Geo Method vs Happy Campers: Which Is Better for Keeping Your RV Tanks Clean

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An RV waste tank can get stinky if you dont us the Geo Method vs Happy Campers.

Keeping our RV tanks clean is an essential but non-glamorous task! The most popular methods of accomplishing it would arguably be the Geo Method vs Happy Campers. 

Which method works better? Which outweighs the other in terms of pros and cons? Is there a stand-out winner in the battle? Let’s find out because if we need to “go,” then we need to know! 

Geo Method vs Happy Campers: What Are They? Which Is Better? 

The Geo Method and Happy Campers are two available options for cleaning and maintaining our holding tanks. Both methods are popular among RVers for keeping one of the most essential RV amenities clean, functioning optimally, and…umm… let’s just say, “stink-free.” 

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Why Use Holding Tank Treatments? 

As if the “stink-free” purpose wasn’t enough, let’s look at some of the other benefits of using holding tank treatments.

RV holding tanks are nothing more than large containers that store whatever’s deposited into them. There’s no mechanism within a typical wastewater holding tank for breaking down the waste while it’s held for future dumping at an appropriate dump station. This means that your waste and toilet paper hang out in the holding tank with minimal water for dilution until the next time you dump the tank.

Depending on the size of your wastewater holding tank and the length of time before your next dump, you could be driving around and living with a whole lot of waste, an odiferous notion for sure.

Moreover, that “stuff” can stick to the capacity sensors inside your holding tank. Suddenly, those sensors are incapable of giving you accurate capacity readings. 

Have you ever wondered what can happen when you’re caught off-guard with a full holding tank? Don’t. Don’t even wonder about it. Just accept that there’s evil in the world, and an overflowing wastewater tank qualifies as proof.

Holding tank additives to the rescue!

What Is the Geo Method? 

The Geo Method is an inexpensive way to keep holding tanks clean and odor-free. It’s essentially a concoction that’s easily added to gray and black water holding tanks to control odors and keep tank sensors working well. Let’s get to the recipe!


  1. Liquid or powdered water softener (Calgon or Borax) 
  2. Powdered laundry detergent or dish soap (phosphate-free)

The idea here is that the mix of water softener and detergent keeps solids from sticking to the tanks’ inside walls.


Empty your black first, then your gray. Close the valves.

Fill a gallon container with very hot water (not boiling)

Mix 2 cups of water softener into your hot water.

Pour this mixture down the kitchen drain.

Make another container of the same mixture and pour it down your bathroom sink.

Make a third batch, and this time, add 1 cup of laundry detergent to the mix.

Pour this mixture into the toilet. (The gray tank already has enough soap and detergent, so the laundry detergent isn’t necessary for that tank.)

Continue using your RV until your tanks are full and dump them as usual. Repeat the Geo Method regularly.

Benefits of the Geo Method

The Geo Method’s benefits include the ease of the process and the inexpensive ingredients. You can do it yourself with little mess and hassle. 

Drawbacks of the Geo Method

The drawbacks of the Geo Method include time and consistency–you must do it with every dump. Also, some RVers complain about the strong scent and the fact that it’s not always completely effective.

What Is Happy Campers?

Happy Campers is an organic holding tank treatment that’s biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and septic-tank friendly. 

Happy Campers claims to liquefy solids and most toilet tissue. At the same time, it cleans the tank and inhibits sludge and crystal buildup on tank walls. The product should also be effective in extreme heat and cold, and it’s odor-free. A money-back guarantee supports all of these claims.


For the black tank: Fill the toilet with about a gallon of water, and sprinkle one scoop per 40-gallon tank into the water. So, if you have a 20-gallon black tank, you’ll use a half scoop. Then, flush the toilet, add another gallon of water to the bowl, and flush again. 

For the gray tank: Mix Happy Campers well with a gallon of water and pour down the kitchen and bathroom sinks and shower, then flush the drains with more water.

Note: For first-time use only, double the amount of treatment. From then on, use as needed.

Benefits of Happy Campers Tank Treatment

Happy Campers is organic and biodegradable, and as always, this is a treatment benefit. As well, the treatment doesn’t need to be used every time you dump your tanks, and using it is a straightforward, quick process. 

Finally, thousands of reviewers report that Happy Campers works well, keeps tank sensors functioning well, and has no strong fragrances or odors–just trouble-free, stink-free tanks.

Drawbacks of Happy Camper Tank Treatment

One drawback of Happy Campers tank treatment is the expense. For $45, you’ll get 64, 40-gallon treatments. 

Do the math as it applies to your tanks, though, and you might find that you won’t be buying a new container of Happy Campers very frequently.

Geo Method vs Happy Camper: Our Pick

For us, Happy Campers is the clear winner in the battle of the Geo Method vs Happy Campers. Why? It’s easy, quick, mess-free, and environmentally friendly. While the Geo Method may be ecologically friendly, it involves a lengthy process that you must do for every dump. 

We don’t see the cost of Happy Campers as excessive considering the amount of time the product protects the tank, how well it works, and how long it lasts. Besides, the cost of water softener and laundry detergent can add up quickly!

Don’t let the wastewater tank blues get you down. Let a scoop of Happy Campers take care of your tank issues before they materialize! 

  1. Good read. We prefer to use Happy Campers as well. Easy and good pretty much always wins out.
    I’m up for beers in Maine this summer. Alice and I are getting ready to head out in a couple weeks. Having lived in New Hampshire for 13 years I know the best place in Maine for Lobster also. Gordon & Alice

  2. Will happy campers work well with a combined black and gray water tank which is what I have.
    I was considering composting and keeping the tank as primarily a gray water tank.
    What do you think?

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