Celebrate National Picnic Day in Your RV

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A picnic basket on a blanket for national picnic day

Are you looking to celebrate National Picnic Day? Hopefully, the weather is nice enough where you are to take the family out to your favorite campground in your RV and share a tasty meal. 

Picnics are meals taken outdoors and usually enjoyed in scenic areas. For travelers and campers, this is our kind of special day!

Let’s look at ways to celebrate National Picnic Day in your RV!

When Is National Picnic Day?

Though the food is essential, this holiday has more to do with spending time with family and friends and breaking up the monotony of the daily routine.

It’s a great day to remind us to show love to the people we care most about by taking time to share a meal and enjoy the great outdoors.

Plus, getting some Vitamin D in the process benefits our health. So celebrating National Picnic Day is good for our physical bodies and can positively affect our mental and emotional well-being. Let’s hope for good weather across the country on National Picnic Day. 

We also have an International Picnic Day celebrated on June 18th worldwide. In 2000, France broke a world record for the longest picnic with a 600-mile-long picnic to welcome the new millennium. Wouldn’t that have been a fun event to be part of?

What Is the History of Picnics?

The word “picnic” comes from the French “piquenique” which was actually a name of a revolting gluttonous soldier in a French satire.

However, the exact origin of the word is unclear. But many commonly believe that picnics originated in France in the 18th Century. 

The French would go outside and enjoy camaraderie with friends, and each guest contributed to the meal. The spread often included bread, wine, cheese, and fruits.

Traditionally, a picnic means a meal eaten outdoors, but National Picnic Day can be celebrated in various ways. Have you ever had a picnic in your living room?

A group of friends celebrating national picnic day

Ways to Celebrate National Picnic Day

When April 23 rolls around, what will you do to celebrate? We have a few suggestions for RVers who might hit the campgrounds that weekend this spring.

Visit a Park or Recreation Area

Even if you don’t have a reservation at a park or recreation area, pack up your vehicle and drive to the nearest outdoorsy spot to enjoy a meal and fun. Visit a state or county park or one in your neighborhood. 

Let the kids play on the playground, go fishing in the lake, or ride their bikes on the trails. If it’s warm, enjoy splashing around on a swimming beach or taking the boat out for an afternoon.

This is what National Picnic Day is all about — enjoying the outdoors with people you love.

Bring Your Own Games

You can also visit your city or community park. Head out to a grassy area or green space and bring some games. Throw a frisbee or football, set up a volleyball net, or bring the cornhole boards.

Create your own afternoon of outdoor fun if you can’t get to a location with recreational amenities.

Keep in Mind: If you need more game ideas, take a look at these fun Outdoor Games to Play When Camping!

Host a Picnic Party at Your Campsite

But you don’t have to leave your campsite to enjoy National Picnic Day. Why don’t you host a party and invite your neighbors? Have everyone bring their favorite side dish or dessert. 

Roast hot dogs over a campfire. Enjoy hanging out with other RVers and connecting with people who enjoy camping like you do. You might even chat with the office staff about making it a campground-wide event at a clubhouse or rec center.

A group of friends celebrating national picnic day

Set Up a Picnic on Your Living Room Floor

If the weather is bad, don’t think you can’t celebrate National Picnic Day. Place a blanket on the floor in your RV or make a blanket fort. Pack a picnic basket with sandwiches, fruit, and cookies. 

Play indoor games like Uno or Monopoly and enjoy spending time with your family. Don’t let the weather keep you from taking a break from your normal routine and hanging out with others.

Share Photos on Social Media

Finally, you can’t celebrate National Picnic Day without posting on social media. Use the hashtag #nationalpicnicday and share your photos of your picnic outing. 

Instead of posting a photo of you sitting in front of a laptop while staring at a beautiful sunset, post a picture of you and your friends playing badminton on the beach.

Share that delicious side dish recipe that goes perfectly with a ham and cheese sandwich.

What Are the Best Picnic Foods?

Although this is certainly debatable, the most common picnic foods include fried chicken, pasta salad, watermelon, apple slices, and sandwiches. Foods that are easy to pack and transport are the best picnic foods. 

You’ll likely also want something easy to prepare. No one wants to work all day in the kitchen before National Picnic Day. Choose simple dishes, like finger foods, that you can easily eat without utensils. 

Although you need a spoon to enjoy pasta salad or fruit salad, you don’t always want to bring a ton of dishes. 

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Enjoy a Day Outside on National Picnic Day

On April 23, don’t miss out on celebrating a great holiday. National Picnic Day brings people together. And not to watch a movie or play video games. 

But this holiday brings family and friends together to spend time outside, enjoying recreational activities. This is the RVer’s dream holiday! Go celebrate!

What will you do on April 23?

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