Surge Guard 30 Amp Portable Wireless Surge Guard Review

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Southwire Surge Guard set against a dark blue background.

Keep your RV safe with a surge protector like the Southwire Surge Guard 30 amp. A lightning strike could kill your power. Or faulty shore power could ruin your RV. Keep reading to learn how the Surge Guard can protect you. 

Southwire Surge Guard 30 Amp Overview

The Southwire Surge Guard 30 Amp protects against open ground, open neutral, reverse polarity, miswired pedestals, low and high frequency, and low and high voltage. And it has load-side protection against elevated ground line current inside your RV. It automatically shuts down power to your RV if there’s an issue. 

The Surge Guard has a 10-second startup sequence with a 128-second fault delay. This happens while the surge protector reviews what’s going on at the pedestal. It ensures correct electrical conditions. The surge protector is 120-volt and wireless.

It also comes with a security ring on the cord. You can use this to connect the Surge Guard with a lock to a power pedestal to prevent theft.

Why a Surge Protector Is Essential for All RVs

Protecting your RV’s electrical can prevent significant and expensive repairs as well as fires. A surge protector can stop damage to your RV and its systems from a lightning strike or malfunction at the power pedestal. 

When you stay at a campground, it’s not always possible to know the condition of their electrical system. So even if lightning isn’t in the forecast, poor wiring or other issues can wreak havoc when you plug your RV into a power pedestal.

Our Favorite Features of the Southwire 30 Amp Surge Guard

The Southwire Surge Guard has a lot going for it. Here are three of our favorite pros.

Lifetime Warranty

Southwire’s Surge Guard 30 amp has a lifetime warranty with connected equipment coverage. This is a big deal in the RV world. When you’re traveling and in the elements, having a warranty to cover outdoor equipment like a surge protector is very important. 

Both Voltage and Frequency Protection

The Surge Guard 30 amp protects against both low and high voltage and low and high frequency. This is important because it means the surge protector will not only shut down power to your RV if there’s too much or too little voltage but also if there’s a disturbance in the power lines.  

Digital Readout

The digital readout on Southwire’s Surge Guard 30 amp works with a Surge Guard wireless LCD display. This makes it easy for you to know exactly what your voltage is at any time. And if the power to your RV is shut off by the surge protector, you’ll know the reason clearly.


Users don’t love the pull handle on the device. Let’s see why.

Pull Handle Can Be Difficult to Use

The pull handle located at the top of the Surge Guard can be inconvenient, particularly because it’s small. If a power pedestal you’re using has a door or latch on it, there are times when it’s difficult to access the pull handle to remove the Surge Guard. Alternatively, you can grab the entire end of the plug to pull it out.

Alternatives to the Southwire Surge Guard 30 Amp

We found two alternatives to the Southwire Surge Guard 30 amp that we also recommend. Both have similar prices to the Surge Guard.

Camco 30 Amp Power Defender

Camco Power Grip Camper/RV 30-Amp Voltage Protector | Features Integrated Surge Protection of Up to 2,800 Joules & Diagnostic LEDs Indicate Wiring Faults (55301)
  • RV ELECTRICAL PROTECTION: Protects your camper from dangerous high (>132 VAC) and low (
  • AUTO CONNECT/DISCONNECT & DIAGNOSTIC LEDS: Automatically disconnects from dangerous conditions & reconnects after normal...

The Camco 30 Amp Power Defender protects your RV from low and high voltage. It has a time delay of 140 seconds and contoured grip handles. You’ll also get diagnostic LEDs that can give you accurate information about faults with the power supply. 

The PowerGrip handles make it easy to plug and unplug. The device is also weather-resistant to stand up to the elements over time.

Progressive Industries EMS-PT30X

RV Surge Protector, 30 Amp EMS with Integrated Display, Fault Detection, and All Weather Shield Assembly - EMS-PT30X
  • ELECTRONIC SAFETY MAINTAINED: Ensure the safety of your Progressive Industries surge protector electronics with the 30...
  • COST-EFFECTIVE RV SURGE PROTECTOR: Rated at 30A/120V/3,600W, the EMS-PT30X can absorb surges up to 1,790 joules,...

The Progressive Industries EMS-PT30X has three modes and operates in extreme temperatures. This tough device comes with weather resistance so that it can function outdoors. It has an all-weather shield and a pull handle. There’s also a lifetime warranty, so you know you’re protected for the long haul. 

Going to sleep knowing that your RV and the people inside of it are safe is essential. A surge protector like the Surge Guard 30 amp is a vital RV safety must-have. Do you have a surge protector for your RV?

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