The Best Dometic Air Conditioner for Your RV

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A rooftop RV air conditioner on a motorhome out in the wilderness.

Any time you use your RV in warmer weather, you may want to have an RV air conditioner. The summer sun can quickly heat the inside of your RV and make for a miserable camping adventure. 

We want you to be as comfortable as possible while enjoying your RV. A Dometic RV air conditioner can make it possible. Let’s take a look at which Dometic air conditioner is best for your RV.

Let’s get started!

What Is an RV Air Conditioner and Why Would You Need One?

An RV air conditioner cools and removes humidity. RVs quickly become stuffy in the heat of summer and can become unbearably hot, depending on your location. 

An air conditioner can make your rig a pleasant reprieve from the outdoors. Without one, you may find yourself packing up and calling it quits from your RV adventure.

About Dometic

Dometic is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and manufactures products commonly used in RVs. The company also produces items for the marine and hospitality industry. 

You can get these products in approximately 100 different countries. If you own an RV, you likely have multiple Dometic products installed on your RV without even realizing it.

A woman lounges in a lawn chair outside her RV in the sun in a wooded campsite.

How Long Do Dometic RV Air Conditioners Last?

In general, you can expect your RV air conditioner to last between three to five years. Coleman and Dometic brands have a proven track record of longevity, stretching to the five-year mark. 

Other lower-quality brands will call it quits closer to the three-year mark. How often you use it and keep up on routine maintenance factors into how long it will last. 

The Best Dometic RV Air Conditioner: Dometic Brisk II 15K

Dometic Brisk II 15K BTU White
  • BEST-IN-CLASS PERFORMANCE: With superior air flow, cooling capacity, and weight, the Brisk II Air Conditioner sets the...
  • IMPROVED COOLING AND REDUCED WEIGHT: The Brisk II features larger air openings that promote superior air flow and...

The Dometic Brisk II 15K is a great choice for smaller RVs or a second unit addition. This white AC looks nice on top of RVs. This lightweight option comes in under 100 lbs. 

The EPP foam housing helps to reduce weight and increases the cooling performance. You can install it as a duct or non-ducted unit. 

Dometic Brisk II AIR CONDITIONER Quick View

Size and Weight

The Dometic Brisk II 15K weighs 74 lbs. Its dimensions are 29.18 x 27.23 x 12.7 inches. This is a pretty standard size. You won’t lose much roof space with this unit. For the size and weight, it can pack quite a punch and keep your RV cool.


This unit comes with both 13,500 BTU or 15,000 BTU options. It’s important to consider which model to get. If you get one with too many BTUs, it will cool faster but use way more power. However, getting a unit with too few BTUs means it will struggle to keep your RV cool and run incessantly. 

Power Consumption

The power consumption while in cooling mode is 1,670 W. The start-up watts required vary from 2,750 to 3,500 depending on the BTU model purchased. You want to know how much power your AC consumes, especially if you run your unit on a 30-amp power or a generator.  You don’t want to push your electrical connections to the max.

Pro Tip: You can reduce the start-up watts and the overall power consumption by installing Soft Starts on your AC units.


This air conditioner will last. Its high-quality parts and components will give you several years of reliable use. The casing protects it from weather such as hail and wind. 

When you choose a Dometic air conditioner for your RV, you’re also buying a brand that has a good track history. Whether you worry about wind, hail, or small tree branches, these units can take quite a beating and keep on working.


Customers have stated that the noise level from this particular unit is relatively standard for RV air conditioners. The unit features dampening brackets to reduce vibration-based noise.


Customers don’t have many complaints about this air conditioner, but there are a few. Some of the common frustrations mention a lack of installation instructions. 

Customers have to research how to install it on their own without direction from Dometic. This can cause frustration, especially if you’re not an experienced DIYer. You’ll likely want to do your research before you set out to install the unit on your RV’s roof.

Close up of an installation process on the rooftop of an RV with tools being used.

While the air conditioner is designed to reduce sound, many users still feel the unit is loud. Some have mentioned even needing to yell for others to hear them when only feet away. This is often caused by excess vibration while it runs. If you feel your unit is louder than expected, ensure you have installed it securely, minimizing the vibration. 


If the Dometic Brisk II 15K isn’t quite what you want, you can find many other options. Here are a few when it comes to purchasing an RV air conditioner. 

Dometic Brisk II 15K with Heat Pump

Dometic Brisk II - 15K BTU Air Conditioner- White
  • 15,000 BTU - Rooftop Standard Profile Air Conditioner Non-ducted application: air distribution box required
  • No Pre-installed controls

This air conditioner is the same as the Dometic Brisk II 15K, but this version comes with a heat pump. Many love the heat pump option as a way to heat with electricity. 

Some love this option for reducing propane usage on colder days. The cooling elements perform the same and are not affected by the heat pump. 

Dometic Penguin II High Capacity

RVs are tall all on their own without adding more things on top. If you want to reduce the height of your RV, consider a low-profile air conditioner. 

The Dometic Penguin II High Capacity RV air conditioner works great for those looking to add a second unit to the front. The BTU is slightly lower at only 11,000 BTUs, so it is best for smaller RVs or secondary units.

A view of a driver in the pilot seat of a motorhome cruising down the highway as the sun shines in through the sun roof above.

Pro Tip: If you plan on taking your rig boondocking, learn how to utilize solar power to run your RV air conditioner so you can be energy efficient on your trip.

Is the Dometic Brisk II 15K RV Air Conditioner Worth It?

Dometic is a trusted brand in the RV community, and this rings true regarding their air conditioners. The Dometic Brisk II 15K RV air conditioner is worth it for those looking for a powerful cooling unit. 

Whether you want to upgrade your AC or install a second or third unit, the Dometic Brisk II 15K RV air conditioner gives you tremendous value and can get the job done. Have you ever had issues with camping in the heat?

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  1. I hear Dometic is like many brands in that they make excellent, high quality products and also total junk. The factory installed Dometic AC on our travel trailer crapped out after about 16 months and never worked that well to begin with (but manufacturers often cheap out anywhere possible)! I’d like thoughts on Furrion and Coleman as I’ve heard good things about both and some even have built-in soft start! Is it true that virtually all RV ACs are basically non-serviceable and can’t be recharged?

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