What Is Kool RV and Does It Work?

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Staying comfortable while using your RV can be challenging, especially during the summer. However, innovative products like the Kool RV can make it easier.

Keep reading if you’re tired of sweating through your adventures. This product could be a game changer and help you fully enjoy your rig.

Let’s dive in!

Keep Your Camper Cool with Kool RV

We’ve seen several posts on social media about RV owners using the Kool RV in their rig. From users in the Sunshine State of Florida to Sin City in Las Vegas, staying cool in an RV can pose a challenge. Luckily, they’re reporting good things about the Kool RV.

Anyone who has tried to camp during warmer weather knows it can feel like you’re roasting inside your rig. RV air conditioners will likely do little good if the temperatures climb into the 90s or triple digits.

They’ll struggle to keep up, and you’ll watch in distress as the temperatures rise.

Kool RV has come on the scene to help. They claim they can increase the efficiency of the air conditioner inside your camper by as much as 44%. But does it really work? Read on to find out.

About Kool RV

Kool RV is an example of what happens when someone makes lemonade out of lemons. While traveling, Deanna and Don hit their Coleman Mach 15 air conditioner on a low overhang.

Don climbed on the roof to assess the damage and discovered their unit had an incredibly inefficient design. He immediately got to work thinking about how he could improve the design. With the support of friends and family, it wasn’t long before the Kool RV became a reality.

They’ve tested the Kool RV in some of the most challenging environments, and it performed flawlessly. KoolRV Solutions, Inc. forgoes fancy packaging, expensive marketing campaigns, and other unnecessary items to keep their product affordable. Their goal is to make life easier for full-time and recreational RV owners.

How Does the Kool RV Work?

By installing the Kool RV, you make a slight modification that maximizes the efficiency of your air conditioner. The Kool RV helps prevent air from simply swirling around inside the plenum.

After installing this product on your air conditioner, connect the cold air supply to your rig’s ventilation system. Instead of losing cool air, it forces it directly into the vents. You can watch the temperatures drop inside your camper as you’re pumping much more cool air through the ducts.

In their testing, temperatures decreased by as much as 23 degrees inside the rig after installation. However, without the Kool RV, they could only achieve a decrease of 16 degrees.

The additional seven degrees may not seem significant, but it is. It can be the difference between sweating through the night or getting a solid night’s sleep. Any RVer will tell you seven degrees can make all the difference.

Is the Kool RV Hard to Install?

The Kool RV is straightforward to install. All you need is a screwdriver and HVAC tape. You remove the inside cover of your AC and snap the AC Connect adapter into the exhaust opening. Next, connect the vent adapters with the gaps in the ducts. Use HVAC tape around the edges to prevent air leaks and maximize efficiency.

If you’re confused or struggling, there’s even a how-to video to walk you through the steps. It’s as simple as it looks.

Once complete, you can turn on the AC and pump cool air into your rig. It won’t take long before you’re watching the temperatures drop inside your camper.

Where Can You Buy Kool RV?

Currently, Kool RV is only available direct-to-consumer. This means you’ll need to place our order through their website. However, this can be helpful as you’re dealing directly with the manufacturer. If something doesn’t work right or you have issues, you don’t have to worry about dealing with a third-party retailer.

Our Pick
KoolRV Solutions

The Kool RV product helps prevent air from simply swirling around inside the plenum and directs it where you want it; in your hot RV. Their products are easy to install and increase the efficiency of your RV air conditioner by as much as 44%. They currently have adapters for Coleman Mach, Dometic, Furrion, and GE air conditioners.

Other Ways to Keep Your RV Cool

In addition to the Kool RV, there are other ways to reduce the temperatures inside your camper. We recommend deploying several strategies to maximize your results. Here are a few things you can do to keep your RV cool.

Park Strategically

One of the most important things you can do is to consider how you’re parking your RV. It’s best to park your camper’s nose and rear so they’re pointing east to west. This will prevent the sun from hitting the sides, which often have large windows.

Parking this way will position the sun directly overhead, and the insulation from your roof can help absorb some of the heat not eliminated by your air conditioner or Kool RV.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always going to be possible. Your options will be severely limited when setting up in a campground or RV park. However, it’s essential to consider if you’re boondocking or have flexibility when selecting a campsite.

Use Reflective Window Covers

Another helpful technique is to use reflective window covers. Reflectix is one of the most popular brands for using this method. You can cut it to fit your windows and deflect the heat to prevent it from getting into your camper.

Measure your windows or cut a piece of cardboard for a stencil. You can then trace and cut the shape out of the Reflectix material and put it in your windows. These are extremely helpful when parked in campsites where the sun is beating down on your windows for several hours each day.

Reflectix BP24010 Series Foil Insulation, 24 in. x 10 ft, Multicolor
  • Inhibits or eliminates condensation
  • Nontoxic/no carcinogenic

Extend Awnings

If your RV has awnings, extending them can also prevent the sun from beating on your windows. Think of your awnings like the hat you wear to keep the sun off your face. However, instead of your face, you’re keeping the hot sun off your RV windows and siding.

However, only extend your awnings when you’re aware of the weather. Don’t leave them extended while you’re away from your camper. Should a quick breeze develop, you could find yourself with severe damage.

The lightweight metals used for the frame won’t stand much of a chance against a strong wind gust. So, always retract them when you’re not actively using them.

Keep in Mind: An Electric RV awning may sound like a good idea, but here are 5 Reasons you might want to avoid them!

Cook Outside

Cooking can generate a tremendous amount of heat in a kitchen. Unfortunately, most RVs combine the kitchen and living spaces. If you cook inside, you could completely negate any benefits you’re receiving from your air conditioner. To avoid this, do most of your cooking outside.

Many RV owners purchase Blackstone grills and similar units to allow them to avoid heating up their campers. In addition, doing so enables you to spend more time outdoors in nature instead of locked inside, away from everyone.

Pro Tip: Check out the 5 Best Dinner Ideas for Your Blackstone Griddle and try one out on your next camping trip!

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Consider Shade Structures

In addition to Kool RV, you could also consider purchasing a shade structure. This could be an RV carport or something like the Shade RV. These keep the hot sun from beating down on your rig for hours every day.

Unfortunately, this may not be possible in a campground or RV park. However, many full-timers who live or use their camper on their property find them incredibly helpful. Before you order one, you’ll want to ensure there aren’t any rules or restrictions for using it.

A shady campsite will suffice if you cannot use one of these structures. Try to find a camp with a lot of tree cover. The trees will be a natural barrier between your camper and the hot sun.

Upgrade Roof Vent Fans

One of the first upgrades we made in our truck camper was to upgrade the roof vent fans. The fans installed from the factory are typically very cheap and do little good.

However, upgrading to a MaxxAir Fan changed the game in our camper. Not only was it more powerful, but it also had a reverse feature, which made it easier to increase air circulation.

Keeping air moving inside your rig can help prevent it from feeling too hot or stale. If you can open your windows and use your roof vent fans, it can keep air circulating and help you to feel cooler.

MAXXAIR Maxxfan Deluxe Vent, Fan and Vent Cover All in One - Powerful 10-Speed Reversible Fan with Thermostat, Built-in Rain Cover, Remote Control, Intake & Exhaust Fan, Smoke (00-07500K)
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Keep in Mind: If your RV fridge is struggling to keep up in hot weather, consider installing one of the best RV refrigerator fans to help it cool!

Use Portable Fans

Finally, it’s also worth investing in portable fans. Because you won’t have much storage space in an RV, you’ll want these to be lightweight and relatively small. You can find small portable fans from Ryobi and use the lithium batteries you have for your drills and other tools. Some of their larger Ryobi fans can generate an incredible amount of air.

RYOBI ONE+ 18V Cordless Hybrid WHISPER SERIES 7-1/2 in. Fan (Tool Only), GREEN (PCL811B)
  • ONE+ 18V Cordless Hybrid WHISPER SERIES 7-1/2 in. Fan (Tool Only)
  • Hybrid Technology: Use With Any ONE+ Battery or Extension Cord

Is Kool RV Worth It?

We’re fans of anything that makes it easier to stay cool and enjoy camping. The Kool RV can be worth it, especially if you’re like most people and do most of your camping during the summer. Stop losing sleep and sweating through your shirts while inside your camper.

Have you used Kool RV? Do you think it’s worth it? 

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  1. I love this product, there is no other product out right now, that will improve air flow in your recreational vehicle like this product. This is not a one size fits all, you should check the make , model and serial number of your AC unit. Then match one up on KoolRV website , if you have questions and you are not sure contact them. They reply pretty quickly to messages.

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