Top 5 things to do in San Antonio

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We visit this city more than any other city in Texas because we have family there. That means that we are always looking for things to do in San Antonio. We have seen the city during both the summer and the winter. San Antonio is an interesting city with a heart of history that is ever expanding and changing around it. Every time we visit the city feels different. Walk around downtown and come back in a year and you will see what I mean. While there may be new things to do when you come to the city make sure not to miss my top 5 things to do in San Antonio.

– 1. The Alamo –

The Alamo is one of the most famous landmarks of the city. Thanks to its role in the Texas Revolution, people will never forget to “Remeber the Alamo!” when they visit San Antonio. We visit the Alamo everytime that we come to the city. How could you not? The facade draws the eyes especially at night when it is lit up.

TIP: There are four other San Antonio Missions to see. Mission Conception is the most beautiful.

The Alamo

– 2. The Riverwalk –

This is the most second famous landmark in San Antonio and rightfully so. Being from California where the Los Angeles River leaves a lot to be desired it was so cool to see the riverwalk for the first time. It’s an actual river winding through downtown, complete with boats zipping up and down it. Ok, to be fair, those boats are all part of the Go RIO Riverwalk tour. They just recently updated the boats and speaker system so it is something that you should check out. You get a brief history of the Riverwalk and the different buildings that line the Riverwalk.

– 3. Tower of the Americas –

The Tower of the Americas looms over downtown San Antonio with a height of 750 ft. It has 3 levels in the tower. The first two are a steakhouse and bar (which is a little over-priced). The top is the museum exhibit that grants a 360-degree view of San Antonio and overview of its history. If you want a little something more than looking out a window, step outside to the open-air observation deck. If that wasn’t thrilling enough for you, return to the ground floor and step into the 4-D theater ride included with your ticket purchase.

Tip: The best time to visit the Tower is during Happy Hour at the bar Monday-Friday from 4:30 PM – 7 PM. Enjoy a reasonably priced appetizer while watching the sunset over San Antonio.

Tower of the Americas

– 4. Natural Bridge Caverns –

While you will need a car to get out here (it’s 25 miles from Downtown). It is totally worth it. We loved these caves and we have been in a few caves during our journey so far like the Oregon Caves in Oregon and the Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico. Please remember to not touch anything if you go. The formations took thousands of years to grown. We also recommend heading to the Natural Bridge Wildlife Park next door. Make sure to get some food so you can experience the animals from the window of your car.

Natural Bridge Caverns stalactites and stalagmites

– 5. Brewstillery –

Wondering what a brewstillery is? In San Antonio, it is a combined beer brewery and whiskey distillery. Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling offers a fun and unique experience to explore both how they brew their beer and Texas whiskey. We have done many brewery tours and always enjoy them but this was our first distillery. I still can’t believe beer and whiskey are made with almost the exact same ingredients! Make sure that you opt for the whiskey tasting tour when you go.

TIP: They don’t serve food so make sure you don’t go on an empty stomach like we did.

Whiskey still

These are the top 5 things to do in San Antonio according to us.

Are we missing anything major?

What are your top things to do?

Let us know below!

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