Best Motorhomes for a Family of 4

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Close up of a motorhome for a family of four parked at an RV park.

If you’re a family of four, you may think your options are limited to towable RVs with rear bunk or mid-bunk rooms. But that’s not the case! There are family-friendly motorhomes that might be suitable for your camping needs. 

Today, we’re looking at five excellent options that provide sleeping space for everyone and ample lounging space for rainy-day games or Friday night movies. Let’s dive in!

What Are the Different Classes of Motorhomes?

Motorized RVs have several different classes, just like towable RVs have. If you tell a salesman you want a towable trailer, he might ask, “Ok, do you want a travel trailer, a fifth wheel, a pop-up camper, a truck camper, a teardrop camper, or a destination trailer?”

Motorhomes don’t have quite as many options, but there are three main classes: Class A, Class B, and Class C. Class A motorhomes are probably what pop into your mind. They have massive windshields and sleek body paint and look like tour buses. These are the heaviest, longest, and most expensive motorhomes.

Class Bs, on the other hand, are the smallest. Also called camper vans, Class Bs usually sleep only two people. Class Cs are easily identifiable by the cabover sleeping area. The windshield is much smaller because of this design. Some Class C motorhomes can be just as large as Class As. However, generally, they’re more affordable.

What Are the Advantages of a Motorhome?

One of the most significant advantages of owning a motorhome as opposed to a towable is you don’t have to buy a tow vehicle. That additional money can be spent on the upfront cost of the motorhome. Some motorhomes will cost about the same as a heavy-duty truck and fifth wheel.

Another advantage is the ease of setting up and tearing down. You have no hooking up or unhooking from a tow vehicle with a motorhome (unless you tow a second vehicle). A motorhome is the better option, especially for people who physically can’t undergo this process.

Finally, Class As are some of the most luxurious RVs on the market. You’ll find amenities and features that you’d see in a residential space. If you want luxury, you can find motorhomes with heated floors, granite countertops, and spa bathrooms, rivaling the nicest hotels.

For those who enjoy entertaining and tailgating, many motorhomes have an outdoor TV and kitchen where you can comfortably cheer on your favorite team.

What Are the Disadvantages of a Motorhome?

However, even with all the advantages of owning a motorhome, the disadvantages are worth considering. First, although you can find some models for the same price as a new tow vehicle and towable RV, most motorhomes will be much more expensive. You’ll pay even more if you prefer a diesel engine or more luxurious features.

Another family-specific disadvantage is the safety of traveling inside a motorhome. Some families will drive a separate vehicle with the kids while one person drives the motorhome to the campground. This is the safest way to travel if you opt for a motorhome.

Car seats aren’t designed for the sofas and dinette booths of motorhomes. Kids who can sit in a regular seat with a seatbelt are much safer in a standard vehicle. In the event of a crash, whoever sits in the back of the motorhome will likely be thrown about or ejected from the vehicle.

Finally, if you don’t take along a second vehicle, you must use the motorhome as your daily driver. If you’re just going to a campground for the weekend and have no intentions of going anywhere, this isn’t a problem.

But if you’re taking a cross-country trip and want to visit local dining options, attractions, national parks, and even grocery stores, having to tote around a 38-foot motorhome isn’t convenient.

What Makes a Motorhome Family-Friendly?

Some brands have designed floorplans with families in mind. They want parents and children to enjoy the luxuries of a motorhome while still having the space necessary for four people.

When looking at motorhome units, look at the sleeping space. Make sure everyone will have a comfortable place to sleep. Waking up groggy or moody because of lack of sleep isn’t how you want to start your Saturday at the campsite.

You also want to consider your lifestyle. If you enjoy having game nights, watching movies together, or inviting friends, you’ll want ample seating. But if you spend most of your time outdoors, you might prefer a large outdoor kitchen, an outdoor entertainment center, and a huge awning to provide shade.

Storage space is another huge consideration. The outdoor storage in Class As is unparalleled. No other type of RV has as much storage. It’s fantastic! Class Cs won’t have as much outdoor storage, so ensure you can store four camping chairs, a gazebo, fishing poles, and whatever else you bring on each camping trip.

Inside, pay attention to the storage in the kitchen. Do you have a large enough refrigerator for a family of four? Is the pantry and cabinet space sufficient? Also, look at the storage for the kids’ toys and clothes. Typically, you won’t find a wardrobe near their sleeping areas like in a bunk room towable RV. So where will they put their things?

Best Motorhomes for a Family of 4

We didn’t include Class B camper vans in our list of best motorhomes for a family of four because these aren’t the ideal options. Some families do it, but we suggest buying a Class A or Class C for your family camping adventures.

Best Class A for Weekend Warriors: Jayco Alante 29F

For a family who doesn’t want to break the bank on an RV but prefers the style of a Class A instead of a fifth wheel or travel trailer, the Jayco Alante 29F is a good option. MSRP starts at $175,808.

This family-friendly motorhome measures only 32 feet long, making it ideal for new RVers worried about driving a long motorhome. Bunk beds sit directly across from the bathroom, providing easy access for kids needing to use the toilet during the night or brush their teeth right before bed.

Even with its smaller length, this motorhome also has both a dinette and sofa, so families of four have plenty of room for everyone to sit for a game night or dinner. There’s also ample storage in the main bedroom that can be shared with the kids on a weekend camping trip.

With a budget-friendly price, smaller length, and everything you need for a comfortable camping trip, we think the Jayco Alante 29F is a fantastic option for weekenders with families.

A bedroom inside a Jayco Alante 29F.

Best Class C for Weekend Warriors: Coachmen Leprechaun 270QB

For a family of four who prefers an even smaller package, the Coachmen Leprechaun 270QB delivers. At just under 30 feet, it’s one of the smallest Class Cs that still includes both a dinette and sofa for ample seating. It has the traditional cabover sleeping space for the kids and a rear bedroom for the parents.

Another perk to this model is there are no slides. Although this limits the interior space, it also means no worries about mechanical failures or regular slide maintenance. If you need to stop for a bathroom break or make lunch on travel days, everyone can enter and access the entire rig.

This Class C also has a separate shower from the toilet and sink area, ideal for nighttime routines. Someone can be taking a shower while someone else is brushing their teeth.

Or, during the day, kids can wash their hands after playing outside while someone else jumps in the shower. With an MSRP of under $100,000 and sleeping space for everyone, it’s a budget-friendly option for weekend warriors who want to make memories with their kids.

Keep in Mind: We hate putting on camper bunk sheets, but the sheets are perfect for those oddly shaped spaces!

Best Class A for Longer Trips: Winnebago Forza 38W

If you’re a family of four and need more space and residential amenities for a more extended trip or full-time living, the Winnebago Forza 38W is an excellent option. It measures 39 feet 11 inches and starts at $376,573.

There’s a large kitchen area and living space with two opposing slides in the front of the unit. There are also two full bathrooms, which is great for traveling families. The bunk beds are situated in the hallway adjacent to the bathroom.

The sofa also becomes another sleeping area if you need a larger bed than a bunk for an older child. There’s ample wardrobe storage, a residential fridge, washer and dryer hookups, and a pantry to make long trips comfortable for a family.

Inside the front unit of a Winnebago Forza 38W.

Best Class C for Longer Trips: Gulf Stream Conquest 6310

For families of four who prefer a Class C for a cross-country trip or summer-long adventure, check out the Gulf Stream Conquest 6310. This motorhome has one huge slide-out along the driver’s side, opening the interior space. It has the standard cabover bed for the kids as well as a jack knife sofa for additional sleeping space.

The rear bedroom has a large closet/pantry storage for toys, books, dishes, food, and gadgets and ample wardrobe storage. Like the other motorhomes on this list, the Gulf Stream Conquest 6310 has both a dinette and sofa for family lounging space.

The residential fridge also provides plenty of room for food storage. This Class C measures 32 feet 2 inches, so it’s not too long to feel uncomfortable driving for new RVers.

Best Splurge: Tiffin Allegro Red 38KA

If you have a large budget and want to splurge on a top-of-the-line family-friendly motorhome, consider the Tiffin Allegro Red 38KA. It costs over $400,000, but you’ll have a stunning Class A with a powerful diesel engine. The 7-foot ceilings make the interior comfortable for even the tallest teens and parents.

There’s a half bath across from the bunk beds in the hallway of this model. The full bathroom sits in the rear of the unit, equipped with washer and dryer hookups.

The large living space provides ample room for everyone. And the kitchen countertop area is one of the most spacious on this list. You can also opt for a computer workstation instead of a dinette if you homeschool or work remotely.

Read More: Check out post for a complete Breakdown of the Tiffin Allegro!

Inside a living and kitchen area of a Tiffin Allegro Red 38KA.

Is a Family-Friendly Motorhome in Your Future?

Although most families choose a towable RV because of the increased interior space and ability to travel together in a safe tow vehicle, that doesn’t mean there aren’t family-friendly motorhomes.

These five options might be a good fit for your camping needs if you’re a family of four because of their bunk beds, extra bathrooms, living area seating, and more.

Which model might be in your future?

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