The Overnighter Is the Most Unique Toy Hauler We’ve Ever Seen

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A Genesis Supreme overnighter toy hauler
Source: Genesis Supreme

There are lots of toy haulers made by different brands. Keystone’s Fuzion, Coachmen’s Adrenaline, Jayco’s Seismic, and Heartland’s Cyclone are popular units.

Forest River makes several, including the Sandstorm, the Stealth, and the XLR. But all of these are generally similar in design and layout. Meet the Overnighter toy hauler, the most unique toy hauler on the market today.

Let’s learn more about what makes this toy hauler special.

What Is an Overnighter Toy Hauler?

The Overnighter toy haulers uniquely have a large open cargo flatbed in the rear. This means a much smaller space for living but a much larger space to transport additional vehicles.

The cargo deck length varies, including 14 feet 6 inches, 16 feet 1 inch, and 18 feet among the six floor plans. The inside living space may come equipped with a separate sleeping space or convertible furniture.

Who Makes the Overnighter Toy Hauler? 

Genesis Supreme RV makes the Overnighter toy hauler. The company also produces Genesis, Vortex, MGM, Wanderer, Blazen, Rage’N, Powerlite, and Sandsport.

All eight other brands feature fifth wheel or bumper pull toy haulers, while the Overnighter is the only open cargo toy hauler made by Genesis Supreme RV.

About Genesis Supreme RV

Owner, President, and CEO, Pablo Carmona, began Genesis Supreme RV over 10 years ago.

His career in the RV industry began as an entry-level employee with a travel trailer manufacturer, and his hard work ethic led to advancements in the industry.

His decades of experience in manufacturing, plant management, quality assurance, engineering, product development, purchasing, and quality control helped create the company Genesis Supreme is today.

Michelle Treangen joined Carmona on the management team. She began her career on the motorhome production line at Fleetwood Enterprises. Treangen also brings years of business operation, team development, and management experience.

Genesis Supreme RV manufactures luxury toy haulers. Bumper pull and fifth wheel models are available. The company has nine different brands, each with multiple floor plans and options.

Its commitment to manufacturing just toy haulers means it can focus on creating the best products with unique designs to transport toys and outdoor RVs.

Where Are Overnighter Toy Haulers Made?

Genesis Supreme RV manufactures its toy haulers in Perris, Calif. It’s about 14 miles to 15 miles south of Riverside. Located just off Cajalco Road near the Cajalco Expressway, the factory produces all of the nine toy hauler lines made by the company.

When Carmona left his position at a major RV manufacturer to begin his own company, he explained in an interview with Company Week how he built up the workforce at Genesis Supreme RV.

“Approximately 65 to 70 percent of my employees at Genesis were there when I was working side by side with them in production at the previous RV manufacturer we worked for…They followed me when I decided to start Genesis.” 

This says something about the kind of person Carmona is and the faith his co-workers had in him to begin Genesis Supreme RV. Today, they all help to successfully run one of the largest RV manufacturers on the West Coast.

What’s Special About Overnighter Toy Haulers?

Transparency is one key facet of the success of Genesis Supreme RV. Carmona wants current owners and future customers to see how their products are built. The company seeks input from owners when drafting plans for new units and making changes to existing models.

Carmona is also an innovator, pushing the envelope when it comes to design and functionality.

It’s clear with a lineup like the Overnighter units that feature an open cargo flat bed. What other RV company manufactures something like that?

When not using the deck to transport cargo, it makes a great outdoor patio space. The company also has to be innovative with the interior since it’s a much smaller space than other toy haulers, creating multi-functional spaces that work for all types of travelers.

A Genesis Supreme overnighter toy hauler
Source: Genesis Supreme

The Overnighter Toy Hauler Line Up

There are six floor plans within the Overnighter toy hauler lineup. Five are listed below. Four feature a 14-foot 6-inch cargo length, while the 8-18FB is the only one with an 18-foot cargo length.

The cargo capacities are over 3,000 pounds, which means plenty of room to transport outdoor toys. The cabins are simple in design, making them more affordable than other toy haulers.


Length: 31 feet 6 inches

GVWR: 8,200 pounds

This unit offers the smallest interior space of all Overnighter toy hauler units since it boasts the longest (18’) cargo length. Inside, you have a full bed and bath – that’s it. The cargo capacity is an astounding 3,960 pounds.

A Genesis Supreme overnighter toy hauler
Source: Genesis Supreme

12-14.6 FK

Length: 31 feet 6 inches

GVWR: 8,200 pounds

This overnighter toy hauler features a front galley kitchen next to the bathroom. The kitchen includes a refrigerator, a two-burner stove, and a microwave. The two opposing sofas provide lounging space and can convert into a sleeping space. The rear cargo length is 14 feet 6 inches, which means there’s more room for the interior.

The living room area inside of a Genesis Supreme overnighter toy hauler
Source: Genesis Supreme

12-14.6 RB

Length: 31 feet 6 inches

GVWR: 8,200 pounds

The biggest difference between this model and the 12-14.6 FK is there are no sofas. Instead, a full bed is in the rear of the interior space.

The front of the unit with the galley kitchen and bathroom is the same. Because of the bed’s placement, no door leads to the rear cargo deck. There is a large rear window.

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12-14.6 RK

Length: 31 feet 6 inches

GVWR: 8,200 pounds

Like the 12-14.6 RB, this unit has a full bed with a reversed layout. The bedroom is in the very front of the trailer, while the galley kitchen and bathroom are next to the cargo deck.

This layout provides room for an entry door to the cargo deck from the interior space. The unit also has a sink in both the bathroom and kitchen.

The bedroom area of an overnighter toy hauler
Source: Genesis Supreme

12-14.6 RL

Length: 31 feet 6 inches

GVWR: 8,200 pounds

Similar to the 12-14.6 RB, this overnighter toy hauler features the front galley kitchen and bathroom. But in place of the two opposing sofas is a large U-shaped dinette.

Because of the placement of the dinette against the rear wall, there is no entry door to the cargo deck. There is a large rear window.

How Much Do Overnighter Toy Hauler RVs Cost? 

Because of the simplicity of the interior area, Overnighter toy haulers will cost tens of thousands of dollars or even a hundred thousand dollars less than other toy haulers on the market.

The MSRP is around $40,000. These toy haulers aren’t comparable to luxury ones like the Grand Design Momentum or Keystone Raptor, which can cost $130,000 to $150,000.

The Overnighter toy haulers don’t come with all the bells and whistles of comfort, so they don’t come with the same price tag.

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Bring All the Toys With an Overnight Toy Hauler

If you’re looking for a toy hauler you can take on weekend trips to the dirt racing track, the Overnighter lineup may be your answer. They aren’t for full-time living.

But if you have big toys you want to take with you all over the country, these floor plans are great options. Plus, they’re affordable.

So don’t leave anything behind. Start browsing the Overnighter toy hauler lineup and find the floor plan that best suits you. Maybe the toughest question is, when can you get out to the West Coast to pick one up?

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