5 Best Dinner Ideas for Your Blackstone Griddle

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It’s time to give your stove, oven, and grill a break. The Blackstone griddle is here to help you whip up some amazingly delicious and easy meals, often in just a few minutes. We’ve put together our list of the five best Blackstone dinner ideas that the whole family will love!

What’s the Hype with the Blackstone Griddle? 

You may have heard of Blackstone griddles and wondered what all the fuss is about. These wonderful devices combine the best parts of a restaurant cooktop and a grill.

Blackstones fold up for easy transportation and run on propane so that you can cook just about anywhere. 

The griddle gives you a massive, evenly heated cook surface. This affords you a ton of room to work and helps minimize the mess by limiting you to one surface to clean.

The wide griddle surface is also great for ensuring maximum contact for your food. For just a few hundred dollars (depending on size and extra features), you can add a tremendously valuable item to your on-the-go or outside cooking arsenal.

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Tips for Cooking on the Blackstone Griddle

Cooking on a Blackstone isn’t too different, but a few tips can ensure you get the tastiest result. First, you’ll want to make sure you have the right equipment. That old, battle-tested grill spatula may have been fine before, but great griddle recipes will benefit from the right tools and accessories

Second, keep in mind the difference between how a griddle cooks compared to other methods. The heat only comes from below, so you may need to cover your food with heat-safe covers or pans to help keep the air above the food warm. 

Finally, since many recipes move pretty quickly once your items are on the grill, it’s best to do as much prep work ahead of time as possible. That extra bit of slicing or portioning will make dinnertime a breeze.  Now, lets get into the these delicious Blackstone dinner ideas!

1. Blackstone Griddle Chicken Fajitas

Sizzling, flavorful fajitas take advantage of the strengths of your Blackstone griddle.

Up to 24 hours before dinner, mix up your marinade and add the chicken thighs.

When you’re ready to cook, get your griddle sizzling hot, add some oil, and toss on the chunks of chicken. They’ll start to develop a nice brown crust.

After a few minutes, flip them and cover them with a heat-safe disposable aluminum pan. This will help make sure your chicken cooks thoroughly without burning on the outside.

While your chicken finishes, heat a bit more oil on another part of the griddle and begin cooking your sliced peppers and onions.

Cover these as well, and a few minutes later, you can add your chicken and veggies to a flour tortilla, toss on your favorite toppings, and enjoy! This is one of the more healthy options when it comes to our Blackstone dinner ideas.

Person with gloves on cooking fajitas on a griddle. This recipe is a a great Blackstone dinner ideas.

2. Blackstone Griddle Steak Quesadillas

This is one of the most straightforward Blackstone dinner ideas but also one of the most delicious. Griddle Steak Quesadillas requires just five ingredients, including the oil for your griddle.

Start by heating your griddle, add some oil to your cooking area, and cook your steak. Sprinkle on seasonings of your choice, then flip. 

Next, lay out your tortillas on the other parts of the griddle and top them with cheese, meat, and another tortilla.

Cover the quesadillas so the cheese can melt, and cook for a few minutes more.

After a quick flip to brown the top side, you’re done. That’s it! 

3. Blackstone Griddle Chicken Phillies

For a twist on a griddle classic, try these chicken phillies. Essentially just a cheesesteak with chicken swapped for the usual beef, this is one of the more easy-to-make Blackstone dinner ideas and is guaranteed to hit the spot. 

Start by oiling up two separate cook areas on your griddle. Add your chicken and veggies in separate piles.

Add your seasonings and cook for a few minutes, stirring as necessary to make sure every bit gets some time in direct contact with the griddle.

Once you cook your chicken and veggies, combine them and add your garlic and banana peppers for an extra flavor punch. 

Divide this mixture into however many portions you need, and top each with two slices of cheese.

Turn off your griddle, let the residual heat melt the cheese over your meat and veggie mixture, and serve on a bun or sub roll. 

4. Smash Burgers on the Blackstone Griddle

Most hamburgers are good, but a well-cooked smash burger is hard to beat. Simply divide your meat into quarter-pound portions and roll into balls.

Use your spatula to smash the balls down into thin patties on the griddle. This allows the burgers to get maximum contact with the griddle surface, creating those wonderful crispy bits and speeding up your cook time.

Your burgers will finish in less than five minutes! This is one of the quickest Blackstone dinner ideas, making it perfect for larger groups.

Of course, burgers are endlessly customizable. Experiment with a variety of cheeses and other toppings to create the burger of your dreams.

For a fast and family-friendly Blackstone dinner idea, this is one of your best bets.

Person holding a plate of cooked burgers, a great Blackstone dinner ideas.

5. Blackstone Griddle Ribeye Steak and Mushrooms

A recipe doesn’t need to be complicated to be delicious. Few Blackstone dinner ideas are simpler than this ribeye steak and mushrooms.

Preheat and oil your griddle, then add your steaks. Leave them alone for about five minutes. It can be tempting to fiddle with them, but letting them remain perfectly still will help develop a delicious, flavorful crust.

Flip and continue cooking, turning as necessary to make sure every side and edge sears well. 

When your steaks are a few minutes from being done, melt some butter and cook your seasoned mushrooms with your herbs.

All that’s left is to top your steaks with your mushrooms and dig in. This is a steakhouse-quality meal that you can whip up anywhere from the backyard to the campsite!

Which Blackstone Dinner Idea Are You Trying?

These Blackstone dinner ideas will help you make the most of your powerful griddle and please even the pickiest of eaters. Not dinner yet? Check out our breakfast and lunch ideas for your Blackstone.

Experiment with these recipes, learn the principles behind them, and use them to expand your cooking skills. What are some of your favorite griddle dinner ideas?

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  1. We also love stir-frying veggies and mushrooms; scrambling eggs with one’s choice of breakfast meats; asparagus and onions…and the list goes on.

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