RVers Share Non-Camping Items That Are Actually Perfect for Camping

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When you buy your first RV, you probably hit up the camping aisle or shop the Amazon lists looking for the latest and greatest gadgets to make your camping experience perfect.

But of course, you’ll need essentials like a sewer hose, drinking hose, surge protector, and other items to get started. It’s fun and exciting when you’re just beginning this lifestyle.

But the camping section isn’t the only place to find great camping gear. A Facebook user turned to group members to ask about their favorite non-camping item that “has been surprisingly indispensable.” 

It’s not just the comfy camping chairs or Blackstone grill that have made a difference in these RVers’ lives. Let’s look at other items to improve your camping trip.

What Types of Items Are Good for Camping?

RVs are tiny. You must be careful with how much you bring on a camping trip. You don’t have much interior space, but you also can’t add too much weight.

RVs can only hold a certain amount of weight to travel safely. And if you go tent camping, space is even more limited to what you can pack in your car.

So when choosing items for camping, stick with lightweight, portable, and multi-functional products. For example, a collapsible bucket will help you wash the RV, collect water from the sink when dry camping, and provide a dishwashing station when tent camping. 

A gadget that’s an all-in-one radio, flashlight, bottle opener, and phone charger can come in handy in various situations and take up very little room.

Even when replacing furniture, it’s best to choose lightweight and multi-functional pieces like a desk that can extend to a dinette table or an ottoman that can double as extra storage and a place to relax your feet. Consider the practicality of every item you decide to purchase.

Facebook User Asks RVing Community for Ideas

A Facebook user asked the RVing community, “What is the one non-RV, non-camping related item that you have either brought or bought on your journey that has been surprisingly indispensable?” 

This question received over 100 comments from group members mentioning items they were glad they didn’t need and ones they wish they had, from an air fryer to a cordless vacuum to an ice maker.

10 Non-Camping Items That Are Perfect for Camping

These 10 non-camping items were mentioned several times by the group as indispensable products they’ve used countless times while camping.

Although you won’t find these in the camping section at Walmart, they’re worth adding to your camping gear to make this lifestyle more enjoyable.

1. Roomba

The original poster got the conversation started by explaining that her Roomba has made a huge difference in her camping experience. Other group members echoed this sentiment.

It’s hard to keep the interior of an RV tidy when people constantly walk in and out, usually on gravel, grass, or dirt campsites. Whether you have hard floors or carpet, the Roomba can help keep the interior clean.

A person turning on their Roomba
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2. Ninja Air Fryer

Another popular product was the Ninja air fryer. Especially since RV ovens are notorious for not cooking evenly or maintaining the correct temperature, an air fryer has become almost an essential for many campers. 

The air fryer can produce savory meals and side dishes, whether it’s pizza, wings, or fries. Plus, its small size won’t take up too much counter space.

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3. Electric Skillet

Like the air fryer, an electric skillet is a great camping item to help prepare meals.

Especially for folks with smaller trailers that don’t have the cargo space to tote around a Blackstone grill, an electric skillet is worth bringing along. Use it inside or outside to cook up your breakfast of eggs and bacon.

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4. Dyson Fan and Air Purifier 

RVers with pets may love an air purifier. If you have one in your house, why not have one in your RV?

If spending a lot of time camping, this may become a must-have to generate clean air by capturing pollutants and removing odors. It can especially help if you have allergies or other sensitivities. And the fan feature can help keep you cool when needed.

Dyson Pure Cool™ TP01 Air Purifier and Fan - White/Silver
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5. Dyson Cordless Vacuum

For RVers who don’t have a Roomba, the Dyson cordless vacuum is an indispensable item.

Because it’s cordless, you can clean the entire RV without having to lug around the cord or plug it into several different outlets. It’s also easy to clean both high and low to ensure you get all of the dust that has settled on shelves, blinds, and upper cabinets.

Keep in Mind: It’s important to keep your space clean! Take a look at these RV cleaning products that has helped us to stay tidy on the road.

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6. Ninja Foodi

Another kitchen tool mentioned more than once in the comments was the Ninja Foodi. Whether you want to grill, air crisp, roast, bake, broil, or dehydrate, this is your one-stop machine. 

You might not need any other cooking gadget if you have a Ninja Foodi. Plus, the large capacity means you can grill up to six steaks or a couple dozen hot dogs at once.

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7. Mini Waffle Maker

One of the cheapest items on this list is a mini waffle maker. And it’s not just for kids!

This mini waffle maker comes in 12 colors and only measures 4 inches in diameter, making it easy to find a place to store it in your cabinets. You don’t have to miss your favorite breakfast on your camping vacation.

Close up of waffles made in a mini waffle maker
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8. Heated Mattress Pad  

Many group members mentioned a heated mattress pad or blanket when answering the initial question. Nights can get chilly if you camp during late fall or early spring. 

A heated mattress pad can provide warmth and make your bed feel like home. And many have a safety turn-off feature so you can turn it on, sleep warm, and not worry about getting up to turn it off later.

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9. Stainless Steel Stacking Pans 

If you plan on cooking frequently, a set of stacking pots and pans is necessary.

RVs don’t have room to bring three or four pots from your kitchen at home. But when the pans nest inside one another, you can fit several in a small cabinet or drawer. 

Plus, the stainless steel material means the pans will be durable and scratch resistant. With these, you can easily attach and detach the handles to save space in storage.

Keep in Mind: If you’re looking for more RV accessories, check out our Ultimate List with over 150 Items!

10. Nugget Ice Maker 

Finally, the last kitchen gadget several group members are glad they brought along or purchased after a few camping trips is an ice maker. Unless you have a higher-end RV, most campers won’t have an ice maker. 

So if you want a glass of iced tea, you’ll need a countertop ice maker. Even though this item can take up a lot of room, it’s worth it for many RVers who want an ice-cold drink on a hot day of camping.

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Don’t Just Shop the Camping Section

So the next time you go shopping for camping gear or want to purchase a gift for your favorite RVer, shop beyond the camping section.

Consider items that will be practical and help make life easier at the campsite. From the kitchen to the bedroom, you can get gadgets and gizmos a-plenty for your next outdoor adventures.

Is there a non-camping item that you’d add to this list?

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