Is the MORryde Pin Box Really Better?

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MoRryde Pin Box

If you’ve recently made a fifth wheel purchase, either new or used, you probably paid attention to the Gross Vehicle Rating (GVWR) and the cargo carrying capacity. You probably made sure it had ample storage and the layout you need for your travel lifestyle. But did you take a look at the king pin box?

If you don’t have a MORryde pin box installed, you’ll want to consider upgrading that immediately. It provides the best, smoothest, and most enjoyable drive, and when you start putting miles on your fifth wheel, that will be very important. Let’s dive in!

Morryde Pin Box
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What Are Fifth Wheel Pin Boxes 

Every fifth wheel has a fifth-wheel pin box. Also called a king pin box, this piece of equipment is bolted directly to the underneath of the front cap of the fifth wheel. The circular part at the bottom is called the king pin.

This connects to the fifth wheel hitch secured to the truck’s bed. When you’re ready to travel, back up your truck slowly until the king pin of the pin box on your fifth wheel slides securely into the hitch in the truck’s bed.

Are All 5th Wheel Pins the Same?

Fifth wheel pin boxes are a bit different so that RVers can choose the best one for their truck. The pin box’s style, shape, and length affect the towing experience.

For example, short bed trucks will need either a sliding fifth wheel hitch or a Sidewinder pin box. That way, the front of the fifth wheel doesn’t damage the truck’s rear window during tight turns. This type of pin box automatically moves back when turning to give your short bed truck more turning clearance.

Cushioned pin boxes provide shock absorbers, possibly providing the smoothest ride when towing. You hardly feel any jarring or movement and might forget you’re towing a 40 ft trailer behind you.

Orbital MoRryde Pin Box

About the MORryde Pin Boxes

MORryde is a brand synonymous with RVing. The company manufactures quality products to enhance the RV experience. In 1966, Bob Moore Sr. started MORryde and began manufacturing suspension systems.

Over the decades, the company has grown to build a multi-plant facility that employs over 1,000 employees and delivers all types of RV products, from TV mounts to entry steps to sliding cargo trays.

The MORryde pin boxes come in three different designs. Let’s look at the differences between the rubber pin box, the orbital rotating rubber pin box, and the You Turn Rotating Pin Box. Each has its own unique features and purposes.

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Rubber Pin Box

When towing a fifth wheel, you can feel a chucking or jerking behind you. It can be quite annoying and worrisome if you’re towing for the first time.

However, this MORryde pin box reduces that movement. Instead, it provides up to 3 inches of back-to-front movement and up to 1.5 inches of side-to-side movement.

Because of this design, the rubber pin box absorbs the transfer of energy from the trailer to your truck. This means a smoother ride for the driver and passengers. The rubber pin box fits a wide range of trailer weight ratings.

MORryde RPB72-1621HD-05 Pin Box System, 14-18K GVWR - Lippert 1621
  • Greatly reduced back-and-forth chucking and jerking
  • Cushioned sensation over uneven road conditions

Orbital Rotating Rubber Pin Box 

This MORryde pin box provides a smoother turning experience when towing. The orbital rotating rubber pin box gives you a 90-degree turning radius in either direction.

There is a locking wedge at the pivot point of the hitch, and large washers hold the wedge in place. The maximum gross trailer weight rating is 16,000 pounds.

However, note that this MORryde pin box replaces an existing stock rotating pin box.

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Source: MORryde

You Turn Rotating Pin Box

The third MORryde pin box option is the You Turn Rotating Pin Box. This model is very similar to the orbital rotating rubber pin box described above.

However, this pin box must be factory installed. Short bed truck friendly, tit features a 90-degree turning radius in either direction without a slider hitch. The maximum gross trailer weight rating is also 16,000 lbs.

The Best Option: MORryde Rubber Pin Box

For the smoothest ride and more enjoyable towing experience, the best option is the MORryde rubber pin box. You’ll notice the difference almost immediately.

You can You can install the pin box with another person in just an hour or two. Use MORryde’s rubber pin box fit chart to identify the correct option for you.

Whether you’re traveling in stop-and-go traffic on the interstate or barreling down the highway at 60mph, the smoothness of the drive can’t be beat. There will be no more jerking, especially when moving from the brakes to the throttle.

How Does the MORyde Rubber Pin Box Work? 

The advanced rubber shear spring absorbs the shock while towing. Because of the movement of the pin box, there is no jerking when starting and stopping either.

The pin box moves forward and backward up to 3 inches for a much smoother start and stop instead of a sudden jolt. This means a better in-cab experience for the driver and passengers.

Are You Due for a Pin Box Upgrade?

Upgrading your king pin box to a MORryde pin box is worth it. You’ll even wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Numerous RV owners applaud MORryde for designing such a superior product. They revel in the difference in their travel day experiences now. No more jolting, jerking or chucking.

Kids can do their school work or color pictures in the truck without complaining about the constant jerking of the fifth wheel. The driver can just focus on the road ahead for a stress-free towing experience. So what are you waiting for? Check out the fit chart and find which MORryde pin box will work for you!

Would you consider getting a MORryde pin box?

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