How Do You Find RV Recalls?

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A broken down recalled RV on the side of the road

If you thought spending big bucks on a luxurious Class A motorhome would save you from dealing with RV recalls, you’d be disappointed. RV recalls are pretty standard, whether you spend $20,000 on a teardrop or a million dollars on a motorhome. 

Tiffin recalled 2022 Midas motorhomes because they hadn’t installed the center marker light. Forest River recalled 2021-2022 Salem and Wildwood fifth wheels because they may not have adequately attached the awning rail.

Pleasure Way recalled 2021-2022 Plateau TS motorhomes because the circuit board had inaccurate labels.

So no matter what brand or quality RV you own, you’ll likely deal with RV recalls. Let’s look at how to find them and what to do when that time comes.

Let’s dive in! 

What Are RV Recalls?

When an RV or its equipment doesn’t meet Federal Safety Requirements, the manufacturer or supplier issues an RV recall. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration can also give a recall. These RV recalls address problems with safety, not malfunctioning hardware.

For example, a propane quick-connect port may not correctly attach to a gas hose. This could cause a leak, which is a safety issue. This would render a recall. However, a handle that breaks off a toilet is not a safety issue. There would not be a recall in this instance.

What Are Common RV Recalls?

Standard RV recalls include issues with the electrical wiring, plumbing, or structure of the RV.

These recalls come from the manufacturer. Other common recalls may come from third-party suppliers like Lippert or Dometic when there are problems with appliances, water heaters, awnings, or holding tanks. The chassis manufacturer may sometimes issue motorhome recalls.

How Do You Find RV Recalls?

If you own an RV, it’s crucial to know where to find recalls and how to search for them. It would be best if you did this routinely to get the repairs you need promptly.

You can also download apps like SaferCar or TogoRV that will alert you to any recalls once you set up a profile with the VIN.

Visit RV Manufacturer Websites

RV manufacturer websites will have a place to search for RV recalls. You can also call the customer service department to ask about recalls.

For example, if you go to the Grand Design RV website, under the “Owner Support” tab, you’ll find a link to “Recalls.” From here, you can read the VIN ranges, the units, the build dates, and more.

Visit Government Websites

One government website with listings of recalls on all kinds of products is This site won’t list specific details, but it’s an excellent place to start searching.

You’ll find recalls from the FDA, USDA, USCG, and more agencies that monitor products from food and cosmetics to boats.

Another government website is This website is more specific to vehicles since the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration runs it. You’ll find the tab “Recalls,” where you can search by VIN or vehicle. You can also search for a car seat, tire, and other vehicle equipment recalls on this site. 

A woman on her laptop checking for RV recalls

Check the VIN

When deciding which RV to purchase, whether new or used, it’s always a good idea to look up the VIN. Then you can go to the website and input the VIN to learn more about that particular model’s history.

Some recalls aren’t significant, and you might not even worry about the repair. Others may be signs that you should walk away from the purchase.

Keep in Mind: Before purchasing an RV, make sure you know how to look up the RV VIN number!

What Do I Do If I Have An RV Recall?

First, determine if your RV is part of a recall by checking the mentioned websites. If you confirm that the VIN of your RV is in a recall, contact the manufacturer or supplier to find out how to fix the problem.

They may suggest a nationwide service center that will perform the repair work, or they may give you the green light to take the RV to any service center for repairs.

Your next step is to call ahead to schedule an appointment. RV service centers often have long wait times. Also, not every RV service center can do all recall repairs.

For example, some locations don’t have the technicians or tools to work on motorhomes. Make sure the service center can complete the repair work before making an appointment.

You can also call a mobile RV technician. However, not all mobile techs can complete the necessary work. Others choose not to deal with recalls. So ensure you are clear about the recall since the manufacturer will issue the payment and not you.

A recalled RV on the side of the road being looked at

Are RV Recalls Covered Under Warranty?

RV recalls don’t cost the owner money if the RV is less than ten years old. The manufacturer or supplier pays for the repair. Even if your rig is older, it’s worth calling to determine if the manufacturer will cover the repair.

Since you won’t pay for the repair work, there isn’t much reason to skip out on getting it done. For full-time travelers, it can also be challenging to get an appointment for repair work since you’re constantly traveling. But if there’s a safety issue, don’t risk putting yourself or others in danger.

How Long Does It Take to Fix An RV Recall?

Like with any RV repair work, the timeline varies by service center. Some locations only have a few technicians, while others have dozens. Sometimes supply shortages, especially during a recall, create a longer wait time.

If you can safely continue using your RV while waiting for an appointment or for a part to arrive, feel free to use it. However, depending on the type of work you need to do, you may be looking at weeks or even months without an RV.

Keep in Mind: Warranties can be helpful tools in times of trouble! Avoid voiding your RV warranty with these Important Tips

A mechanic working on a recalled RV

Should I File a Vehicle Safety Complaint?

If you think there’s a problem with your RV due to a defective part, it will benefit you and other RV owners to file a vehicle safety complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. At the top of the website, you’ll find a button that says, “REPORT A SAFETY PROBLEM.”

This could relate to tires, the RV, or other equipment. Remember, this has to be safety-related to motor vehicles, like problems with the steering or brakes, and no issues with the awning not coming out properly.

On the website, you can fill out a form about the complaint. You’ll need the VIN and any documentation like photos, a police report, and repair invoices.

By reporting any safety-related problem with your RV, you’re keeping other travelers and yourself safe. When the NHTSA looks into the issue, the staff may notice a trend of complaints from other RV owners.

Don’t Forget Tire Recalls

Although RV recalls go back ten years, tire recalls are only valid for five years. There’s also a time frame in which you have to take the tires to a service center. Tire recalls are very serious.

A blow-out can cause severe damage to an RV, but it can also cause a hazardous accident.

Tires have their TIN on the sidewall. So when you’re checking the VIN of your RV, check the TIN of your tires on any recall websites. If your tires have a recall, address it immediately.

A flat tire on a recalled RV

Should I Be Worried About RV Recalls?

RV recalls are part of RV ownership. Things go wrong, and problems arise even years after the purchase date. It’s pretty common to have a recall, so don’t worry if your RV is in one. Take the appropriate steps to resolve the issue and continue making memories.

Have you ever taken in your RV because it was in a recall alert?

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