The Best Golf Cart Fans to Keep You Cool

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A golf cart on the green with a fan

Summertime brings hot weather, and for many people, that means spending time outdoors, including while golfing.

If you’re looking to keep cool while golfing or driving around in your street-legal cart, prepare by equipping a fan to keep you cool.

Let’s look at the best golf cart fans on the market and what makes them stand out from the competition. Stay cool out on the greens with one of these fans!

What Is a Golf Cart Fan?

This is a device that helps cool the inside of a vehicle. These vehicles can get very hot, especially in the summer, and a fan can help keep things cool.

Conversely, if it’s cold out and you have a heater in your golf cart, a fan can help circulate the air to keep you warm.

Golf Cart Fan Buying Guide

There are different types of fans, but most work by circulating air. Some fans also have filters that help remove dust and pollen from the air or provide a cooling mist.

Golf cart fans can be powered by electricity or batteries and come in different sizes. Some people install them permanently, while others use portable devices that can switch from one golf cart to another.

Power Source

The power source is one of the most important factors when choosing a golf cart fan.

Ones that run on electricity must be plugged into an outlet or hard-wired into the golf cart’s electrical system. In contrast, battery-powered fans will need to be recharged periodically.


Golf cart fans also come in different sizes. The larger the blades, the more air the fan can move. But some fans or blowers don’t look like a typical cyclone fan, such as dash- or roof-mounted blowers.

Cyclone-style fans will take up more of your sight lines, while a dash- or roof-mounted blower will be more sleek looking and stay out of your line of sight.

A close up of a golf cart fan

How It Attaches to Your Golf Cart

Most cyclone-style golf cart fans attach via a clip that can grasp several different surfaces. Other cyclone fans come on a flexible tripod that allows for mounting just about anywhere. These are all mobile options that make the fan highly portable.

A dash- or roof-mounted unit, however, is a permanent installation. It may require drilling holes in your golf cart and mounting it with gaskets, bolts, and nuts.

Pro Tip: Is your Golf Cart street legal? Make sure your golf cart meets all the legal requirements!

Pros of Installing a Golf Cart Fan

Regardless of what size or type of device you choose, there are a couple of key benefits to installing a golf cart fan. Both focus on making your day in the cart much more comfortable.


It can be excruciatingly hot riding around in a golf cart, whether on a golf course or in your neighborhood. This leads to a lot of sweating, which in turn leads to dehydration.

When the fan keeps you cool, it also keeps you from perspiring so much. This has the added effect of keeping you hydrated. 

Air Circulation

Whether it’s hot or cold outside, a golf cart fan can be beneficial just because it circulates the air around you.

When it’s hot, this circulation cools you off. But even when it’s cold outside, the fan can help circulate any heat you might have running on your cart.

The Best Golf Cart Fans

There are many fans to choose from. They all try to achieve roughly the same thing: providing you with a more comfortable ride.

Some do it better than others, while some are more versatile or might better meet your budget. Here are what we feel are the best fans, broken down by specific categories.

Luxury Option: Breezeasy 3 Golf Cart Fan System

The Breezeasy 3 Golf Cart Fan System is far and away the most luxurious item on the list. It’s also the most expensive.

But if you have the budget, the Breezeasy provides the most robust cooling experience you can get in a golf cart. 

You’ll have to permanently mount it to the roof’s interior or the dash. It kicks out 310 cubic feet of air per minute, has three speeds, and has dual inlets with directional vents so that the driver and a passenger can set the air to their separate comfort levels.

It also connects directly to your golf cart’s power source, so there’s no battery to charge constantly.

NIVEL Breezeasy 3 Golf Cart Fan System | Automotive Style with in-line Voltage Reducer (for 12-48 Volt Applications)
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: With the universal mounting brackets, you can install this fan up high or down low in your golf cart or...
  • MAXIMUM ADJUSTABILITY: Designed with dual air inlets and two louvered vents that deliver 310 Cubic Feet of air every...

Our Pick: 7-inch Rechargeable Flexible Tripod Golf Cart Fan

Our favorite fan when it comes to the magical combination of comfort, price, and versatility is this 7-inch flexible tripod fan. Its 10,000 mAh battery lasts between 10 and 24 hours.

The fan is quiet, and the 7-inch blade generates a lot of airflow. It also has a bright LED light. However, one of the best features is the flexible tripod mount that lets you attach this fan almost anywhere you like and in any position.

Cmyfato Golf Cart Fan, 10000mAh Rechargeable Portable Fan, 7 Inch Battery Operated Clip On Fan with LED Light for Golf Car Treadmill Tent Boat Truck Vehicles RV Utility ATV Forklift Camping Farm
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE: Built-in 10000mAh rechargeable battery provides 10-24 hrs duration. It supports multiple charging...
  • POWERFUL & QUIET: Equipped with an upgraded brushless motor, the fan can deliver up to 10.5 ft./s strong yet quiet...

Highest Rated: 8-inch Rechargeable Portable Clip-On Fan

With over 400 ratings on Amazon – 81% of which are five stars – this 8-inch rechargeable golf cart fan is a favorite among customers.

It’s another fan with a long battery life. It comes with a durable, anti-slip silicon clip, has three brightness settings for its LED light, and has three speed settings. 

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GRANDFAST 10000mAh Rechargeable Clip On Fan - 8" Battery Operated Golf Cart Fan with Timer, Strong Airflow Portable Fan with Light & Hook for Camping Outdoor Office Desk Hurricane Power Outage
  • Hook and Camping Lantern: Built-in 36 LED beads of this camping fan emit up to 740 lux, which can be used as...
  • Strong Airflow: GRANDFAST clip-on fan with 3 REAL 8" blades and a powerful brushless motor that can work with low noise...

Budget-Friendly: 6-inch Mini Quiet Golf Cart Fan

This little 6-inch mini fan isn’t the most robust, but it’s super budget-friendly.

For the cost, it’s a handy little fan that easily clips onto most surfaces, has three speeds, and comes with a rechargeable 5,000 mAh battery that lasts a reasonable amount of time.  

Dorobeen Clip Fan, 6 Inch Mini Quiet Desk Fan, 5000mAh USB Rechargeable Battery Operated Clip on Fan, USB Desk Fan, Portable Personal Small Fan For Desk,Office,Golf Cart
  • 【Powerful & Quiet】The fan has a newly upgraded motor built in. Under the strong wind. It also achieved amazingly low...
  • 【USB/Battery】Clip-on fan with 5000mAh battery. It can also be used directly through the USB interface for power...

Bonus Features: 8-inch Golf Cart Mister Fan

If you’re not only dealing with the heat but also a lack of humidity, this 8-inch misting golf cart fan is the perfect answer to your problem. It’s easy on the budget and has a 10,000 mAh rechargeable battery. 

It has an easy clip-on mount and creates a substantial amount of airflow. Best of all, it also has a built-in mister to help cool you off when you’re riding around on scorching, dry days.

YONHISDAT Misting Fan Rechargeable 10000mAh Battery, 8-inch Mister Fan with Clip– 3 Speeds with Timer Function, 360° Rotatable Spray Fan for Camping, Home Office, Jobsite
  • 【8-inch Mist Fan】Equip with a brushless motor, plus the powerful misting function, providing you actual cool breeze...
  • 【Unique Spray Pattern】This fan can spray for 10s then stop for 10s and circulate this way or keep spraying nonstop....

A Golf Cart Fan Will Keep You Cool as You Cruise

Fans are a great addition if you want to stay cool while cruising around in your cart. When looking for the best one for you, consider the size, power source, and attachment procedures.

There are many different types of fans out there, so find one that fits your needs. Our list of five of the best golf cart fans by category should make it an easy search.

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