The Best Golf Cart Heaters to Keep You Toasty

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Multiple golf carts with golf cart heaters

A golf cart heater is an essential accessory. Whether you’re on the green on a brisk morning or utilizing your golf cart in a campground on a cool day, a heater will keep you comfortable and warm. 

Keep reading to learn more about golf cart heaters. We also provide a buying guide and the best options on the market. 

Let’s get heated up! 

What Is a Golf Cart Heater?

It’s a heating mechanism powered by propane or a battery. The heaters are small, so they take up little room on the small people carrier on wheels. 

Additionally, you can mount them easily on the golf cart to keep them safe and secure during transport. 

How Long Does a Golf Cart Heater Last?

A propane golf cart heater can last four to eight hours. But it depends largely on what heater you have and its power source.

You can prepare yourself for long days in the golf cart by carrying extra propane. 

Are Golf Cart Heaters Safe?

Golf cart heaters are generally safe. But with any heater, there are risks to be aware of. For example, keep clothing and items off the heater and don’t let it tip over. 

It’s helpful to purchase a heater with safety features incorporated into the design. You can also find golf cart heaters with temperature settings. 

Golf Cart Heater Buying Guide

We recommend keeping in mind some key features when buying a golf cart heater. Portability, power source, and size are the three we cover in this guide. 


You’ll likely want yours to be portable so you can take it off when it’s not needed.

This means having a lightweight heater is also important. And we recommend a heater that you can easily store. 

Power Source

How you’re going to power the heater is another key component to consider. Propane is usually the easiest option because you simply need to purchase refills.

But a battery-powered heater can be handy, especially if you can charge it off your cart.


Size is one of the most important considerations since golf carts have little room to begin with.

We recommend one that can easily clip on the side of your golf cart or fit on the dashboard or cup holder area.

Multiple golf carts in the snow with golf cart heaters

Pros of a Golf Cart Heater

They has three main benefits. Let’s take a look at each.

Temperature Control

The ability to control the temperature of your heat provides optimal comfort. Who wants to be too hot or not warm enough?

Having the ability to adjust to your preferred temperature is ideal, especially since the temperature can frequently change on a golf cart that’s in motion.

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Year-Round Use of Your Golf Cart

When you have a golf cart heater, you can use your golf cart year-round.

A heater is crucial if you live in a cold climate in the winter months. Instead of storing away your golf cart for several months of the year, a heater can keep it going all year.

Multiple golf carts in the snow with golf cart heaters

Low Cost

A golf cart heater is inexpensive. So, the affordable accessory is a no-brainer.

Even if you use the heater for occasional cold mornings on the golf course or driving around your property, it can be well worth the small investment.

Cons of a Golf Cart Heater

A golf cart heater is beneficial but has a couple of drawbacks.

Having to Fill Propane

Propane-powered heaters are convenient, but they need to be refilled. Running to the store to refill the tank or buy a new one can be annoying and potentially time-consuming. 

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Potential Safety Concerns 

Fire risk is a concern with a propane heater onboard. Other safety concerns could also arise, such as a coat being thrown on the heater when it’s at its maximum temperature setting. It could pose the risk of a fire. 

The Best Golf Cart Heaters

While golf cart heaters have pros and cons, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

We highly recommend them. Here are the two best options on the market.

Our Pick: Mr. Heater Golf Cart Heater

Size: 4,000 BTU

Power Source: Propane

The Mr. Heater Golf Cart Heater runs on one pound of propane and has a runtime of approximately five and a half hours. It has an oxygen depletion system and a tip-over safety switch. And it’s wind-resistant with a protective screen. 

The heater has an ergonomic carrying handle, a cup holder adapter, and a one-button igniter. There’s no need for electricity or matches. 

Mr. Heater F242010 MH4GC Golf Cart Heater,Silver and Black
  • 4,000 BTU's (5.5 Hours runtime)
  • Includes oxygen depletion system and tip over switch

Budget Friendly: Golf Cart Heater with Cup Holder Adapter and Stand

Size: 3,000 BTU

Power Source: Propane

The Golf Cart Heater with Cup Holder Adapter and Stand can last up to seven hours with a 16.4-ounce propane tank. The portable heater has a stainless steel regulator. It also has a safety grid and auto shut-off valve. 

Performance Plus Carts Propane Golf Cart Heater with Cup Holder Adapter and Stand | Compatible with EZGO, Club Car, Yamaha Golf Carts
  • [Long-Lasting Heat] Durable stainless steel heat reflector with safety grid supplies 3,000 BTU's of heat and provides up...
  • [Hands-Free Use] Includes one cup holder adapter and one stand-alone base for hands-free use in and out of your golf...
A golf cart heater inside a golf cart
Source: Amazon/Performance Plus Carts Store

Keep Your Golf Cart Warm Year-Round

You can keep warm year-round with a golf cart heater. Ditch the extra gloves and warm up your hands with a heater instead.

A portable and transportable heater will make your time on the golf course a lot more pleasurable. 

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