Gaming Camper Setups of Your Dreams

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A gaming desk is set up and ready for streaming online games.

Camping has been how many people disconnect from TV and other technology, but that’s not always the case these days. With online gaming growing in popularity, some individuals play video games as their full-time job. It can take some effort, but you can have your very own gaming camper with a little bit of DIY skills and the proper tools. Let’s look at what makes a great gaming setup for your RV. 

What to Think About When Setting Up Your RV Gaming Station

You need to keep in mind a few things when creating your RV gaming setup. Let’s look at a few things you might overlook when planning your setup.

Internet Access

Having a solid internet connection is essential for anyone doing online gaming. A slow or laggy connection can make for a miserable gaming experience. A less than stellar connection can leave you unable to connect to game servers.

Internet access can be challenging to manage in an RV because you’re likely moving from one campsite to another. While a campground may advertise that they have Wi-Fi, it’s probably not going to be great. Most campground internet connections are just enough to check email and surf the web. So this means you’re likely going to need to be self-reliant when it comes to your internet.

Many RVers rely on cellular networks as their main internet source. These networks can be inconsistent or congested, which will result in a slow connection. These are great because many major cell phone providers have infrastructure that covers a majority of the country. Service will depend on a campground’s proximity to cell towers and obstructions like buildings, forests, or mountains.

A girl smiles as she plays an internet streaming game.

Power Needs

TVs, video game systems, and computers don’t use a tremendous amount of power, but they require some. You’re probably going to need multiple electrical plug-ins, which means you’re going to need a surge protector or multi-plug for all of your electronics. The more electronics you have, the more power you’ll need as well.

If you’re camping in a campground and plugging your RV into shore power, you won’t have to worry about power as much. However, if you’re boondocking, you’ll need to manage your power and watch your battery bank

Space and Mounting

Depending on your RV, space may be a limiting factor and require a bit of creativity. Mounting monitors and other electronics can keep them out of the way to maximize space and keep your RV organized. This can also be helpful when it comes to packing up your RV at the end of your camping adventures. 

Gaming Camper Setups That Are Next Level

Whether you’re planning to game in your camper regularly or on rainy days, we have a handful of setups we think you should see. Let’s look at gaming setups and see how you might replicate them in your RV. 

Console and PC Combo Setup

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How to Replicate It: This incredible gaming console and PC setup is proof that you don’t need a tremendous amount of space for a premium gaming camper setup. This specific gaming setup is in a conversion van and maximizes space by mounting a monitor to the wall. The table holds the computer monitor. All electronics are securely mounted out of the way under the bed to optimize space. The finishing touches are the blacklights that bring a whole new dimension to your gaming setup.

Three Monitor PC Setup

How to Replicate It: Why settle for one or two monitors when you can have three? This tri-monitor setup is perfect for widescreen gaming. The curved displays provide a new dimension to your gaming experience by angling the monitors. The mounting brackets make it incredibly easy to keep your cable management under control. With such a tiny space, even a few rogue cables can make your setup and space feel cluttered.

Gaming Setup For Two

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How to Replicate It: With this dual gaming setup, you and your significant other can team up in an action-packed gaming adventure. A setup this large typically requires removing some furniture to accommodate a desk space large enough for two. However, depending on your RV’s layout and needs, it can transform your RV into the perfect gaming camper.

You can ensure your expensive headphones aren’t accidentally damaged while moving about your tight space by adding a headphone rack. However, one of the best features of this setup is the cell phone holder that makes videoing yourself for live streaming much easier and provides a great view to interact with viewers. 

5th Wheel Nintendo Shrine

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Van Life Gaming Setup

How to Replicate it: One user spent four months customizing his van to be the perfect gaming setup for van life and everyday living. Seeing as his tour video has more than two million views, a few people agree that he nailed it. He created a beautiful and comfortable space for himself and his dog, including an incredible gaming station.

This gaming space must serve multiple functions, and so it’s also set up for editing and working in addition to gaming. Solar panels power the entire van, which means you can game while camping in the most remote locations. One unique feature in this setup is the old wooden chair. While many might think an old wooden chair would be uncomfortable to sit in for hours on end, it’s a better option than a rolling chair in a vehicle that bounces down the highway.

Stealth Gaming With a Curved Screen

How to Replicate It: This PC gaming van runs even the longest gaming sessions through solar power. The curved display for gaming provides the smoothest look and feel to your gaming experience. Having the big screen mounted on a mechanical arm allows you to watch TV at multiple angles, including outside the van or in bed. Having this setup means you can stay connected socially with others, even when you’re camping in some remote locations.

Gaming and RVing Can Be Compatible

Gaming can be an exciting and fun way to meet people from around the world, even while traveling in a camper. Maximizing your space can take a bit of creativity and DIY skills, but it can greatly enhance your gaming experience. We hope these gaming setups will inspire you to take your gaming camper experience to the next level. What would be a must-have item if you created a gaming camper setup?

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