Is Camping Good for Relationships?

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A couple spending time together on a camping trip.

Whether you just started dating or you’ve been married for decades, it’s important to find hobbies you both enjoy. Camping has helped us connect on a deeper level as a couple.

A few days in the woods may be just what your soul and relationships need. So, could camping help you and your partner grow?

Today, we’re diving into the pros and cons of spending time together in nature.

Let’s go!

Is Camping Hard?

One great thing about camping is that it can be as simple or challenging as you make it. However, it can be quite an adjustment for anyone new to the hobby. Setting up a tent, starting a fire, and many other required tasks take time to master. Luckily, it’s a hobby that tends to get easier with time.

The more experience you gain, the smoother things go. You learn small tips and tricks that allow you to be more effective. In addition, you purchase supplies and gear that help you to get the job done as efficiently as possible.

Can Camping Be Romantic?

Camping has the potential to be romantic. Sitting around a fire under a starry sky is a great way to connect with another individual. It’s often an opportunity to disconnect from the outside world and spend one-on-one time with each other. We’ve had some of our best conversations and moments as a couple while hiking and enjoying a fire.

We’ve watched sunrises, sunsets, and ocean waves crashing into the shore. We’ll cherish these romantic moments for the rest of our lives. It’s been a very romantic activity for us in our relationship.

However, we don’t want to mislead you and paint it to be something that it’s not. Plenty of moments while camping are far from romantic. We’ve had times during these adventures where we’ve found ourselves on opposite sides of a conflict. So, while it can be romantic, it’s not always a guarantee.

Benefits of Camping for Relationships

Before you book a weekend trip, let’s look at some of the benefits of camping for relationships. Again, while these benefits are some of the most common, they may not occur on every trip.

Quality Time

Camping provides quality time for various relationships, including romantic ones. Whether hiking a trail, paddling on a lake, or sitting around your campsite, spending time together can be easy. 

Spending time together may strengthen bonds and help you learn more about one another. There’s always something new to discover about your partner, no matter how long you’ve been together. 

A couple drinking wine on a camping trip.

Shared Adventures

Life pulls all types of relationships in a million different directions. This is true for romantic partners, friends, and families. However, camping allows individuals to participate in activities and adventures together.

Shared adventures help you create priceless memories you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. Be sure to capture plenty of pictures and videos during these adventures. You’ll likely want to reflect on them down the road.


As mentioned earlier, camping isn’t always an easy activity. It doesn’t matter whether you’re tent camping or in an RV; it will require teamwork if you want it to be successful. Teamwork is an important skill to develop in relationships.

After you have several trips under your belt, you may even discover it helps with teamwork in other areas of life. For us, we learned how to communicate effectively with each other and be patient when things don’t go as planned.

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A couple talking to each other on a camping trip.

Disconnecting from Technology

Another benefit of camping for relationships is the opportunity to disconnect from technology. While we enjoy our devices and how they’re entertaining and allow us to communicate with others, they’re often very distracting. They rob us of hours of connecting with the person we care about.

Some of the best campsites are the ones in remote locations or where cell signal doesn’t exist. It creates a forced disconnect from technology and makes it easier to connect. It can be shocking how many opportunities relationships miss out on due to smartphones, tablets, and other electronics.

Conflict Resolution

Similar to teamwork, camping will provide plenty of opportunities for conflict resolution. Whether it’s learning to set up a tent, back an RV into your campsite, or navigate a trail, there’s bound to be conflict at some point. 

Every relationship is going to have conflict at some point. However, seeing how each other responds can be great. It can expose areas of concern or growth that the two of you can work on developing.

Disadvantages of Camping for Relationships

We’ve looked at the benefits of camping, but what about the disadvantages? You’ll want to consider both sides before reserving a campsite.

Conflict and Stress

Camping isn’t easy and can amplify the feelings of stress and anxiety that often create conflict. Many simple activities at home, like meal prep or dishes, are more challenging while camping. Weather conditions or loud camping neighbors can increase the opportunities for conflict and stress.

We’ve seen couples get into heated conflicts while camping. If we’re honest, we’ve had some pretty good spats while camping, too. The hobby can highlight weaknesses and character flaws that an individual may not discover in a typical environment.

Physical Demands

Another disadvantage of camping for relationships is that it’s a very hands-on activity. While some types of camping can be more luxurious, it’s far from a hotel or resort experience. If you or your partner are not physically fit, it can be very taxing or create an imbalanced workload. This can lead to frustrations and possibly even resentment.

In addition, many activities people enjoy while camping are physically demanding. A more physically fit partner may feel limited as to which activities they can enjoy. These emotions can doom just about any relationship or adventure if left unchecked.


Some camping trips can make it very challenging to maintain good hygiene. Depending on where you’re camping, shower facilities may not be available. Things can get pretty stinky if you spend a lot of time being active or the sun beats down on you all day. These conditions will test your deodorant and your relationship.

Unfortunately, you won’t want to snuggle up to someone if you aren’t clean. Body odor and dirt may keep you from getting physically close to each other. If you want to ensure plenty of opportunities to be close to one another, there may be better options than camping.

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Safety Concerns

A significant disadvantage of camping for relationships is the increased safety concerns it can create. No matter how many precautions you take, it’s impossible to guarantee safety when spending time in nature.

Mother Nature, wildlife, and other campers can behave unpredictably at times. If either of you doesn’t feel safe in a situation, it will make it hard to relax and enjoy the experience. Safety should always be the top priority, regardless of hobby or activity.

Difficulty Sleeping

It can be very challenging to rest when sleeping in a new place, especially when camping. Despite what an air mattress or sleeping pad packaging says, it’ll likely be much less comfortable than your regular bed. While you’ll eventually get used to it, you could toss and turn the first few nights.

If you’re anything like us, neither of us does very well when lacking sleep. There’s not enough coffee in the world to replace a solid night of sleep. These restless nights while camping can seriously impact your attitude and mood.

A couple laying together in their camping tent.

Pitch a Tent and Grow Your Relationship

Overall, camping is a fantastic opportunity for growing relationships. While it may not be an activity for everyone, it’s very telling. Seeing how someone responds to challenges and conflict is vital in any relationship. Be patient with one another and remember that you’re a team while camping and in life. It may take your connection to the next level.

Has camping helped strengthen your relationships?

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