These RVs Look Better Than Some Houses

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When you look at standard RVs on a dealer lot, you might think they all look about the same: brown cabinets, thin wallpapered walls, Thomas Payne furniture, etc.

But a select few brands produce high-quality units that are more luxurious than your own home! Let’s look at five house RVs that will make heads turn!

RVs Aren’t What They Used to Be 

Over the years, RVs have gotten longer, taller, and heavier. There’s more variety in floorplans and amenities today than ever before. You might walk into a fifth wheel and feel like it’s bigger than your apartment.

But overall, the interior design is a bit utilitarian. What you find in a travel trailer is pretty similar to what you find in a Class C motorhome.

If you want a house RV, you’ll find more options today than 20 years ago, but you’ll still be limited in selection. In some higher-end RVs, you’ll find residential appliances, large suites, and spa bathrooms that make full-time living or extended stays much more comfortable. But you’ll be a steep price for them.

What Types of Residential Finishes Are in House RVs?

House RVs will have some of the very same finishes you have in a sticks-and-bricks house. Some luxury RVs have crown molding, a washer and dryer, a dishwasher, granite countertops, and heated floors. The kitchens will have residential appliances like a three-burner stove and double-drawer freezer.

The bathrooms in house RVs will be smaller than those in your home but will have similar styles. There might be a teak floor in the shower, a double vanity, and towel warmers. Some of these house RV bathrooms genuinely feel like a spa.

5 RVs That Look Better Than Your House

Today, we’ve chosen some specific models and brands that manufacture stunning, luxurious trailers and motorhomes. These house RVs are spacious, offering plenty of room for even the largest families to enjoy camping.

1. Newell Motorcoaches

Newell engineers produce handcrafted motorhomes to suit the needs of their customers. Clients can create an entirely new floor plan or combine existing floor plans to create their one-of-a-kind coach.

With such a wide range of choices, Newell can accommodate almost any request. Because of this, Newell motorcoaches feel more like a luxurious apartment than an RV.

You can install a plasma TV or request a home theater system. You can build a kennel for your furry friend or an extra closet where you need additional storage. Whatever you want, Newell can deliver. These custom coaches start at around $2 million.

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2. Newmar King Aire

The King Aire is Newmar’s best-of-the-best. It starts at $1.6 million. The luxury is evident at every turn, from quartz countertops in the bathroom to an electric fireplace in the bedroom to a beverage center with a wine cooler in the kitchen. 

Enjoy plenty of food storage in the 22-cubic-foot residential refrigerator with French doors. You’ll experience an end to cold winter nights with the tiled flooring with electric radiant heat. This house RV is probably more immaculate than your own sticks-and-bricks home.

3. Luxe Elite Fifth Wheels

Another brand that strives to bring luxury to full-time living is Luxe. The company’s fifth-wheel line is one of the best-constructed trailers in the industry. There are five floorplans within the Elite lineup. The 46RKB has a GVWR of 27,000 pounds, one of the heaviest fifth wheels on the market.

Its weight is attributed to the residential appliances, solid wood cabinetry, and luxurious amenities found only in the Luxe Elite units.

Luxe uses high-quality hardwoods throughout the trailer, creating richness and beauty. The kitchen includes a four-burner residential cooktop, convection microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator with ice maker, wine cooler, and more.

You’ll undoubtedly feel like you’re in a luxurious apartment rather than a fifth-wheel RV when you step inside a Luxe Elite. MRSP ranges from $300,000 to $400,000 for most models.

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4. DRV Mobile Suites

Another high-quality manufacturer of fifth wheels is DRV Mobile Suites. There are nine floorplans, and the brightness of the interiors will blow your mind. When you’re used to seeing varying shades of brown in every travel trailer and fifth wheel, walking into such an airy interior is a pleasant surprise.

From the residential side walls to the residential insulation to the 3 ¼-inch thick walls, the construction of the DRV Mobile Suites is unparalleled.

A voice assistant gives you control over security cameras, temperature settings, audio-visual controls, the RV-C interface, and more. You’ll enjoy a walk-round king bed, residential kitchen, washer and dryer access, and other amenities that make you feel like you’re in a house RV. It also comes at a high cost, $200,000 to $250,000, for most models.

5. Forest River Wildwood Grand Lodge Destination Trailers

The Newell, Newmar, Luxe, and DVR models’ exteriors are pristine, shiny, and luxurious, just like the interiors. However, don’t let the Forest River Wildwood Grand Lodge fool you.

Its aluminum siding only hides the expansive interior that can accommodate families of all sizes. If you’re a family of five, six, or seven, you’ll find limited options in the RV industry. Forest River has solved this problem to make you feel like you can camp in style.

These four Grand Lodge destination trailer floorplans feature lofts with additional sleeping space. They all have three or four bunk mats upstairs where the kids can have their own space.

This also means the downstairs is strictly the king bedroom, kitchen, and living space. With a kitchen island, bar seating, a huge front bay window, and residential appliances, you’ll feel like you’re camping in a small cottage or villa rather than a trailer.

Can an RV Be Your House?

You can live full-time in an RV; no states have regulations against RV living. However, you’ll find individual cities or counties with their own rules. Some campgrounds will also have stay limitations, while others permit annual leases.

When you compare apartment rent or house mortgages with RV payments, sometimes the RV lifestyle is a cheaper alternative. Other times, it can be more expensive. So, you’ll certainly want to sit down and create a budget to determine if full-time RV living is right for you. 

It’s not just the money that is important to consider, however. Even in the most spacious trailers like the Forest River Wildwood Grand Lodge, RV living can still feel smothering at times.

There’s less privacy than in a house. The most beautiful interiors of Newell and Newmar will still require maintenance and repairs. A house RV may be luxurious, but full-time living requires careful thought.

These RVs Will Make You Rethink Camping

If you’ve always pictured RV camping as an aluminum-sided camper with a convertible dinette for the kids to sleep and an oven that never thoroughly cooks a casserole, then these house RVs will have you rethinking this lifestyle.

Motorcoaches by Newell and Newmar will cost well over $1 million, and the Luxe and DRV fifth wheels will cost twice as much as a standard fifth wheel by Jayco or Keystone. But for some RVers, it’s worth the price to camp in style with all of the amenities of home.

Do you want to wash dishes while you’re enjoying a weekend camping trip, or do you want to let a dishwasher do the work while you enjoy a beverage by the campfire? Do you want to feel the warmth of heated floors when you step out of the shower or quickly wrap yourself in a towel to avoid the cool, crisp air?

These house RVs may not be affordable for everyone, but they’re options worth dreaming about!

Which model would you choose as a full-time residence?

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