How Tall Is a Truck Camper Off Your Truck?

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truck camper off truck with a measuring stick next to it

Truck campers offer lodging that travels with drivers to places typical RVs can’t. But these ‘rodeo campers’ are somewhat deceiving in their appearance. Many are taller than owners may realize, getting them into some trouble with low clearances

We want to share how to measure these utilitarian beasts to give you peace of mind at the gas station or as you drive under an overpass. So, how tall are truck campers off the truck?

What Is a Truck Camper? 

A truck camper, also known as a slide-in camper, is an RV that sits inside a truck bed. These small rigs usually have a bed or two, a dinette, and a kitchen area.

Many also have a wet bath, and some newer models have outside showers. Because a truck camper doesn’t have wheels, you carry it in the truck’s bed. Many states don’t require licenses for them, considering them more like cargo.

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Can You Camp in Truck Camper Off the Truck?

Yes, truck campers have four jacks that act as legs, holding the camper off the ground when not on the vehicle.

In fact, most jacks can lower the rig to the ground.

If supported well by the jacks, you can stay in the camper when it is not on a truck, using it like you would any other RV.

A truck camper being used at the beach after being measured off the truck to see how tall it is.

How Tall Is a Truck Camper Off Your Truck?

How tall are truck campers off a truck? Most manufactured today measure 94” to 106” tall, from the bottom of the rig to the top.

This does not include the height of the truck, and the figures will vary depending on the ground level and jack extensions.

These figures include air conditioners or fan vents on the camper’s roof.

Pro Tip: Even if you don’t own a truck camper, it is important to know how tall your RV is before you hit the road.

How to Measure Your Truck Camper Height Off Your Truck

To know how tall your truck camper is off your truck, measure the height of the bed from the ground up. Then add the size of the camper.

But here’s a step-by-step process to get those figures so you can safely pass under gas station awnings and overpasses when traveling.

1. Park on a Level Surface 

To start the process of measuring, park your truck with its camper on a level hard surface, like a flat driveway or parking lot.

2. Unload Your Truck Camper and Level It 

You will then need to unload your camper. First, separate it from the truck by extending the four jacks to lift the rig.

Unplug the electric cord from the vehicle before backing out. 

Then shorten the jacks until the lowest part of the camper touches the ground.

3. Get on Your Roof and Measure to the Ground

From the top of the camper, measure to the ground.

You can best do this from the roof with two people to get a more accurate measurement.

Plus, you will need to be on it for the next step.

4. Measure Your Air Conditioner (Or Tallest Accessory on Your Roof) 

Most truck campers have an air conditioner unit on the roof or a fan vent.

You may even have a satellite dish or television antenna to consider.

You don’t need to measure them all, just the tallest one. 

A truck camper off the truck to see how tall it is.

5. Add A/C Measurement and Truck Camper Measurement 

Simple math comes into play here. Add the roof accessory measurement to the height of the truck camper.

The sum will total the height of your truck camper from the bottom to the highest piece of equipment on the roof.

6. Repeat With Truck Camper Loaded to Get Your Driving Height 

Finally, load your truck camper into the truck’s bed by first raising the four jacks above the level of the truck bed. Then slowly back the vehicle up to the rig, aligning the center of the bed with the camper’s center. 

If the rig has an electric cord that plugs into the front of the bed, stop to plug it in. Now continue backward until the camper fits snugly into the bed. Lower all jacks until it sits in the bed. Next, attach all tie-downs. 

Now measure the entire configuration from the ground to the top of the highest roof accessory to get your driving height.

This will be the figure you need to commit to memory and compare with low clearance bridges, awnings, and overpasses as you travel.

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A truck camper on the road after being measured off the truck to see how tall it is.

How High Do Truck Camper Jacks Go? 

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Most truck camper jacks have to extend from ground level to 48” for clearance in truck beds.

You may have manually-operate jacks or electric ones with a handy wireless remote.

And they should always sit on a jack pad or slab of wood for stability to keep them from sinking into dirt or sand.

Know How Tall Your Truck Camper Is On and Off Your Truck

Truck campers are the workhorses of the RV industry. Even without an engine, they can get you just about anywhere you want to camp. But knowing the height of your camper on and off your truck is imperative as you explore the country.

Don’t overlook the importance of knowing your numbers when you pull in to fuel up or when parking in an oversized garage. They just might keep you from flatlining.

Do you know how tall your truck camper is off your truck?

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