How to Plan an RV Trip to the Florida Keys

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Who wouldn’t want to take an RV trip to the Florida Keys? The Keys are beautiful at any time of year and make a great vacation destination for RVers! 

Since it’s such a popular destination, an RV trip will take more planning than just packing up and heading out. So, we wanted to offer our best tips to help you plan and prepare. 

How to Plan an RV Trip to the Florida Keys

Planning and preparation name the game when planning a successful RV trip to the Florida Keys. Once you have a clear action plan, you can focus on just enjoying your trip! Here are the top things to prepare. 

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Booking Your Campsites

First thing’s first: Book your campsites. There are many RV parks and campgrounds in the Florida Keys, but they fill up fast. You may need to book a campsite well in advance, depending on the time of year you’re planning to stay. Usually, planning allows you to meet any budgetary needs as well. 

Winter in Florida is the busiest time because many visitors go to escape the cold weather. Because of this, you can expect to pay premium rates at RV campgrounds and have a much harder time finding bookings. Try to book a winter campsite several months in advance and check the Florida State Park website the second the booking window opens. 

Think about booking campsites you’ll need along the way too. If you’re just heading straight to the Keys, you could try free overnight parking at places like Walmart to save some money. If you’re taking your time, scope out resorts or comfortable RV parks en route to the Keys. 

Planning Your Route

Google and Apple Maps don’t always provide the best routes for RVs; they just give you the fastest way to any destination. And sometimes, they lead RVers astray! 

When planning your route, stick to RV-friendly roads. Some apps, like RV Trip Wizard, can help you scout out the best routes.  

You could also reach out to the RV community for travel advice. If you have questions about a certain highway, road, bridge height, or intersection, try asking on different RV forums or Facebook groups. Never underestimate the power of the online RVing community! 

A truck and fifth wheel driving across a long bridge. When planning your RV trip to florida keys, expect a lot of bridges!

Getting Around in the Keys

Once you’re in the Keys, you’ll need a way to get around. It’s easy if you’re towing a car behind your RV or are towing a travel trailer or 5th wheel. 

If you don’t have a tow vehicle, you could rent a car. If you only want to stay on one island, you may have success getting around on foot or via an e-bike.  

Planning Your Florida Keys Daily Itinerary

Planning a daily itinerary is optional, but if you want to make the most of your limited time in the Keys, it’s very helpful! 

Research the places you’ll stay and what you can experience nearby. Make a list of the places you’d like to visit the most and plan them into your trip. 

Try not to be too rigid in your planning. You’ll have the best experience if you have a general idea of what you’d like to do, but always leave room and time for spontaneity! It’s nice to go with the flow and understand that things can change at a moment’s notice. 

a large painted cement block that says it's the southernmost point in the US.

Renting an RV or Using Your Own for Your RV Trip to the Florida Keys

Should you rent an RV for a trip to the Florida Keys? Or should you bring your own? If you have an RV, the obvious answer is to bring your own! You’ll save significantly. 

But if you live across the country, you might prefer to fly in and rent an RV. Remember to book your RV rental many months in advance if traveling during the on-season along with your campgrounds. 

Planning Is Essential for an RV Trip to the Florida Keys

In conclusion, planning and preparation will remove much of the stress and overwhelm from your Florida Keys RV trip. 

It’s a top-rated RVing destination, so booking your campsites and rentals well ahead of time is “key”… pun intended! .

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