup site.

If you enter the lottery system, you may score a full hookup site the day after arrival, or you may not get one if the campground is full. 

The system tends to be confusing, and campers get frustrated.

Since most Thousand Trails campgrounds don’t assign sites but instead let you drive around and find a lot to park on, Peace River created the lottery system to keep things fair. But full hookups are in high demand, and RVers prefer a site with sewer.

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Incredibly Dusty/Muddy

One section of Peace River Campground has dirt roads, which can create dust. It frustrates those wanting to enjoy the outdoors or keep their RV windows open in the warm Florida breeze. 

But it’s the mud that upsets Peace River campers. When it rains, the campground can be incredibly muddy on the sites near the river. Some say they had challenges moving big rigs on grassy lots. 

RVs parked at peace river campground

Very Expensive Rates for Non Members 

Thousand Trails campground purposely caters to members. So if you’re staying at Peace River Campground without a member, you’ll have to pay full retail rates.

Nights rates are over $60. While it’s not an outrageous price for Florida, given the more rustic-style campsites and lack of full hookups, it deters some RVers.

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Is Peace River Campground Worth It?

Peace River Campground is worth it for those not looking for a resort atmosphere and willing to be off the beaten path in Florida.

The campground is an excellent option for families or individuals who want a quiet getaway close to the beach. 

Peace River is one of only three Thousand Trails campgrounds in Florida. Therefore, it stays busy year-round. Be sure to make your reservations in advance!

Would you stay at Peace River Campground? 

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