The Best Movies About Camping and How to Watch Them

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Ever been camping and wondered what the best movies about camping were? We understand. We’ve been there, too.

In this article, we’ve got ten of the best camping movies for you! Choose a horror movie to keep you up at night. Or find comedies to keep you laughing and dramas to inspire you to camp more.

It doesn’t matter if you watch them from a tent, an RV, or a five-star resort, camping movies are entertaining, and the world wouldn’t be the same without them.

The Best Movies About Camping and How to Watch

Movies about camping capture the imagination and the camping spirit like no other genre can. Choose one from horror to comedy, classic to modern, or Reese Witherspoon to Robin Williams.

Camping changes when you embark on the journey to watch these great movies.

1. Without a Paddle

Genre: Comedy, Action & Adventure
Rated: PG-13

About the Movie: Movies about camping are often rife with mishaps and hijinks, and “Without a Paddle” is no exception.

The 2004 film follows three childhood friends who embark on a quest to explore the great outdoors, only to face many challenges.

From run-ins with bears to cascading waterfalls, the trio has their fair share of adventures, ultimately learning a thing or two about themselves in the process. 

Actors include Seth Green, Matthew Lillard, Dax Shepard, and Burt Reynolds. If you want a funny movie about friendship and self-discovery, check out “Without a Paddle.”

How to Watch: Watch on Netflix with a subscription, or pay a small fee to watch on Google Play, Vudu, iTunes, or Amazon Instant Video, starting at $2.99.

2. A Walk in the Woods

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Action & Adventure
Rated: R

About the Movie: “A Walk in the Woods,” released in 2015, stars Robert Redford, Nick Nolte, May Steenburgen, and Emma Thompson and is based on Bill Bryson’s novel, “A Walk in the Woods.”

An aging author’s life seems centered on funerals and retirement, and Robert Redford, playing Bill Bryson, won’t have any of it. 

So he decides to hike the 2,200-mile Appalachian Trail. But to appease his wife, he needs a partner to walk with him. Introducing Nick Nolte playing Katz, the only person Bill could get to agree to head out on this adventure with him.

Katz is an old acquaintance that exasperated Bill when they were younger and will now do the same. Pushing limits, these two experience adventure and disaster and come face to face with what life is really about.

How to Watch: Watch for free on Pluto and Tubi and with a subscription on FuboTV. You can also pay a small fee starting at $2.99 on Google Play, Vudu, iTunes, or Amazon Instant Video.

3. Wild

Genre: Drama
Rated: R

About the Movie: Reese Witherspoon stars in this powerful drama where your family can make or break you. Witherspoon’s character struggles with the death of her mother. She journeys through the heartbreak of losing a parent only to find out who she really is. 

On a whim and without experience, Cheryl decides to hike along the Pacific Crest Trail. Along the way, she reflects on her life, her Mom’s life, and how it all intertwines to create the person she is today.

Raw, ugly truths can turn into a life you love if you allow yourself to heal and give yourself grace. Based on best-selling author Cheryl Strayed’s personal story, “Wild” will bring you along on Cheryl’s journey from a reckless life to one of forgiveness and understanding.

How to Watch: You can watch Wild” for free on IMDb TV or starting at $2.99 on Google Play, Vudu, iTunes, or Amazon Instant Video.

4. Into the Wild

Genre: Drama, Action & Adventure
Rated: R

About the Movie: “Into the Wild” is based on the book written by Jon Krakauer. It follows the true story of a young man trying to find out who he is without being tied down to civilization and the rules of society.

Graduating from a prestigious university, Christopher McCandless embarks on a camping journey that provides insight into the struggles we face when trying to determine who we are as adults.

Bucking the traditional systems, Christopher heads to the remote areas of Alaska, meeting friends, learning harsh lessons, and coming face to face with nature and humanity along the way.

Starring Emile Hirsch, Vince Vaughn, and Catherine Keener, “Into the Wild” may make you wonder what life is all about.

How to Watch: You can watch this movie about camping on Google Play, Vudu, iTunes, or Amazon Instant Video, starting at $2.99. You can also watch it on Netflix with a subscription.

5. Bushwhacked

Genre: Comedy
Rated: PG-13

About the Movie: This 1995 classic camping movie follows delivery man Max, played by Daniel Stern, on a bumbling misadventure of a lifetime.

Running from the FBI, after being in the right place at the wrong time, Max inadvertently disguises himself as a scout leader to get away.

Get ready to laugh as he and his six scouts head out to Devil’s Peak on an adventure of a lifetime to prove his innocence. Running into bears, waterfalls, and many more hilarious mishaps, the cast of characters in “Bushwhacked” will keep you laughing from beginning to end.

How to Watch: You can watch it with an HBO Max subscription.

6. RV

Genre: Comedy
Rated: PG

About the Movie: Bob Monroe is your typical overworked executive, trying to be the best family man he can be. Bob gets creative when things go awry with work and conflict with his family’s vacation plans.

That’s when things get hilarious. He tries to hide that he must work on vacation while trying to do what his family wants. It turns into hilarious chaos.

Renting an RV seems like the perfect solution. However, this comedy that stars Robin Williams will ultimately end up in gut-busting disasters.

“RV” is a comedic portrayal of attempting to create balance in life. Get ready to laugh as you sit back and enjoy this movie about camping.

How to Watch: Watch for free with a subscription to Hulu Plus or rent it starting at $2.99 on Google Play, Vudu, iTunes, or Amazon Instant Video.

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7. Camp Nowhere

Genre: Comedy
Rated: PG

About the Movie: This classic 1994 camping movie will bring you back to your teens when you wanted a fun summer away from your parents.

A group of bored kids comes up with a plan to create their own summer camp. The only drawback, ironically, is that they need an adult to help them realize their dream. Enter Christopher Lloyd, the most un-adult adult ever.

With popcorn omelets, firecrackers galore, and no camp counselors anywhere onsite, you’ll feel like a kid again when watching this classic camping flick. Grab your PJs and get ready for a comedic camping movie that’ll take you back in time.

How to Watch: Watch “Camp Nowhere” with a subscription to Disney+ or rent it starting at $2.99 on Google Play, Vudu, iTunes, or Amazon Instant Video.

8. The Blair Witch Project 

Genre: Horror, suspense
Rated:  R

About the Movie: “The Blair Witch Project,” released in 1999, surprised audiences with its documentary-style filming. The first-person point of view draws you into the terror immediately.

As you follow along with a group of young adults heading into the wilderness, the storyline quickly transforms from outdoor fun into fear and suspense.

Three friends disappear while looking to find out more about the local legend, the Blair Witch. Only their footage is left behind.

Suspenseful and horrifying, you’ll finish this film wondering if what you saw was real. And camping? Well, sleeping outdoors might not feel the same. 

How to Watch: HBO Max and Hulu Plus offer “The Blair Witch Project” for free with a subscription. You can also find it on Google Play, Vudu, iTunes, or Amazon Instant Video, starting at $2.99.

9. Heavyweights

Genre: Family, Comedy
Rated: PG

About the Movie: Another classic movie, this 1995 flick will have you rolling in the aisles as you watch it again and again.

Join friends as they head off to summer camp for overweight boys. Their hilarious adventures may have you remembering what it’s like to be a kid when life feels carefree and terrifying.

Ben Stiller portrays the new owner and fitness coach who turns the camp upside down. The boys are in for a nightmare instead. After frustration, starvation, and humiliation, the boys retaliate and take back what’s theirs — fun and respect at summer camp. 

How to Watch: Watch with a subscription on Disney + or starting at $2.00 on Google Play or Vudu.

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10. Friday the 13th

Genre: Horror
Rated: R

About the Movie: This American horror franchise quickly became a classic slasher film. “Friday the 13th” is a true horror film where the characters all know how to scream and run right into trouble. 

Due to its success, ten more movies and series have followed the original 1980 film. The original takes place at the infamous Camp Crystal Lake, where a boy drowned long ago.

Camp counselors are now being murdered one by one. Jason makes his debut in the 1980 original film and is now one of the most iconic horror characters in movies, books, costumes, and more.

Camping and the hockey goalie mask will never feel the same once you meet Jason Voorhees. 

How to Watch:  You can watch “Friday the 13th” for free on Pluto or with a subscription service on Peacock, Paramount+, and Hulu. You can also rent this classic horror flick at $2.99 on Google Play, Vudu, iTunes, or Amazon Instant Video.

What Movies About Camping Will You Watch Next?

Camping movies are the best. However, you may not want to attend summer camp anytime soon after watching one of these.

But there’s something about escaping into the great outdoors, even if it’s just on a screen. We hope you’ve enjoyed our foray into some of the ten best camping movies.

From obscure flicks to hilarious RV trips, what movie about camping will you watch next? We recommend all of them.

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