Outdoor Drinking Games to Play When Camping

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A group of friends drinking on their camping trip and playing outdoor games

When grilling hotdogs over the campfire and hanging out with your buddies, you may want to add a little fun to your afternoon. Sure, it’s nice to sit around drinking a few beers, but it becomes an event when you start playing outdoor drinking games.

Liven up the mood and get the party started with games that are bound to get some laughs and make memories! Let’s get started!

What Are Outdoor Drinking Games?

Outdoor drinking games are activities where alcohol is the consequence or penalty. For example, you can have an outdoor drinking game with a rock and a cup.

Every time someone misses the cup, they have to drink. You can make up anything to have fun at the camp. Or you can take any activity and add the booze to increase competitiveness. Play a card game where the loser has to drink.

Enjoy a round of cornhole where the losing team has to down a beer. Outdoor drinking games combine fun activities with alcohol.

Are Outdoor Drinking Games Safe?

Outdoor drinking games are safe as long as the people playing are coherent and responsible. Anytime you add alcohol to games, you’ll have some moments of laughter and embarrassment. It’s all fun as long as the drinking doesn’t go too far.

No one wants to ruin a gathering of friends by passing out or getting out of control. So enjoy the fun and games but do so responsibly.

Why Do People Play Outdoor Drinking Games?

When camping in the heat of the summer, there’s nothing better than enjoying a cold beer or cocktail. It doesn’t get much better than sitting in a hammock between two palm trees on the coast of Florida with a glass of wine. But sometimes, you want to liven things up with a few outdoor drinking games.

You gather a few friends for hours of fun into the evening hours. You’re relaxed, in a good mood, and on vacation. Outdoor drinking games add to the overall enjoyment of the night.

You might participate in an outdoor drinking game because you are competitive. Maybe you’re new to the group and want an easy way to socialize.

It’s a way to meet new people and reduce anxiety. But no matter your reason, you better bring your “A” game, or you might fill up your cup more than you expect.

Outdoor Drinking Games to Play When Camping

When camping, most people think of corn hole as the go-to game. It is pretty popular and fun for people of all ages. But there are other outdoor drinking games you can enjoy while camping. Let’s take a look!


The basic premise of a cornhole is to toss bean bags into the hole of a cornhole board. Players from each team take turns throwing their bags into the hole of the other team’s board. Every time a bag lands on the board, the team gets a point.

The team earns three points when a bag falls through the hole. When one team gets a bean bag into the hole, the opposing team has to take a drink.

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If you like cornhole, beer pong, or ultimate frisbee, you’ll enjoy playing Kanjam. Like these other games, there are two teams of two players. Players alternate, tossing a frisbee into the other team’s can or bucket.

A team scores by getting the frisbee into the can or directly hitting the can. Depending on how you play this outdoor drinking game, players can drink if they miss the can, or opposing players can drink if the other team gets the frisbee into their can.

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Tipsy Toss

You need two posts, two bottles, and a frisbee to play Tipsy Toss. Put the posts into the ground with a bottle on top. Each player takes turns throwing a frisbee at the bottles.

Like Kanjam, you can make a player drink if he misses the bottle or makes the other team drink if they knock a bottle off.

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High Noon

If you don’t have anything to use as stakes or don’t have cornhole boards or frisbee, you can play High Noon without any additional equipment. Imagine a Wild West dueling scene and stand two people back-to-back.

This is a race to chug a beer, take ten paces away from the other person, crush the can, and throw it at the opponent. To win this outdoor drinking game, you’ll need to be a fast chugger with excellent aim.

Flip Cup

Flip Cup is a fun game for any amount of people. Divide into two teams, with everyone holding a red solo cup filled halfway with beer. The two teams stand on opposing sides of a table. One-by-one, a player chugs their beer and places their cup top down with part of the cup hanging off the table.

They have to use one finger to flip the cup so that it stands up on its right side. Once a player flips over their cup, the next team member starts chugging their beer, and play continues. The first team to flip all their solo cups over wins.

Bucket Ball Giant Beer Pong

You might be familiar with the game of beer pong. Bucket Ball Giant Beer Pong takes this popular drinking game to another level.

You’ll need to prepare for this outdoor drinking game as you’ll need ten trash cans or buckets and a ball. This isn’t a game like High Noon that you can play anywhere, anytime.

Set up five buckets opposing each other and toss a volleyball or soccer ball into the buckets. Like the traditional drinking game, beer pong, the opposing team has to take a drink if a player tosses the ball into one of their buckets.

Make it more challenging with smaller buckets or a longer distance from end to end.

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Like Flip Cup, Pennies or Quarters work with any amount of people. Everyone will need a drink and a handful of coins. You’ll sit around a table. Place an empty glass in the center of the table. Each player takes turns trying to bounce a coin into the glass.

If the coin lands in the glass, then that player gets to tell someone else to take a drink. If the coin hits the glass but doesn’t go in, that player has to take a drink.

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Always Drink Responsibly and Have a Good Time

Outdoor drinking games add a little life to the campsite. However, it’s crucial to play them responsibly. It’s time to stop if someone starts to get out of control.

In addition, obey the campground’s quiet hours, keep the noise level to a minimum, and be respectful of other campers. Have a fun time, but not at the expense of others.

Is there a fun outdoor drinking game you’d add to the list?

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