Fun in Lake Havasu, AZ

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Lake Havasu, AZ

After a busy week in Las Vegas, we were ready for a relaxing week in Lake Havasu, AZ. We rolled into Lake Havasu Colorado River Adventures and were assigned a site in the back. This was our first time using our RPI membership that we got through Thousand Trails as an added bonus. It was only $10/night and well worth it. Our site had full hookups and was right next to the pool. We’re looking forward to using our RPI membership more on the East Coast in summer of 2018.

Making Friends

While scrolling through Instagram our first night, we noticed that a fellow RVer was in the same campsite as us! We reached out to meet up and they invited us to a group dinner that was happening the following night. We were able to meet Veronica and Denny (from RV Outlawz), Ann and Adam (from A and A Great Adventures), and Joni (from The Galavan). We enjoyed appetizers, beer and hours of great conversation. After 16 weeks on the road, we realized that not a lot of things were how we pictured, but making friends and relating to other RVers was even better than imagined!


We went to the London Bridge since it’s a must-do activity while in the area. It’s just something cool to see and read a little history about (they have a lot of information in the Tourist Center). There are a ton of little shops and water activity rentals below the bridge. We wanted to take a boat tour but we didn’t book ahead and they were all sold out. We still walked around and looked at all the little trinkets for sale. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere and a good place to spend the afternoon.

After exploring the London Bridge area we drove about 10 minutes to Downtown Lake Havasu. This area has a similarly relaxed atmosphere during the day but we could see it being the happening place at night. There are plenty of restaurants and bars up and down the entire main street. There were also a few antique stores and local goods. This is where we ate a place called No Name with a back alley entrance (we’ll talk more about this place later on).

After exploring Downtown we picked up Carmen from home and headed to the lake to catch the sunset. We found a secluded area and set up our beach towels while Carmen had the time of her life playing in the water. It was a perfect ending to a great week in Lake Havasu, AZ.

Food Please

We had the majority of our meals in the RV this week but we did manage to get out to these four places in Lake Havasu, AZ (and are glad we did!).

  • No Name Public House: This hidden little bar is in Downtown Lake Havasu. The entrance is in an alley and the only identifier are the worlds “No Name” with a red circle and a line through it on the door. We had a beer and burgers here, and they hit the spot. The burgers were juicy and came with the most addicting fries. We had the most delicious beer here and are now kicking ourselves for not noting the name down. It’s the kind of beer you think of weeks later.
  • Scotty’s Broasted Chicken and Ribs: We picked up lunch here after running some errands and were pleasantly surprised. We had never had broasted anything before and were excited to try something new. The chicken was so juicy and flavorful from the cooking process! You can tell the meat is their specialty since the side dishes were nothing to write home about. The servings were very large so we got to take some chicken home as well.
  • Fiesta Mexicana: We were craving Mexican food and luckily this place was close by. They quickly toss the taco shells in the deep fryer here so you have crisp edges but a soft middle, which was delicious. Jason got the fajitas, which are always a yummy default dish. I ordered a margarita with dinner and was blown away when it came in a glass half the size of my head!
  • College Street Brewhouse & Pub: We came here right after traveling to Lake Havasu and unhitching the trailer at our campground. We were starving after our travel day! If you like pub food with a classy twist and beer then this is the place for you. The food was so good and the service even better. We ordered an appetizer and pizza and walked out of there extremely satisfied. Lucky for us this was the same place the meetup was scheduled to meet. We tried a couple different appetizers the second time and couldn’t find anything we didn’t like.

Overall our week in Lake Havasu was filled with relaxation, laughter, and good times. We were pretty sad to pack up and leave when the time came. Looking back now, we had no idea the adventure-packed week we were heading for in Mesa, Arizona.

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