Easy No Cook Camping Recipes for Your Next Meal

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We’ve all been there. A long day on the trail, in the water, or even just relaxing around the campsite has you dreading the idea of putting together dinner. Fear not–we’ve rounded up our top no-cook camping recipes that the whole family will love!

Tips for Easy No-Cook Camping Recipes

The secret to a hassle-free, quick, no-cook camping recipe is in the preparation. For many, if not all, of the following recipes, you can prep or assemble the meal in advance.

This means you can take advantage of the greater prep space in your home kitchen (for non-full timers) or simply get a jump, so there’s less work when your stomach is growling. 

Proper storage is also crucial. Having a variety of clear containers (whether they’re cheap plastic or high-end glass) will help you group your prepped ingredients or separate portions of your already-made meals.

Using the proper airtight storage will also ensure your food doesn’t go bad, reducing food waste and making sure you don’t end up with hungry campers.

Best No-Cook Camping Recipes for Your Next Trip

Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, we’ve got the recipe for you. These no-cook recipes involve easy assembly around the campsite or can be mostly prepared before leaving home. 

1. Overnight Oats

Rise and shine with this easy, healthy, and filling no cook camping recipe that requires next to no effort on your part. You’ll need old-fashioned oats, milk, plain yogurt, and honey as your base. You’ll also add your favorite fresh fruit or toasted nuts like walnuts for extra flavor and texture. 

Combine your base ingredients in a mason jar or small container, top with your fruits and nuts, and refrigerate overnight. This recipe is as simple as it gets, and by morning, you’ll have a delicious, parfait-like breakfast already waiting for you!

2. Lox and Cream Cheese Bagels

This recipe may be simple, but it packs incredible flavor, thanks to the delicious taste of lox (a type of brined and cold-smoked salmon.) The lox and cream cheese bagel starts with a healthy spread (or schmear!) of cream cheese on a toasted and sliced bagel. 

From there, you can add toppings to your heart’s content. The classic version includes capers and thinly sliced red onion in addition to your lox, but feel free to get creative! It’s a great breakfast choice thanks to its high-end feel, yet quick and easy assembly. Who said no cook camping recipes had to be flavorless?

3. Tuna Salad Sandwiches or Wraps

All hail the humble tuna salad sandwich! It may not be the sexiest or most refined of sandwiches, but it’s packed with flavor, and you can often whip it up with the pantry ingredients you have on hand already. 

Tuna salad recipes can vary widely, but we love this one from Culinary Hill. It combines finely chopped celery, minced red onion, sweet pickle relish, minced garlic, and lemon juice with classic canned tuna and mayo to create a sandwich with the perfect combination of creamy, crunchy, and flavor. Spoon the mixture onto your favorite type of bread or wrap, and you’ve got a delicious and easy lunch in just minutes. 

A woman wrapping a tuna sandwich. This simple no cook camping recipe is quick and filling.

4. Hummus Veggie Wraps

If you’re vegetarian or just vegetably-inclined, you’ll love this fresh and filling meal option. The bulk of the work in this recipe is preparing your veggies. You can use whichever you’d like here, including carrots, cucumbers, peppers, onions, tomatoes, and spinach. Slice these up lengthwise when possible to make for easier wrap assembly and eating. 

It’s even simpler if you prep your veggies before leaving home. Once you’ve prepped your ingredients, simply spread your wrap with hummus, sprinkle with your favorite grated cheese, add the veggies, and roll it up.

Carnivores can even add a few slices of turkey to the wrap for extra protein! This is one of the easiest and most filling no cook camping recipes.

5. Caprese Salad

Turn your campsite into the veranda of an Italian villa with this delicious no cook camping recipe. With just three main ingredients, it’s both an affordable and refined option for your next trip. 

Simply slice your fresh mozzarella and tomatoes, and spread them across a large plate or platter. Chop or tear some basil and scatter over the mozzarella and tomato slices. Finally, season with some salt and pepper, and drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. 

This no cook camping recipe comes together in just moments but combines various flavors that’ll have everyone coming back for seconds.  

Tomato, mozzarella cheese, and basil stacked on a white plate. This is one of our favorite no cook camping recipes.

6. Tomato Prosciutto Sandwiches with Pea Pesto

Want a no cook camping recipe that’ll have the family or guests talking for weeks? Try these tomato prosciutto sandwiches with pea pesto

Don’t feel intimidated about making your own pesto–it’s simply frozen peas, mint leaves, oil, water, and salt and pepper. Combine these in a food processor and process until smooth. This is a good step to do in advance, so you’ll have your pea pesto already set when mealtime rolls around. 

Slice a baguette in half lengthwise and hollow out most of the bread, leaving enough for a three-quarter-inch thick shell. Spread the pea pesto over the bread, top with prosciutto, tomato, and thinly sliced red onion. Finally, sprinkle on some crumbled goat cheese, and dig in. 

7. Mashed Chickpea Pitas

For a delicious no-meat Mediterranean-themed recipe, try these mashed chickpea pitas. Your filling is a combination of garlic, plain yogurt, mayo, salt, and chickpeas smashed together with a potato masher until smooth.

Your assembled pita will combine this filling, lettuce, and yogurt-tossed carrots in a creamy, crunchy, delicious no cook camping recipe. You won’t even miss the meat!

Pita slices and hummus with cucumbers on a plate. This is one of the easiest no cook camping recipes.

You Can Still Eat Well with These No Cook Camping Recipes

Just because you don’t feel like firing up the stove or grill doesn’t mean you can’t have a great meal while at the campsite. Remember these no-cook camping recipes, and you’ll always have an easy, fast way to wow your fellow campers with your culinary expertise!

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