You Can Get Full Hookups at This Gas Station

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Semis getting gas at a Love's gas station, which now offers full RV hookups
Source: Love’s

Certain things make a difference regarding the comfort of your RV. Perhaps none are more significant than hookups, a vital lifeline between your off-grid rig and on-grid utilities.

However, many folks don’t know that you don’t need an RV park or campground. Love’s RV hookups provide travelers with the comfort of a campsite without much hassle or cost. Let’s take a closer look!

What Are Full Hookups?

When RVers talk about “full hookups,” they generally refer to the presence of electric, water, and sewer connections for their rig. Usually, but not always, full hookups suggest the availability of full 50-amp electricity rather than a more limited 30-amp service.

In some cases, full hookups may even include utilities like cable TV or Ethernet internet connections. 

Why Do RVers Like Full Hookups?

RVers love when campsites have full hookups, primarily because it allows them to make the most use of their RV. They can enjoy the comforts of home no matter where they are.

With full hookups, you won’t need to worry about how much juice your battery has, how much water is in your fresh tank, or how much room you have before you need to dump your black tank. Full hookups provide the closest thing to the utilities of a traditional home that RVers can achieve. 

A man plugging in his RV at a loves rv hookup

About Love’s RV Hookup 

If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ve likely taken a break at a Love’s Travel Stop. With more than 500 locations across the country, they’re a welcome respite for weary drivers, offering gas, snacks, and a few minutes of rest.

But at numerous Love’s locations, RVers can enjoy 30-amp or 50-amp electric hookups, water, and sewer service. Many Love’s also provide wifi and propane sales, ensuring RVers can leave fully stocked. Prices may vary from location, but most single-night stays with hookups range from the high $30s to the mid-$40s. 

Do All Love’s Truck Stops Have Full Hookups for RVs?

Unfortunately, not every location will have a Love’s RV hookup. About two dozen of the company’s travel stops allow guests to reserve hookups.

You can find them as far east as Pennsylvania, as far south as Georgia, and as west as Utah. Missouri is home to three locations, while Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Utah each have two. 

How to Find a Love’s RV Hookup Site 

Love’s makes it relatively easy to figure out which locations include RV hookups. RVers can consult their easy-to-use site to see where the closest Love’s RV hookup is.

They can also investigate other offerings and amenities of the location. With list and map view options, it’s convenient to find choices close to home and across the country.

Pro Tip: Are you new to RV hookups? Then you need to see our Guide to RV Hookups!

How to Book a Love’s RV Hookup Site 

Once you’ve found the Love’s locations near your destination and confirmed they have the hookups you need, the process is straightforward. RVers who click “reserve” on Love’s website go to a reservation form.

You’ll enter information about your rig, traveling companions, and desired site. There’s also a map of your chosen location to help determine exactly which site will work best for you.

Once you’ve selected your area, input your payment details, and you’ve reserved your spot!

An RV parked at a loves rv hookup
Source: Love’s

Benefits of Love’s RV Hookup Sites

Love’s RV hookups are a favorite of experienced RVers for numerous reasons. Here are the four best benefits. They may make you pull over the next time you need some service. 

Park Overnight

RV parks and campgrounds are excellent, but sometimes you need a place to crash for a few hours before getting back on the road. Love’s is perfect for this, as they allow you to park overnight.

With locations often near major highways and other busy streets, you won’t have to waste time or divert from your route. 

Charge Your Batteries

Your batteries are the lifeblood of many of your RV’s systems when you haven’t connected them to an outside source.

Unfortunately, they can’t always run your appliances for extended periods without recharging. Love’s RV hookups allow you to add additional juice to your battery, holding you over until the next extended stop. 

An RV using a loves rv hookup

Dump Your Tanks

Traveling with a full black tank isn’t only gross. It also adds extra weight to your rig, shaving off precious gas mileage and increasing your fuel bill.

But for reasons of courtesy and sanitation, you can’t dump it anywhere you choose. Love’s RV hookups allow RVers to dispose of their waste safely. 

Pro Tip: When you’re boondocking, dumping waste can become a challenge. Here’s How to Find Free RV Dump Stations while boondocking!

Fill Freshwater Tanks

On the other hand, Love’s RV hookups can also help you refill an empty tank. This can be a relatively rare opportunity, especially when on the go.  Love’s provides fresh water to fill your tank, providing days of water for drinking, showering, cleaning, and more. 

Loves RV Hookup Sites: Overnighters Just Got Upgraded 

The days of uncomfortable dry camping are over, thanks to Love’s RV hookups. With convenient locations near areas, RVers can enjoy the full benefits of their electrical and water systems, dump their tanks, and even stock up on fuel and snacks.

It’s a perfect choice for those who need a place to stay while on the road. You can leave the next day having refilled, refueled, and refreshed. 

Will you take advantage of a Love’s location during your next trip?

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