Add the Hocus Pocus House to Your Halloween Bucket List

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View of the hocus pocus house
Source: Airbnb/Helynn Ospina

Everyone seems to be raving about the release of “Hocus Pocus 2”.

The Sanderson sisters have returned to wreak havoc on modern-day Salem after two young women played around with magic.

But did you know you can actually visit the Hocus Pocus house? It’s true! Let’s learn more about its location and how you can rent a night’s stay – if you dare!

What Is the Hocus Pocus House?

The cottage the Sanderson sisters lived in is an actual house in Danvers, Mass.

The old, creaky cottage seems untouched by time. The Hocus Pocus house doesn’t have a full bathroom, but there’s an outhouse located within steps of the cottage.

There’s no air conditioning, kitchen, or television. However, if you’re looking to stay here, you’re more interested in the cobwebs, smoking cauldron, and enchantment of the house itself. There are two bedrooms with two beds and a half bathroom.

Where Is the Hocus Pocus House?

Nestled in the woods of eastern Massachusetts, the Hocus Pocus house is located just outside of Salem in Danvers.

It’s a short 20-minute drive. Wenham, Middleton, Lynfield, Peabody, and Beverly surround Danvers. Boston is about 45 minutes south of the town, and the popular beaches of Gloucester are about a 20-minute drive to the east.

View inside the hocus pocus house
Source: Airbnb/Helynn Ospina

How Much Does It Cost to Stay in the Hocus Pocus House?

Booking opened on October 12 on Airbnb at a $31/night rate. Usually, no pets or young children are allowed, and since the cottage only sleeps two people, no parties or events are permitted.

Guests must be over age 18 and have a history of positive reviews on Airbnb in order to rent the Hocus Pocus house.

How to Rent the Hocus Pocus House

Whoever was the fastest to the booking button got an exclusive stay at the Hocus Pocus house on Thursday, October 20.

Prospective visitors had to make reservations through Airbnb. It was only available for that night. 

The bedroom inside the hocus pocus house
Source: Airbnb/Helynn Ospina

What Are the Perks of Staying at the Hocus Pocus House?

Staying in the Hocus Pocus house is exciting enough. But there’s more. Whoever stays will be welcomed by the bubbling cauldron, a personal broomstick, the Black Flame Candle, and the Manual of Witchcraft and Alchemy.

The guests can curiously walk on the creaking wooden boards, dodge cobwebs, and explore cupboards filled with owl’s blood and hair from Winifred’s head.

They will provide all meals. In addition, the guests will enjoy a special screening of “Hocus Pocus 2” and have the opportunity to explore the city of Salem. It will certainly be a night to remember.

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Other Locations You Can Visit From the Hocus Pocus Movie

If you’re the lucky guest who reserves the Hocus Pocus House, there are several other locations from the popular movie that you can also visit during your stay.

And if you don’t have the fastest fingers, you can still stroll the streets of Salem and take those selfies in front of these famous places.

Max & Dani’s House

Address: 4 Ocean Ave, Salem, MA 

This is private property, but the owners don’t mind visitors snapping a few photos outside their residence.

You can imagine Max’s top floor bedroom inside and the steps leading up to the lookout at the very top of the house. Remember the stream of light bursting out of the top?

Allison’s House

Address: 318 Essex St, Salem, MA

This landmark near the Hocus Pocus house, owned by the Peabody Essex Museum, is open to the public. Some say it’s haunted, so only the brave may choose to enter.

Visitors can relive the party scene where the rich people gathered for Halloween. There is no admission cost.

View of Allison's House from the Hocus Pocus movie
Source: Peabody Essex Museum

Thackery Binx’s Village

Address: Pioneer Village at Forest River Park, 98 West Ave, Salem, MA

Salem’s Pioneer Village is a museum that’s open to the public. Built in the 1930’s, it recreates life in the puritan years.

Guided tours are provided if you’d like to walk the same grounds as Thackery Binx when he went darting through the village to find his sister, Emily. Admission is $5 per person.

Old Burial Hill

Address: Marblehead, MA

The history of this burial site dates back to 1638. But its popularity stems from the scene in Hocus Pocus when Max rides his bicycle through the cemetery.

He has a brief encounter with the town bullies, Jay and ICE, who take his new cross-trainer shoes.

Salem’s Old Town Hall

Address: 32 Derby Square, Salem, MA

Now a museum for all things Salem witchcraft, the Old Town Hall is the location where Winifred Sanderson sang “I Put A Spell On You.”

You might remember Max and Dani’s mother wearing her Madonna costume to the town Halloween ball.

View of Salem's old town hall near the hocus pocus house

Phillips Elementary School

Address: 86 Essex St, Salem, MA

It might be a little creepy to walk the dark halls of Phillips Elementary School if visitors were allowed inside. It’s no longer in use and isn’t open to the public, but the school served as John Bailey High School in “Hocus Pocus.”

Remember the scene when Max, Allison, Dani, and Binx think they’ve won after they burned the Sanderson sisters inside the school’s furnace? Today, the school is used as a filming location.

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Stay at the Sanderson Sisters’ Cottage This October If You Dare

If you desire the magical enchantment and mystical witchcraft of the Sanderson sisters, there’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to book the Hocus Pocus house this October.

They will open the cottage for one night for guests to relive the scenes from the popular movie.

In addition, the history of Salem and numerous other famous filming locations are only a few minutes down the road. But this visit is only for the brave. 

Are you willing to take the dare to enter the abode of the evil Sanderson sisters?

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