10 Best Midbunk Fifth Wheels in 2023

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A loft inside a midbunk RV in a Forest River Cedar Creek fifth wheel

A midbunk fifth wheel is the perfect travel vacation home for families. You get a full sleeping room and more privacy. If you’re a full-time RVer, you can transform the extra space into an office. 

Please keep reading to learn more about midbunk fifth wheels and their benefits. We’ll also look at ten of the best models on the market. 

Let’s take a look!

What Is a Midbunk Fifth Wheel? 

A midbunk fifth wheel has bunkhouses in the middle section of the RV. Bunk rooms are often in the rear of a fifth wheel. In recent years, some RV manufacturers have added models with a midbunk.

It helps provide additional options to buyers looking for a rear living room or a more manageable floorplan for their family. 

Pros of a Midbunk Fifth Wheel

A midbunk fifth wheel is versatile, especially when traveling with kids or multiple people. Some midbunk models also have a loft above the bunk room, providing more sleeping room or a place for kids to hang out. The loft can even serve as an additional storage space.

The benefits include utilizing the bunk room as a TV room or office. Full-time RVers like the option to spread out and have a private office space. A midbunk fifth wheel can create specific living and work spaces within your RV.

The Best Midbunk Fifth Wheels in 2023

More RV manufacturers are putting midbunk fifth wheels into their lineup. Let’s take an in-depth look at ten models on the market.

1. Heartland Milestone 370FLMB

MSRP: Starting at $106,805

Length: 44-feet-2-inches

Weight: GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) 15,500 pounds 

Sleeps: 7-8 people

Heartland’s Milestone 370FLMB fifth wheel features a midbunk room with an overhead loft. The room has a twin-size bunk bed and a washer and dryer prep in the closet. 

In the rear of the fifth wheel, you’ll find the main bedroom with a king-size bed. The full bathroom is between the main bedroom and the bunk room. 

A spacious living room with three couches and an electric fireplace are in the front of the RV. It gives the advantage of high windows for a long line of sight. In addition, you’ll find a full residential-style kitchen with an island in the middle of the rig.

A midbunk room in a Heartland Milestone RV

2. Jayco Eagle 355MBQS

MSRP: Starting at $105,138

Additional specs will be available soon from the manufacturer. 

Jayco’s Eagle 355MBQS midbunk fifth wheel has a rear living area and a front main bedroom. In the bunk room, you’ll find a tri-fold sofa with a bunk above it. Above the room is a 64-inch by 76-inch loft. 

The living area and kitchen are open to each other and feature an island, electric fireplace, and dining room table. It also has an outdoor kitchen with a small refrigerator and griddle. 

The main bedroom has a king-size bed and a large wardrobe in the front with laundry hookups. The full bathroom is next to the bedroom.

Keep in Mind: Jayco RV is a popular manufacturer but is Jayco a Quality RV? Let’s dive in!

Inside a Jayco midbunk fifth wheel

3. Keystone Sprinter Premium 31MB

MSRP: Starting at $58,643

Length: 35-feet-11-inches

Weight: Dry Weight 9,911 pounds

Sleeps: 8 people

The Keystone Sprinter Premium 31MB midbunk fifth wheel has a queen-size memory foam pull-out sofa with a bunk above the bunkhouse. There’s also a desk and closet in the room. 

The main bedroom and full-size bathroom are in the front. You’ll find the living area and kitchen in the rear. It includes a dinette that folds into a bed and a queen-size tri-fold sofa. 

4. KZ Durango Gold G382MBQ

MSRP: Starting at $101,995

Length: 42-feet-5-inches

Weight: GVWR 16,000 pounds

Sleeps: 9 people

The KZ Durango Gold G382MBQ is a toy hauler. It has a patio deck on the back leading into the living room and kitchen. There are features like a kitchen island, fireplace, and the option of a dining table or a work desk. 

The midbunk room has a sofa bed with a bunk above it. It also has a desk and TV mount. Above the bunkhouse is a queen-size loft. 

The king-size bed in the front bedroom is an electric tilt bed. The wardrobe in the front has a washer and dryer hookup. There is also a full-size bathroom with a sizeable residential shower with a seat.

5. Forest River Cedar Creek 377BH

MSRP: Starting at $130,319

Length: 42-feet-5-inches

Weight: GVWR 16,135 pounds

Sleeps: 8 people

Forest River’s Cedar Creek 377BH fifth wheel has a midbunk room with a tri-fold sofa. You can switch it out for a 73-inch desk and turn the room into an office. There’s also a closet and TV in the bunk room and a loft above for additional sleeping space. 

The rear of the RV is a roomy and open living room and kitchen. It features a murphy pantry, island, fireplace, and free-standing table and chairs. 

The main front bedroom has a king-size bed, dresser, ample wardrobe, and laundry hookups. In addition, the fifth wheel has a full bathroom.

6. Jayco Pinnacle 37MDQS

MSRP: Starting at $145,892

Length: 41-feet-6-inches

Weight: GVWR 17,500 pounds

Sleeps: 10 people

Jayco’s Pinnacle 37MDQS fifth wheel has a spacious midbunk room with a slide-out. You’ll find a sleeper sofa in the room with a loft.

The front bedroom has a king-size bed and a washer and dryer prep in the wardrobe. Between the main bedroom and bunk room is a full bathroom with a walk-in shower. 

The Pinnacle’s kitchen features a residential refrigerator and kitchen island. There’s also an outdoor kitchen. The living room has theater seating and a full-size sleeper sofa.

7. Heartland Bighorn 3883MD

MSRP: Starting at $134,640

Length: 43-feet-1-inch

Weight: GVWR 16,805 pounds

Sleeps: 9 people

Heartland’s Bighorn 3883MD fifth wheel features a sofa in the midbunk room with a loft above. There’s also a desk and wardrobe in the bunk room. 

In the rear living area, you’ll find additional sleeping space on the pull-out couch. A residential-style kitchen opens to the living room with a large pantry, island, and dining table with chairs. 

The full bathroom opens up into the hallway and the primary bedroom. There’s a king-size with a wardrobe and laundry hookups.

A heartland midbunk fifth wheel room

8. Alliance Paradigm 390MP

MSRP: Starting at $109,777

Length: 41-feet-11-inches

Weight: GVWR 16,800 pounds

Sleeps: 8 people

The Alliance Paradigm 390MP fifth wheel has a midbunk with a sleeper sofa, a desk, a TV mount, and overhead storage. There’s a loft above the room. 

The kitchen features a residential fridge that can run off from 12-volt. The kitchen island has the prep for a dishwasher. In the living room, you’ll find a pull-out sofa, recliners, and an electric fireplace. 

In the front bedroom, you can choose a king or queen-size bed. The bedroom has a wardrobe wrapping around the front cap with a washer and dryer prep inside. In addition, there’s a full bathroom with a linen closet.

Keep in Mind: The Paradigm lineup has 9 different floor plans! Take a look at the rest of the Alliance Paradigm lineup

Inside an Alliance Paradigm midbunk fifth wheel

9. Coachmen Brookstone 398MBL

MSRP: Starting at $119,075

Length: 42-feet-2-inches

Weight: Dry Weight 13,155 pounds

Sleeps: 9 people

Coachmen’s Brookstone 398MBL midbunk fifth wheel has a large rear living room with a sleep sofa and theater seating. The kitchen has a free-standing dining table and chairs and a kitchen island with ample counter space.

The midbunk room has a sleeper sofa with a removable table. Above the couch is a bunk, and above the room is a loft. 

Between the bunk room and the main bedroom is a full-size bathroom with a linen closet. You have the option of a queen or king-size bed in the master. It has a large wardrobe with a washer and dryer prep.

10. Jayco Northpoint 377RLBH

MSRP: Starting at $132,983

Length: 42-feet-11-inches

Weight: GVWR 16,995 pounds

Sleeps: 11 people

Jayco’s Northpoint 377RLBH fifth wheel has a midbunk room with a sleeper sofa and a flip-up bunk above the couch. It has a removable table, desk, TV, and closet. Above the bunk room is a loft for additional sleeping or storage.

The front bedroom has a king-size bed, wardrobe, and laundry hookups. There’s also a TV and dresser in the room. The full-size bathroom has a walk-in shower. 

In the rear are the open-concept living room and kitchen. The living room has a tri-fold sofa, theater seating, and an electric fireplace. The kitchen features a residential refrigerator, island, dining table, and chairs.

Inside a Jayco midbunk fifth wheel

Who Makes the Highest Quality 5th Wheel? 

KZ Durango Gold takes home the prize for the highest-quality fifth wheel. KZ gets consistent top ratings in its quality control and customer service. Owners also rave about their floorplans. 

An owner wrote a review on RVInsider.com that she loved the added features like dishwashers, double shades, and fireplaces. Another owner raved about the amount of storage inside and out.

Midbunk Fifth Wheels Are Perfect for Families or an Extra Workspace

Midbunk fifth wheels are highly sought-after by families or full-time RVers looking for a private workspace. The options the bunk room provides can give travelers versatility. Additionally, the midbunks with lofts lend themselves to more sleeping room or additional storage space.

Are you shopping for a midbunk fifth wheel? If so, we would love to hear which one you choose.

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