25 Valuable RV Tool Kit Items You’ll Actually Use

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man with his RV tool kit about to work on his RV

The more you RV, the more you’ll learn the value of having an RV tool kit readily available. While you’ll see and do many incredible things, there will be times for maintenance or repairs.

Emergency repairs won’t wait until the most convenient time either, so having an RV tool kit and maybe some MacGyver skills can be just the right solution! 

What Is an RV Tool Kit and Why Do You Need One?

An RV tool kit is a collection of standard tools and items to assist with RV repairs and maintenance. Different situations call for various tools, so having an array of commonly used items can be handy.

Every RVer should have an RV tool kit easily accessible. There are so many tasks needing attention, and having the right tool can make them more manageable. Sometimes these tasks happen at inconvenient times, and you’ll need to make repairs from the side of the road or a parking lot. The Boy Scout motto is, “Always be prepared,” and we think it’s an appropriate motto for RVers too.

A man using his RV tool kit to repair a camper.

Where Can I Buy the Best RV Tool Kit for My RV? 

Amazon and many big-box retailers will have pre-made tool kits. These kits will include general items you’ll find helpful in repairs and maintenance. These kits are a great place to start, but building your own kit means you have a customized set of tools you know you’ll use.

23 Tools That Should Be in Your RV Tool Kit 

Unnecessary tools in your kit waste space and add weight to your RV. You don’t want to carry around tools you’ll never use–and you certainly don’t want to be without the right tools when you need them most! Let’s look at some tools we think anyone should have in their RV tool kit.

1. Hammer/Rubber Mallet Combo

A hammer/rubber mallet combo combines two tools into one. This combination helps save space and weight. Both a hammer and rubber mallet serve many functions in and around an RV.

A hammer or mallet has a seemingly endless number of uses, but one of the most obvious is driving stakes into the ground to secure tents or tarps.

TEKTON 16 oz. Fiberglass Handle Rubber Mallet | 30603 , Black
  • Double-faced solid rubber head delivers a softened positive strike
  • High-strength fiberglass handle core helps absorb vibrations

2. Pliers

Every tool kit needs a quality set of pliers. Needle nose pliers are a great choice because they have a sharp tip to assist with grabbing items.

RVs are full of small parts that are often hard to reach, and needle-nose pliers can be just the tool to get the job done.

3. Duct Tape 

Whether it’s a permanent or temporary solution, it’s no secret that Duct Tape can be an excellent solution for many jobs. Duct Tape is a go-to tool for many, especially when in a crunch. It can hold broken storage bay doors closed while traveling, patch holes, seal packing boxes, and so much more.

It sticks to multiple types of surfaces as well. Sometimes, you just need something to hold together long enough until you can properly repair it, and Duct Tape will be your saving grace! 

Lockport 5-Pack Silver Duct Tape - 90ft x 2in - 5 Roll Multi Pack Heavy Duty Duct Tape - Duct Tape Heavy Duty Waterproof - Gray Duct Tape Bulk for B2B, Home Use, DIY, Projects and Repairs
  • Heavy Duty Adhesive - Lockport duct tape is made with a super-strong, natural rubber adhesive. You need your duct tape...
  • Waterproof and All-Weather - Our silver duct tape can take a beating. It’s got a waterproof backing that can handle...

4. Wire Cutters

When adding or modifying anything connected to your RV’s electrical system, you’ll need a solid set of wire cutters. You’ll need to cut and splice electrical wire when you’re doing simple tasks like changing lighting or fixtures or connecting a repeater to your RV battery. A good set of wire cutters will quickly do the trick!

IRWIN VISE-GRIP Wire Stripper, 8 inch, Cuts 10-22 AWG, Plier Style Nose, ProTouch Grip for Maximum Comfort (2078309)
  • Wire cutter with induction hardened cutting edge stays sharp longer
  • Strips and cuts 10-22 AWG

5. Utility Knife

A quality utility knife is a must for any RVer. You’ll need a good utility knife to easily open all of your Amazon deliveries, right? 

Seriously though, a utility knife is super handy! It can cut rope, tape, and other materials around the campsite. Many RVers use utility knives for various RV modification jobs too.

INTERNET'S BEST Premium Utility Knife Set | Retractable Box Cutter with Rubber Handle | Heavy-Duty Cutting for Cardboard, Carpet, Plastic | Retractable Blade | Includes 2 Razor Knives & Extra Blades
  • PREMIUM UTILITY KNIFE SET: Experience reliable cutting with the INTERNET'S BEST Premium Utility Knife Set. Designed for...
  • RETRACTABLE BLADE: Each knife in the set features an adjustable retractable blade, allowing precise cutting with ease....

6. Screwdriver (Multi-Bit)

Your RV has hundreds of screws in it. Screws hold together everything from the exterior construction to your kitchen cabinets. Having a screwdriver, especially a multi-bit set, makes it incredibly easy to tighten any loose screws around the RV.

Many RVers find themselves using a screwdriver so often that they store their multi-bit set in a utility drawer in the living space.

WORKPRO 12-in-1 Ratcheting Multi-Bit Screwdriver Set, Quick-load Mechanism Screwdriver with Double End Bits in Handle
  • [What You Will Get]: 1 PC Screwdriver Handle with 6PC Double-ended Bits, 1/4 in. hex shank S2 steel bits, length 3-1/2...
  • [Superior Ratcheting Mechanism]: Ratchet design breaks through the limitations of the direction, convenient switch for...

7. Tire Pressure Gauge 

Traveling with your RV tires over or under the correct tire pressure can be incredibly dangerous and may cause considerable damage to your RV over time.

Using a simple tire pressure gauge to monitor tire pressure is an excellent start to both maximize your tire’s life and get better fuel economy. 

TireTek Tire Pressure Gauge (160 PSI) for Truck, Semi Truck, ATV, Motorhome, Cars & RV Accessories - Heavy Duty Dual Head Tire Gauges for Tire Pressure, Air Pressure Gauge, Tire Gauge for Dually Tires
  • ESSENTIAL TRUCK DRIVER ACCESSORIES: This dual head chuck is perfect for inner style dual wheels, making it an ideal tire...
  • HEAVY DUTY SEMI TRUCK ACCESSORIES: Dual head chucks for versatility. Extended shaft aids in hard-to-reach valves. 360°...

8. Heavy-Duty Work Gloves

Your hands can take a beating while RVing. A pair of heavy-duty work gloves can protect your hands and fingers when carrying firewood or doing repairs. They can also add grip when needed. 

It only takes pinching the skin on a finger or your hand once before you order a set of heavy-duty work gloves, so save yourself from learning a painful lesson and add these to your RV tool kit today!

Ironclad Ranchworx Work Gloves RWG2, Premier Leather Work Glove, Performance Fit, Durable, Machine Washable, (1 Pair), RWG2-04-L,Brown/Black
  • PATENTED ROLLTOP SEAMLESS FINGERTIPS - Provide ultimate dexterity and double layer protection. U.S. Patent No. 7,287,286
  • KEVLAR REINFORCEMENTS – Reinforced in critical wear areas for maximum durability
Man putting on work gloves.

9. Zip Ties 

Zip Ties are an RVer’s best friend. Did you know there are even reusable zip ties? These cheap pieces of plastic are the new Duct Tape.

Zip ties have a seemingly unlimited amount of uses and are easy to replace. They’re great for temporary or permanent jobs, and even if they break, they’re cheap and easy to replace. You’ll be surprised how many ways you can use zip ties around your RV.

WISLIGHT 120 Lbs Tensile Strength Reusable Releasable Adjustable Nylon Cable Zip Ties 100 PACK 6+8(Small)+8+10 Inch x0.3inch, Self-Locking Plastic Wire Ties Electrical Cable Ties
  • [Releasable & Reusable & Adjustable] Allow to Release Or Re-Tie Again. Organize your cables and other miscellaneous...
  • [Nylon Cable Zip Ties] For materials, all of our releasable nylon zip ties, we WISLIGHT makes a promise that we only use...

10. Flashlight 

Flashlights aren’t just great for taking on night hikes but also for peering into your RV’s dark spaces. This tool can provide light when working in cabinets or under your rig. 

Any flashlight will do, but some of our favorites have magnets on the end, so you can connect the flashlight to a metal piece on the RV and position it for optimal visibility. Then, you’ll have two free hands to get the job done instead of one.

Flashlight USB Rechargeable, Magnetic LED Flashlight, Super Bright Tactical Flashlight with Cob Sidelight, 2000LM, Waterproof, Zoomable Best Small Flashlight for Camping, Emergency Flashlight
  • Super bright LED Rechargeable flashlight, 2000Lumen, 4Modes: Super Bright Rechargeable Flashlight delivery a high output...
  • LED Flashlight with Magnet & COB sidelight ----- Rechargeable LED Flashlight design a strong magnetic base that you...

11. Multimeter 

A multimeter measures the voltage, continuity, and resistance in electrical components. These are essential tools for checking faulty connections and diagnosing the health of electronics.

RV electronics may perform inconsistently and can fail at a moment’s notice. Having a multimeter can help you pinpoint the component that’s not sending an electrical signal.

KAIWEETS Digital Multimeter with Case, DC AC Voltmeter, Ohm Volt Amp Test Meter and Continuity Test Diode Voltage Tester for Household Outlet, Automotive Battery Test (Anti-Burn with Double Fuses)
  • Customer Service: KAIWEETS provides a lifetime after sale service and technical support. This digital multimeter is...
  • Multi-Function: This multimeter can test AC/DC Voltage, DC current (Can not for AC current), Resistance, Continuity,...

12. Tire Inflator

A tire inflator can help you air up tires on your vehicle, trailer, or bike. You might think you can just use the air compressor at your local gas station to air up your tires, but it’s not that easy with an RV. Many gas stations aren’t set up for RVs to pull through and are often difficult to navigate. 

A tire inflator can fix any pressure issues before you hit the road. Plus, it’s so much more convenient to have an air compressor with you at your campground or on the side of the road when you get a flat! 

VIAIR 450P-RV - 45053 Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor with RV Inflation Gun, 90 Degree Chuck | 12V Tire Pump Air Compressor Portable Heavy Duty 150 PSI, Any Tire Size, Alligator Clips
  • PORTABLE *AUTOMATIC* COMPRESSOR for RVs & TRAILERS (Model: 40047, 150 PSI, Any Tire Size) - Hit the open road with an...
  • POWER YOUR JOURNEY: Versatile Air Compressor for RVs & More. The 450P-RV Portable RV Air Compressor is your go-to...
Man checking tire pressure and inflating tire.

13. Set of Allen Wrenches

Allen wrenches, or hex keys, have a hexagon (six-sided) shape. A set of Allen wrenches is inexpensive and has so many uses! You might use it to put together furniture or tinker with bicycles and other large toys. 

Their L-shape means you can inert a generous amount of force when tightening or loosening things. This increased torque helps create a tighter connection and increases stability for furniture and other items. Some RV furniture will require Allen wrenches to put together or repair pieces.

TEKTON Hex Key Wrench Set, 30-Piece (.028-3/8 in., .7-10 mm) | 25253
  • Includes 15-pc. long pattern hex key wrenches: 0.028, 0.035, 0.050, 1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 7/64, 1/8, 9/64, 5/32, 3/16, 7/32,...
  • Precisely sized, chamfered, straight ends offer a snug fit and insert smoothly into fastener head, reducing wear

14. Socket Set

A socket set is a fundamental piece of any tool kit, regardless if it’s RV-specific or not. Socket wrenches help tighten the nuts and bolts around your RV. You’ll also frequently use sockets when doing repairs on mechanical items like generators and other equipment. 

RV manufacturers use a handful of sockets during construction. Items like the anode rod in your water heater or lug nuts on your tires may require a specific size or depth socket. So, you’ll want a socket that fits every nut or bolt on your RV. 

DEWALT Mechanics Tools Kit and Socket Set, 1/4" & 3/8" Drive, SAE, 108-Piece (DWMT73801)
  • PRECISION PERFORMANCE - Help prevent rounding of fasteners with sockets featuring DirectTorque Technology.
  • MAXIMIZE COMFORT - Work comfortably on long days with a durable anti-slip vinyl grip bit driver.

15. Cordless Drill with Bits

A cordless drill gives you the freedom to move around without worrying about a power cable. Technologies have advanced in recent years, and cordless drills last much longer and provide more power than earlier models.

Combining a cordless drill with a set of bits can help you with many repairs or DIY projects. A drill makes screwing and unscrewing screws much easier than a screwdriver. 

SnapFresh Cordless Drill - 20V Cordless Drill with Battery and Charger, Power Drill Set with 2 Variable Speed, 21+1 Torque Setting, Lightweight, LED, 43pcs Drill Bits, Impact Drill Set for Home, DIY
  • 【21+1 Torque Setting】-SnapFresh cordless drill set includes 21 torque settings and 1 special drill mode, suitable...
  • 【2 Variable Speeds】-This 1/2 inch impact drill kit offers speeds from 0-400 RPM and 0-1400 RPM. The low speed is...

16. Swiss Army Knife or Multi-Tool

A Swiss army knife or multi-tool comes with many different tools built into it. Carrying one will give you pliers, a knife, a screwdriver, and sometimes even a bottle opener.  Many RVers choose to carry these on their belts as they use them daily. 

RoverTac Pocket Knife Tactical Folding Knife Multi Tool Survival Camping Knife, Multitool Knife Pliers Bottle & Can Opener 9-Pack Screwdrivers Liner Lock Nylon Sheath, Pocket Knife for Camping Hiking
  • Pocket Multitool Knife: Features 3.15'' Knife, Pliers, Wire Cutter, Bottle & Can Opener, 9-Pack Screwdrivers and it...
  • Pocket Folding Knife: Made of solid Stainless Steel and in black oxidation with an aluminum handle. Excellent in Cutting...
Swiss army knife of a RV tool kit.

17. Lubricant

Many of the crucial mechanisms in your RV will benefit from staying lubricated. Slide components, your hitch, and even the seals on your slide perform better and last longer when you oil them regularly.

Keeping a supply of lubricants for the parts available is the best way to keep up with this. Below is one of our favorite lubricants to have on hand.

CRC Power Lube Industrial High Performance Lubricant With PTFE, 11 Wt Oz, High Performance Aerosol Lubricant Spray
  • CRC INDUSTRIES: A market leader that offers impeccably designed chemical solutions to maintain, protect and repair...
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE LUBRICANT: Power Lube is a high performance, multi-purpose lubricant that offers lasting protection and...

18. Caulk Gun and Caulk

A caulk gun and caulk will help protect your RV from water damage. Having these two essential tools in your RV tool kit makes it easy to regularly inspect your RV’s roof and address issues. Water damage is nothing to take lightly. It can be an expensive repair, and preventative maintenance helps prevent even the slightest bit of water from entering your RV.

Newborn 930-GTD Drip-Free Smooth Hex Rod Cradle Caulking Gun with Gator Trigger Comfort Grip, 1/10 Gallon Cartridge, 10:1 Thrust Ratio
  • Steel half-barrel (also called cradle) frame caulking gun for 1/10-gal. cartridges
  • Thrust ratio of 10:1 for use with low viscosity materials
Dicor 505LSW EPDM Lap Sealant, White, 10.3 Fl. Oz
  • Meets demanding industry requirements
  • Remains flexible

Pro tip: Check with your RV manufacturer to confirm which type of roof you have and verify if you need a specific type of lap sealant.

19. Telescoping Ladder 

While your RV may come with a ladder to give you access to the roof, a telescoping ladder is still beneficial. These ladders are incredibly light and easy to move around your RV while doing essential maintenance checks on seals or fixing windows. Checking your window seals can be incredibly difficult if your only access is from the roof. 

Aluminum Telescoping Ladder, Ohuhu Upgraded 12.5 FT ANSI Certified One-Button Retraction Extension Ladder Retractable Collapsible Ladders, Telescopic Compact Ladder for Home RV Loft Silver
  • One Button Retraction: Convenience is key! That’s why we’ve designed this telescoping ladder with easy one button...
  • America National Standards Type I Ladder: Ohuhu extension ladder has passed the test of ANSI-ASC 14.2-2017 American...

20. Jump Starter Box for Batteries

So many components depend on the battery system for power, but they don’t last forever. And without a jump starter box for your batteries, you could be waiting on the side of the road until a good samaritan comes along with a fully-loaded RV tool kit. 

NOCO Boost Pro GB150 3000A UltraSafe Car Battery Jump Starter, 12V Battery Pack, Battery Booster, Jump Box, Portable Charger and Jumper Cables for 9.0L Gasoline and 7.0L Diesel Engines
  • Start Dead Batteries - Safely jump start a dead battery in seconds with this compact, yet powerful, 3000-amp lithium...
  • UltraSafe - Safe and easy-to-use car jumper starter and jump pack without worrying about incorrect connections or...
A man using a jump starter box on a battery.

21. Folded-Blade Saw

A folded-blade saw is handy around the campsite. Whether you’re cutting smaller pieces of wood for a campfire or sawing a limb away from your RV, these tools are ideal. You’ll get a bit of a workout when sawing, but their compact design and ease of use make them an obvious choice for RVers. 

TABOR TOOLS Folding Saw with 8 Inch Curved Blade and Rugged Grip Handle, Hand Saw for Pruning Trees, Trimming Branches, Camping, Clearing Forest Trails. TTS25A. (Curved Blade 8 Inch)
  • OUTDOOR & SURVIVAL: Throw this lightweight saw in your backpack or toolbox. This tool will be a great help in the bush...
  • CURVED POWER BLADE FOR PRUNING: You can easily cut branches up to 4-inches in diameter with this rust-resistant powerful...

22. Tire-Changing Kit 

Unless you’re part of a racecar’s pit crew, chances are you don’t enjoy changing tires. A tire-changing kit can make this job easier with the correct tools for the job.

You don’t want a tire flying off as you travel down the interstate with your RV. Having the appropriate supplies can take the stress away from the task and get you back on the road sooner and safer. 

Trihelper Electric Car Jack Kit - 12V Trailer Floor Jack Stands Set 3 Ton Vehicle Scissor Car Lift for Tire Change & Road Emergencies with Impact Wrench and Tire Pump
  • 📣How to Use the Wrench?1. Pull out the cable and connect it to electric wrench.2. Select the correct sleeve, aim at...
  • 🧰Great Choice for Sedan & SUV: This car jack is made of high standard cold-rolled steel which has strong bearing...

23. Water Bandit 

A Water Bandit can quickly and easily connect to most standard hoses. This unique piece of aquatic equipment is perfect for damaged or stripped threads on water connections.

It’s excellent for quickly connecting your RV’s water hose to any water spigot. You’ll fill your water tank in no time! 

Camco Water Bandit | Features a Highly Flexible Silicone-Polymer Sleeve & ABS Male Water Hose Connection | Works with Damaged or Stripped Faucet Threads or Faucets without Threads (22484)
  • STOPS LEAKY HOSE CONNECTIONS: Connects your hose to unattachable water sources— allowing you to stop wasting water...
  • COMPATIBILITY: Water Bandit fits most standard hoses. It works with damaged or stripped faucet threads, and faucets...

24. Thread Tape

This is a small but mighty addition to your RV tool kit. Every campground has different water spigots. Some leak more than others. Having this thread tape on hand quickly prevents leaks when connecting your water hose.

Dixon Valve TTB75 PTFE Industrial Sealant Tape, -212 to 500 Degree F Temperature Range, 3.5mil Thick, 520" Length, 3/4" Width, White (Pack of 1)
  • For Use In Wrapping Pipe Threads To Create Air And Water Tight Connections
  • 520" Long, 3/4" Wide, And 3.5 Mil Thick For Multiple Uses. Thickness: .09Mm

25. EternaBond Tape

EternaBond tape is great to have in your toolkit. It can be used as an alternative to lap sealant. Additionally, it’s helpful for small (or large) tears in your roof membrane. It’s waterproof and can be used in all weather conditions. Not only that but it can be used on all types of roofs.

EternaBond RV Mobile Home Roof Seal Sealant Tape & Leak Repair Tape 4" x 50' Roll White Authentic (4''-50ft)
  • 4" x 50' Foot Contin ROLL of authentic Eternabond repair tape.
  • Bonds to surfaces and stops leaks.

What’s in Your RV Tool Kit? 

As you can see, there are many tools that you’ll find helpful in your RV tool kit. Most don’t take up much room, and you’ll be glad you have them! Having the appropriate tools can help reduce anxiety and stress, especially in emergencies. 

What tools do you recommend that we didn’t include?

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  1. First, thank you for the list. It is very complete. I also carry a roll of electrical tape and an axe (single – head). The electric tape is used for those electrical fixes where you want to wrap wires. As a result of using an axe for a number of years, I do carry one in the RV. I would not recommend carrying one if you are not familiar with using one. The nice thing I find with my axe is that it has the flat head opposite the blade and can be used as a crude hammer.

  2. OK, you have wire cutters on the list, but show a picture of an RJ-45 ethernet crimping tool which no one would ever need in an RV. I have found having a Milwaukee M12 drill and Hackzall is an effective use of space and weight to handle almost all jobs. I was surprised that a good set of Torx drivers is not on your list as most of the screws holding together my Winnebago are Torx head. I have Torx driver bits and screwdriver type Torx tools. I agree with most of your list, but my toolbox contains much more. A hydraulic jack in case you need to change a tire or a brake problem. A small air compressor is also much more useful than a tire “inflator”. I had one of those and it could take it a half hour to pump a low tire. I would also add a good size invertor just in case you are somewhere and have to have 120V power (for your air compressor)

  3. I recommend a folding camp shovel. Unless you have a hydraulic leveling system on your rig, I find it is much easier to dig a hole for the tires on the high side of the trailer and drop that side, than it is to fool around with blocks to drive up on and raise the low side of the trailer.

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