The Two Things That Are Stopping You from Full-Time RV Living

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We absolutely love living in an RV! Full-time RV living offers a unique opportunity to travel wherever you want. A house and a considerable mortgage don’t tie you down. But for some, the transition can seem terrifying. Let’s discuss the limiting beliefs holding you back from living a life of adventure via full-time RV living and discuss how to overcome them.

What Is Full-Time RV Living? 

Full-time RV living is pretty much how it sounds. Rather than residing in a house, full-time RVers live in their RVs. Some opt for stationary RV living, but most choose RVing for the freedom. This means they can go where they want when they want. 

What could be better than that?!

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What Stops Most People from Full-Time RV Living

If there weren’t some challenges to full-time RV living, everyone would do it. The truth is that many people are scared to make the jump. Here are some things that might hold you back. 

1. Your Current Situation

Your current situation and the logistics of taking life on the road might hold you back. Here’s a bit more on what we mean by that. 

Your Home and Possessions

Most people have a house. Even if you don’t own a home, you probably rent one or live in an apartment. Wherever you are, you likely have roots and probably too much stuff. 

It’s easy to accumulate possessions but not so easy to get rid of them. After all, some items have sentimental or monetary value, and downsizing to full-time RV living might be too big of a jump. 

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Logistics of Kids, School, and Work

Most people have to work. The logistics of full-time RV-living are complicated if you have a job that requires in-person attendance. However, if you put your mind to it, there are plenty of remote work opportunities out there. You may indeed need to change careers or even start your own business, but a job shouldn’t hold you back. It all depends on your priorities. 

Another challenge is kids. Even if you decide to roadschool, it’s no simple task. Plus, the thought of cramming an entire family into a small space might feel overwhelming or impossible. 

However, this brings us to our next point. 

2. Your Mindset

Thoughts can be a colossal holdup. Society tells us a particular lifestyle is best, the thing that makes us “successful.” However, when you challenge that, you can grow!

Here are some tips to help change your mindset and achieve your dreams of hitting the road. 

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Anything Is Possible If You Put Your Mind to It

Most people never imagine full-time RV living. If you’re thinking about it, it won’t happen unless you make it!

Don’t be someone who looks back on life and says, “I wish I would have.” Be the person who says, “I’m so glad I did!”  

Commit to making a plan that lets you just go for it. This could mean getting (or creating) a new job, planning to homeschool kids, or selling most of your possessions.

The tasks seem overwhelming at first, but if you take it one step at a time, you might be surprised at the results!

We had to deal with many of these challenges, just like you. We tackled them head-on and came out better for it! Now, our life is full of adventure with no regrets so far! 

Break It Down into Manageable Steps

Transitioning to full-time RV living is a process. You can’t downsize, find a new job, and start homeschooling your kids all at once. 

The best way to meet your RV life goals is to break them down into steps. When you accomplish one step, motivation will start to kick in. Soon, your minor changes will add up and allow you to take the road less traveled. 

Join Online RVing Communities

You can find inspiration and encouragement by joining online RV communities packed with full-time RVers. You can see all the different ways people have made full-time RV living work for them. No two stories are exactly alike, so you can consider many possibilities. 

Another fantastic thing about RVing is that most RVers are helpful and excited to share ideas to help you join the community. If you have questions, you can often find answers from these online communities in all stages of life. 

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Full-Time RV Living Is Attainable

When you talk to most RVers, they wouldn’t have it any other way. You’ll live life differently and have experiences most people only dream of. So go out there and make it happen. 

Changing domicile, downsizing your home, saying goodbye to family and friends, finding health insurance, transitioning your pets are just a few things you need to think about as you prepare to hit the road. If you know you have a lot to do but don’t know where to start, the RV Masterclass Preparing to Full-Time RV Course has you covered!

This course is extremely detailed and helps you with every facet of transitioning to RV living. You can cut down on hours of research since the instructors have already done it all for you. If you’d like to learn more, read about the full course here.

Carve Your Own Path

If you’ve been thinking about full-time RV living, we hope these insights have helped. Just because “everyone else” seems to be buying houses and settling down doesn’t mean you have to. No matter where you are on your journey, you can break out of societal expectations and carve your path to a successful and fulfilling life. 

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