Colorful RV Halloween Decorations: Spectacular Campsite Fun!

No matter where you are in the US, RV Halloween decorations are a fun activity to partake in! In many parts of the country, Halloween weekend is the prime camping weekend of the year. For some, it’s the Grand Finale weekend of camping, and for those in the South, it’s the beginning of the season. But either way, enjoying the perfect temperatures in most camping areas is vital!

Many campgrounds are also known for having fun with RV Halloween decorations during this spooky time of year. Below are some ideas if you want to get in the Halloween spirit. And from what we can see, there is never “overkill” for camping Halloween decor.

RV Halloween Decoration Ideas

Of course, decide on a look or theme to maximize your storage and budget. Are you more cute smiley pumpkins and fuzzy black stuffed kittens? Are you just orange and black everything? Or are you more a bloody, scary, haunted house type? Ghosts and goblins?

Depending on if you go upscale classy Fall harvest or spend a bundle on animatronic skeletons and witches, there is an RV Halloween decorations look to fit your rig. To get the biggest bang for your buck, look for larger scale items that can be spaced around your RV or trailer and build upon the look with other additions. 

A fun take on RV halloween decorations: a Prowler travel trailer with orange string lights and a lot of blowup ghosts in the yard.
Photo courtesy of Amber Urmston at the Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park

Golf Cart Halloween Decoration Ideas

While RV Halloween decorations are a blast, don’t forget your golf cart! If you’re in a resort location, many times, the golf cart is the moving billboard for your theme, and since more people see it, go wild! You can get solar or battery lights, decorate with orange and black banners and bunting, or even with cheesecloth ‘spiderwebs” or draped material to look like a mummy! 

Putting jack o’ lantern eyes and mouth on the front of your cart can be fun or scary, and you can find large scale blow-up lawn decor that can be attached to the roof of your cart if you have room! Wrapping the roof supports with decorations can add a festive touch, and if you have a windshield or zip-up cover, you can add window clings to have ghosts and scary eyes staring out. Why not have a scarecrow or skeleton riding shotgun?

Easy RV Haunted House Decorations

If you choose a haunted house theme for your RV, think about making it look like a house. A “fence” can be made out of lawn edging (garden stuff is on sale this time of year), and it can be painted and distressed to look old. Adding cobwebs or a scary black branch tree can add the ambiance to your “yard.” You can make a pathway with rugs and then put your cemetery headstones, grave decorations, body parts, or moving animatronic living dead people!! 

RV Halloween Decorations on a Budget

RV Halloween decorations don’t have to cost a lot. Dollar stores are always a great place to look for festive items on a budget; garage sales and thrift stores are also good options to shop for slightly used foam jack o’ lanterns, lawn signs, and even material to make curtains, destructed ghosts, decayed mummies and more. You can find outfits for scarecrows and even Halloween or fall-themed home decor items and kitchenware. Why pay full price when you can get them for less and even help a charity? Then you also don’t worry about wear and tear at the campground. Have fun, and don’t forget to get your costume while you are there!

Best RV Halloween Decorations Ideas

Spook Up Your Lights

Lights have come a long way over the years. Small “Christmas” lights come in orange and black now, and battery and solar options are everywhere. Halloween lights come in pumpkins, ghosts, witch hats, spiders, and other themed options. Some blink and change colors! Pick lights to add the ambiance to your look and figure out if you have enough electric hookups or if you want to spice up your rig or your boondocking situation with battery-powered options. You can also use battery tea lights inside jack o’ lanterns and make luminaria type bags for jack o’ lanterns or ghost options.

A minimal take on RV halloween decorations: a Motorhome with blue string lights and three orange lightup pumpkins.

Decorate Your Food

Pinterest has great ideas for Halloween themed food with spider cupcakes, appetizers that look like fingers, ghost cheese balls, spooky cauldrons of soup, and more. The presentation is everything! Spook up your food with toy spiders, plastic mice, random skeleton “bones,” and more.

Spice Up Your Linens

The food table is always an attraction, and using Halloween theme tablecloths, napkins, plates, and serving ware can add some fun. From the disposable kind to more upscale fall colored tableware, there is an option from cute to classy to spooky to keep the mood going through dinner time.

Get Crafty With Pumpkins

While real pumpkins can be great, they are also heavy and hard to travel with. If you want to have a carving party, bring enough for that activity (don’t forget to roast the seeds!), but you can also decorate with the lighter weight foam pumpkins that are easily found at any home decor store and even some dollar stores. These come in many colors now and can be painted, pinned, costumed, and more to get just the right look.

Silhouette Decals in Your Windows

When it comes to RV Halloween decorations, a lightweight and space-saving decor idea is to make use of window clings. Many options abound here, from skeletons and cartoon animals to very lifelike zombies and dead people with holographic eyes that seem to follow you. Black cats can add a touch of whimsy, and full window sheets can make your rig look like an old abandoned house! Some people go all out and wrap the entire trailer!

Spook Up Your Campsite with Yard Decorations

Yard decor is a lot of bang for the buck. The giant blow-up decorations will fill your campsite and give a “wow” factor to your theme, but make sure you have space! Giant pumpkins, lifesize animal skeletons, and plastic blow molds can set the theme for the holiday. Check the sales after the holiday for next year’s additions, and don’t forget rope and weights to tie them down. Nothing is as exciting as chasing a giant blow-up pumpkin across the campground.

Pictured RV halloween decorations: Giant blowup carved pumpkin with orange string lights and a Grand Design Solitude RV in the backgound
Photo courtesy of Ricardo Veiga at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground

Get creative with you RV Halloween decorations at the campground. Make the most of your Halloween weekend camping with a theme, and don’t forget the trick or treat candy!

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