Who Owns Owl Vans?

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In the RV industry, it’s hard to find a brand where customers write “the best in the industry,” “the highest quality work in the industry,” or “always does it right.” But when it comes to Owl Vans, that’s what you’ll find. 

Happy customers rave about the quality of the gear, exceptional customer service, and ease of installation. So let’s look closer at Owl Vans, how the company got started, and what it manufactures for campervans. Let’s dive in!

Who Owns Owl Vans?

John Willenborg is the founder and CEO of Owl Vans. But this company doesn’t produce campervans. Instead, it helps travelers outfit their rigs with the right gear to make their camping lifestyle enjoyable and convenient. You can get accessories, equipment, and professional installation.

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How Did Owl Vans Get Started?

In 2010, John Willenborg purchased his first Sprinter campervan and started designing it to better suit his camping needs. He engineered and produced his own products to help make camping easier, like racks, carriers, and ladders.

He didn’t realize his personal projects would become the number one gear carrier for adventure vans. 

John recorded videos about his progress and improvements and posted them to social media. He asked questions on forums and sought feedback for his designs. 

There were no companies making products for campervans like John was doing. Once he completed his personal project, other Sprinter owners wanted him to make the products for their own vans.

It wasn’t long before John realized these products had a market. Now Owl Vans manufactures products like bike carriers, cargo carriers, tire carriers, hitch steps, and more.

Where Are Owl Vans Products Manufactured?

Owl Vans has four locations in the United States: Mesa, Arizona; Marin, California; Anaheim, California; and Denver, Colorado.

Services offered at these locations include professional installations, wheel and tire upgrades, suspension tuning and upgrades, and more.

If you purchase a product and want it professionally installed, you can make an appointment at one of these locations.

What’s So Special About Owl Vans Gear?

Because John specifically engineered his own products for his Sprinter van, he knows what van lifers want. He sought feedback and guidance from Sprinter owners to help him build and design the best products with efficiency and durability in mind.

The quality of Owl Vans products is exceptional. The team knows that van owners will camp off-road and travel on uneven terrain. Thus, the company manufactured products that can withstand rugged travel, like lightweight aluminum, that won’t add much weight to the overall vehicle. 

The powder coat finish means the products will survive continuous exposure to harsh weather conditions. So the quality of Owl Vans gear is unmatched.

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What Types of Vans Will Owl Vans Gear Work For?

Owl Vans gear will work for many different campervans. Although John started with a Sprinter van, the team has branched out to manufacture quality upgrades for seven additional brands. 

These products help Class B owners safely and securely transport their gear and access the rear and roof more easily.

For example, the ladder and tire carrier combo installs in minutes and requires no drilling. It provides easy access to the roof and gets the spare tire out from underneath the vehicle.

Currently, Owl Vans makes gear for the Mercedes Sprinter, Winnebago Revel, Storyteller Overland, Ford Transit, Dodge Promaster, Thor Tranquility, Jayco Terrain, and Airstream Interstate. However, not all parts and gear are available for every model.

For example, it makes hood solar panels for the Sprinter, Revel, and Overland models, but you can’t install these on the other vans. However, you can install the expedition box or LED light upgrades on any of the eight campervans.

Source: Owl Vans

Can I Install Owl Vans Products Myself?

Owl Vans has made it easy for owners to complete DIY projects to install its products. Most of these installations take less than 30 minutes. John has made videos to help Owl Vans gear owners install ladder tire carriers, a hitch step, a horn upgrade, a roof rack, and more. 

And after you watch the video, the company can help answer any questions and guide you through the installation process.

One happy customer wrote, “Excellent products that in many cases are easy install for the semi-do it yourself person. I really appreciate the videos that help with installation and how to get the most out of their items. I have two boxes, a ladder tire carrier, B2B, bike 1UP trays, and a rear step. It’s probably just the beginning since they keep coming out with more great stuff.”

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Can I Have Owl Vans Products Installed Professionally?

However, if you feel nervous and want your Owl Vans gear installed professionally, you can make an appointment at any of the four locations. 

If you’ve already purchased the product but want professional installation, you can call the location closest to you. If you haven’t yet purchased the product, you can order online and select “Install” under the shipping options. 

Take note that it lists all four locations, so make sure to choose the correct location for your installation.

Source: Owl Vans

Let Owl Vans Help You Prepare for Your Off-Road Adventures

If you’re a campervan owner, you know how helpful storage boxes, bike carriers, and roof racks are to your overlanding adventures. Trust this company to provide top-quality, durable products to help your camping experience be all that it can be.

Just listen to another satisfied customer rave about the quality of Owl Vans gear: “As we build out our van as our home on wheels, I am always on the lookout for products that can elevate my mobile lifestyle. 

Owl Vans has continuously impressed me with their innovative and high-quality accessories, proving to be a key player in my van life experience. I have equipped my van with their ladder tire carrier, side ladder, super bass horn, and grill driving lights, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results.”

Will you be looking to add Owl Vans products to your campervan soon?

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