How to Plan an Epic Camping Trip With Friends

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A group of friends sitting around the campfire during their camping trip.

Sometimes, you want to gather some of your best friends and go camping. Knowing where to start when planning what you hope will be an epic camping trip with friends can take time and effort.

Luckily, we are here to help you! We want you and your besties to have an incredible time. 

Let’s get started and find out why camping with friends can make amazing memories!

Is Camping with Friends Fun?

Gathering your friends and setting up camp can be incredibly fun. Spending quality time with others in nature can strengthen bonds and make memories you’ll never forget. 

However, be sure to choose who you camp with wisely. The friends you bring for your adventure can make or break the trip. Choose the wrong friends, and you’ll be in for a long weekend. This may be the time to leave behind that friend who can’t stand to be outdoors. Bring a buddy who will be as excited about the trip as you are. 

Why Is Camping with Friends Important?

In addition to having fun, camping with friends makes setting up, tearing down, and other camping tasks easier. While there may be a time and a place for camping alone, it can make setting up camp long and tedious. 

However, it can be much more efficient with everyone doing their part. As the saying goes, many hands make light work. Having a few friends pitch in can help you finish tasks quicker so you can enjoy the fun sooner.

On a more serious side, it’s important to remember that safety in numbers can come into play, too. If we’ve learned anything during our adventures, you can never know what to expect when out in nature. Whether you find yourself in an area with dangerous wildlife or if other campers are making you feel uneasy, having a friend or two can help you feel safe.

What Do You Do When Camping with Friends?

Solo camping gives you plenty of opportunities to embrace the silence and reflect on yourself and the world around you. However, camping with friends allows you to share activities with those you love. 

Team up for an exciting game of cornhole, share meals, and enjoy a drink around the campfire. When you surround yourself with others, the fun can practically create itself. Bring along some cards, bikes, or a ball and glove. If you and your friends enjoy an activity at home, it may be even more fun while camping.

How to Plan an Epic Camping Trip With Friends

Now that you’ve decided to take part in an epic camping trip, it’s time to get planning! While you should leave room for spontaneity, a little planning is always a good idea. Here are some tips to help you plan an epic camping trip with friends. 

A group of friends singing and drinking by their camping tent.

Set a Date and Duration

The first thing to do to get the ball rolling on your camping trip with friends is to determine when and the length of your trip. If a quick one-nighter works best with busy schedules, it might be the only way to make it work. 

On the other hand, your group may have time to spare. If so, you could narrow down dates for a multiple-night adventure. However, regardless of how long you can camp together, ensure it works with everyone’s schedule. You don’t want someone to miss out because you didn’t check with them.

Choose a Destination

Once you have decided when your trip can take place, the fun part of planning begins. Schedules might dictate how far from home you venture, but you can still have a great time and stay close. Local may be the way to go if your friends have tight schedules. However, if you have a few extra vacation days, consider setting your sights on a far-away destination. 

Aside from how far away your destination is, you also want to consider your destination type. Do you like sand and sun? Or mountains and trails? If your friends prefer action-packed adventures, serene solitude may not yield the best trip. 

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Plan Camping Gear

Part of your planning should include which friends are bringing what regarding camping gear. It’s great that everyone has camping chairs, but did someone pack a tent? If you don’t make a plan on who is bringing what gear, you might find yourself packing up and calling it quits before you even get started. 

Start your packing list by finding out what everyone already has on hand. Ideally, you’ll end up with a bit of everything between your group.

Once you’ve gathered what everyone has collectively, it may be time to go shopping. Some essential items you must consider packing include shelter, bedding, cooking supplies, and entertainment.

Organize Meals

Nothing interrupts a friend outing like getting hangry. You’ll likely be limited on resources while camping, so it’s essential to be well-planned in the meal department. Planning will ensure limited food waste and not running out of meals, requiring someone to do an unexpected store run. 

Consider breaking up the meals so that each friend is responsible for one. Joint responsibility splits up the work and provides an excellent opportunity to discover new campfire meals. Your friends might make you a meal you put at the top of your camping must-haves list.

Draft Activities

What will your group do once you get there? The last thing you want is a few friends who thought the trip would be action-packed while the rest assumed you’d spend all your time chilling at the campsite. 

Get together in the planning stage and decide what to do while camping. Don’t forget, if some want to go white water rafting, while others prefer a calmer experience, there is no rule saying the group can’t split up and divide and conquer. While it is a group trip, everyone should have a great time.

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A group of friends singing around a campfire outside of their RV.

Enjoy the Trip

Camping with friends is meant to be enjoyable. If things get too complicated, it defeats the purpose of simply spending time together in the great outdoors. Planning is essential and can help you avoid frustrating situations, but remember to embrace spontaneity. 

Don’t get caught up in expecting the trip to go perfectly. Instead, try to enjoy things as they come. 

Make Memories Camping with Friends

Ultimately, you want to drive away from your camping trip having gained enough memories to hold you over until your next trip. Often, camping involves pulling yourself away from everyday stress and distractions, making room for lots of great talks and epic experiences.

What are some of your best tips for camping with friends?

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