Grand Design Solitude vs Keystone Montana (Which One is Right For You)

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Grand Design Solitude VS Keystone Montana

When looking for a full-time RVing fifth wheel, Grand Design Solitude VS Keystone Montana is always brought up. But which one is right for you and your family?

Let’s dive into some features for both companies!

Grand Design Solitude vs Keystone Montana Features

Grand Design Solitude Features

The Grand Design Solitude comes with many positive features. The company advertises its Solitude for full-time RVers for many reasons. Those include:

  • Four season RV – meaning insulation everywhere. From the roof to the floor, and the gooseneck to the baggage doors. 
  • Heated underbelly and heated storage bays. 
  • Fully laminated walls with rigid foam insulation that won’t settle over time leaving uninsulated air gaps. The Solitude was tested from 0 to 110 degrees and is guaranteed to maintain a comfortable living temperature.
  • Heating ducts are not on the floor, but rather the side walls. Meaning no stepping on cold metal or having your duct collect dirt.
  • Every Grand Design RV comes with a 3-year limited structural warranty. 
  • Will not void warranty if you full-time RV.
  • Freshwater capacity around 90 gallons, depending on the RV.

Keystone Montana Features

The Keystone Montana comes with similar advantages to Grand Design, but not all. Keystone advertises its Montanas to full-timers as well and some of their advantages include:

  • Color-coded wiring for easy troubleshooting.
  • “True-fit’ slideout construction that reduces structural stress and minimizes leaking.
  • Double insulated rear wall for optimal comfort. 
  • Keystone also offers a 3-year limited structural warranty. 
  • They offer a “champagne” decor option, which includes much lighter interior options for furniture and cupboards.
  • Freshwater capacity around 66 gallons, depending on the RV.

Feature Comparison

When you compare the overall features above, Grand Design offers larger tank capacities, more clever design for comfort, and better insulation. However, Keystone does offer a lighter interior package and some of their floorplans have more carrying capacity. With more RVers demanding lighter interiors, this change alone has brought in new customers for Keystone.

Grand Design Solitude vs Keystone Montana with RV in a campground and view of the mountains

Grand Design Solitude vs Keystone Montana Floorplans

The Grand Design Solitude comes in 15 various floor plans to suit your long-term living needs.  Similarly, the Keystone Montana comes in 20 different floor plans. Whichever brand you choose, you’ll find a floor plan to meet the specifics on your wishlist.  

Grand Design boasts that the Solitude is the most spacious extended stay fifth wheel ever built. For instance, they offer tall ceilings, taller and deeper cabinets, scenic window areas, and a 6’ 8” slideout, it is truly spacious and feels like a place you could easily call home. The quality of the craftsmanship has been a huge selling point for Grand Design and most Solitude owners will tell you that was one of the major reasons for choosing Grand Design.

Grand Design Solitude vs Keystone Montana Customer Service

The Keystone Montana has been the #1 selling luxury fifth wheel for nearly 15 years. In other words, this company has longevity going for it. However, Grand Design is only 8 years young and started with a blank canvas to do things differently within the RV industry. In other words, they were able to set their own path.

One major differentiator is being extremely customer-focused. Grand Design has put a huge emphasis on customer service as they grow. They have opened a state of the art customer care center- staffed to service their growing customer base.

Growing responsibly and investing in our customers’ experience after the sale is one of the cornerstones that distinguishes us from the typical RV manufacturer.” – Don Clark, President, and CEO of Grand Design RV. 

On the other hand, Keystone has far more negative reviews when it comes to customer service. Keystone is a much larger company and it appears customer satisfaction may have fallen by the wayside.

While you will find good and bad reviews on both companies, Grand Design has made it a clear mission that customer service is a key pillar in their company while Keystone has not.

Grand Design Solitude vs Keystone Montana

Grand Design Solitude vs Keystone Montana Cost

The Grand Design Solitude is “affordable luxury” and comes with a $100,000 approximate price tag. This number can be higher or lower, depending on the floor plan and added extras. Ordering a custom unit will increase your price and buying something off the lot will decrease it.

The Keystone Montana has a very similar price tag, with the MSRP for Montanas ranging from $97,000 to $101,000 on their website. If you order a Montana with all of the bells as whistles, you will be looking at a higher number. However, if you buy off the lot, you will get something cheaper.

Our negotiation tips for getting the best price should help you, no matter what company you go with. Additionally, there are certain times of the year that are best for buying an RV.


All in all, the price tags are very similar for these two companies. But when it comes to the important features, the value is really there for Grand Design. For the same price, you will get slightly better build quality with far superior customer service.

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  1. We looked at both rigs too. We ended up with a Montana for many reasons over the solitude. A couple of big ones, The whisper quiet air conditioning in the Montana’s, The level up control panel located in a separate door, light switches and outlets not on the bottom of cabinets, The trim be much nicer in the Montana and reason the heating ducts are in the floor, more air movement and quieter. In another word, it’s more efficient without added aluma flex ducting to route it up to cabinets. There is a reason it’s been the best selling 5th wheel for 18 plus years.

  2. What about customer service? Were you able to get service work quickly without any hassles? Quality of craftmenship. Slides work well? Hydraulics issues? Trim falling off? Electrical issues? Bathroom accessibility with slides closed for quick access on the road?

  3. Besides the above comments, another thng that attracted me to the Montana is that the steel i-beam construction was 12″ on the Montana as opposed to Solitude 10″. Kinda looked like GD was cutting corners. Of course the writers are Grand Design Ambassadors….so my expectation is that GD would be reviewed better. The fact that Montana was even close made me feel even more confident in them.

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