How Does the Hydraulic HWH Leveling System Work?

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Do you own an RV? If so, you know that leveling is a must, especially when camping on uneven ground. But how do you do that without constantly tweaking your manual jacks? The answer is the HWH hydraulic leveling system.

Read on, and we’ll explain just what an HWH hydraulic leveling system is and how it can greatly improve your RVing experience. We’ll also give you a few troubleshooting tips to help you out in a pinch.

About HWH Corporation

HWH Corporation is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic leveling systems and hydraulic slide-outs for RVs. A pioneer of RV leveling systems, HWH is headquartered in Moscow, Iowa.

The company began in 1967 as a producer of hydraulic components for the agricultural industry. Realizing there was a need for hydraulics in the RV industry, it soon became a leading supplier in that market.

HWH supplies leveling systems and slideouts to numerous RV manufacturers. It also produces hydraulic fluid and bed lifts, leveling systems, and slideouts. Additionally, HWH provides parts and services for its products.

The HWH factory in Iowa with green fields in front and a large buildings in the background
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About the HWH Leveling Systems

The HWH leveling system helps to level an RV when it’s parked. It’s operated by a control panel located inside the RV.

When the RV is parked, the HWH system uses hydraulics to level it side-to-side and front-to-back.

This makes it easier to set up camp, and it also helps prevent the RV from rocking back and forth while people are moving around inside.

The HWH system also lowers the RV when it’s time to hit the road. This allows for a smoother ride and helps to protect the RV from damage. 

A leveled motorhome using the HWH Leveling System

How Does the HWH Hydraulic Leveling System Work? 

The HWH hydraulic leveling system uses a series of tanks, pumps, and hoses to raise and lower the RV on its leveling jacks.

It can be operated automatically or manually from the control panel. There’s also a series of sensors to determine the level of the RV.

Once the RV is level, the HWH system will maintain it, even if the ground underneath shifts because of weather, soft soil, or other factors.

It periodically uses the sensors to check the level and make adjustments. This ensures that the RV remains level, no matter the terrain.

HWH Leveling System Troubleshooting

Any electronic or mechanical system can fail. So knowing a few simple troubleshooting techniques can go a long way toward avoiding a disastrous situation.

This is particularly true with equipment such as a leveling system or slide-outs. You need to be able to retract leveling jacks or slide-out rooms before you can move your rig.

Let’s take a look at three of the most common troubleshooting issues you might face with your leveling jacks or slide-outs.

How Do I Reset My HWH Leveling System? 

If the level of your RV seems off and the system can’t adjust it appropriately, you may need to reset the HWH leveling system. Luckily, this is a straightforward process.

First, make sure you park in a completely flat area. Then, if yours is one of the systems that uses air, release all of it from the system.

Locate and press the “Auto Leveling” button on the control panel inside your RV. Hold the button down for about 10 to 15 seconds, at which point the system should begin to reset. The process includes retracting the leveling jacks.

Once the system has reset, you need to manually level your RV and save the setting. This gives the HWH leveling system a target so that it knows what you consider level for your rig.

Moving forward, it uses this reference point to make adjustments when automatically leveling your RV.

The HWH Leveling System pad system
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How Do You Manually Retract HWH Leveling Jacks? 

As with any automated system, it’s good to know the manual process of retracting your HWH leveling jacks.

This can come in handy if you blow a fuse or encounter some other issue that stops your system from doing it automatically, and you need to move your RV.

Each of the HWH solenoids – one for each leveling jack – should have a white tab on it. You simply flip that tab 90 degrees to release the pressure, allowing the jack to retract.

Your HWH leveling system troubleshooting manual should also layout this process with easy-to-follow instructions. It can also help you to locate the solenoids on your particular setup.

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HWH Leveling employees setup in a booth at an RV show looking at the presentation on the screen behind them
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How Do You Manually Retract HWH Hydraulic Slide Out?

You can manually retract most HWH hydraulic slide-outs if there’s a system failure. Some have a built-in retraction system, while others retract with additional equipment, such as a winch.

However, smaller slide-outs might simply be pushed back in by hand after opening the solenoid valves.

It’s important to note that HWH highly recommends retracting your leveling jacks whenever possible before retracting the slide-out.

If you have more than one slide-out room, it’s necessary to locate which extend and retract solenoid valves are associated with the room that you are trying to retract. This information should be in your troubleshooting manual.

If you have trouble figuring it out, HWH indicates that it’s permissible to open the valves for all rooms.

Before you retract the room, whether by pushing it in or using an attached device, you must first open both the extend and retract solenoid valves to the slide-out room.

If the valves have a release cam, simply flip it to the open position. Be careful not to move the cam in the wrong direction. That could damage the valve. 

For valves that utilize a release nut, open the valve by turning the nut counterclockwise. Don’t turn the nut more than four and a half times, as this could damage the valve. When you close the valve, turn the nut until it is snug. Do not over-tighten the nut.

After opening the extend and retract valves, you can manually retract the slide-out room.

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Where Can I Find HWH Leveling System Aftermarket Products?

HWH sells several aftermarket products, such as its leveling system. These are available at a number of RV dealers and repair centers across the United States and Canada. 

There are also replacement parts available for many HWH leveling systems via dealers and online outlets such as Amazon.

Stay Level in Your RV With an HWH Leveling System

Sure, you can constantly set up jacks that you have to manually crank every time you move your RV or if you need to adjust the level. You can also stack and slide blocks, playing a dangerous game of Jenga, trying to find the perfect combination to find a level position for your rig.

Or you could simply use an HWH leveling system, which automates the process and fine-tunes the level of your rig.

Get the most out of your RV travel and stay level with an HWH leveling system.

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