Top 5 Regrets of Buying a Travel Trailer

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A travel trailer being pulled by a car in the desert. They may regret having a travel trailer and not an RV!

Travel trailers are great — for the right traveler. Not everyone gets to enjoy the benefits of these compact vehicles. For some, there are more travel trailer regrets than perks. Let’s look at some of the top five regrets from buying a travel trailer.

What Is a Travel Trailer?

A travel trailer gets towed behind a vehicle. When they first came on the scene in the early 1900s, some people also called them “bumper pulls.”

Now travel trailers attach to the tow vehicle via a hitch. Travel trailers range in size and length. They come with various layouts and sleeping capacities. You can find one from approximately 12 to 40 feet.

The Top 5 Regrets of Buying a Travel Trailer

Travel trailers are a great investment for many RVers. But we do have five travel trailer regrets that are unfortunately common.

#1. Having to Upgrade Your Tow Vehicle

The weight of a travel trailer is a major consideration when buying one. Your vehicle will need to be able to tow the trailer at full capacity.

Be sure to check towing guides and read your vehicle’s manual to learn the towing capacity and hitch’s tongue weight capacity.

You’ll have to upgrade your vehicle if it doesn’t meet the requirements to tow your travel trailer. This can mean added costs. If you need to search for a new vehicle, it could also mean waiting longer to get on the road. 

A large pickup truck tows a travel trailer on the highway. They may regret getting a trailer because now they can only drive with the truck to use it.

#2. Cheap Construction

Travel trailers tend to get a bad rap for having cheaper construction than higher-end RVs like fifth wheels and motorhomes.

While this can be true for some travel trailers, there are manufacturers committed to building top-quality trailers.

We recommend doing your research when you’re ready to buy. This will alleviate travel trailer regrets due to construction.  

A common regret of purchasing travel trailers is the cheap construction. A girl with her cell phone stands in front of a trailer that has not aged well.

#3. The Storage Struggle

The storage struggle is real when it comes to travel trailers, especially small models.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to get creative with the storage capacity you do have. Pinterest is a great place to look for storage organization ideas.

You can also maximize your space by storing supplies in your tow vehicle and help minimize your regret. 

Travel trailers don't have much storage space so get used to leaving a lot of things back home!

#4. They Don’t Retain Their Value

Travel trailers can lose about 20% of their value in the first year. If there’s damage to the travel trailer, that percentage is likely to increase.

You may want to weigh whether or not to purchase a used travel trailer to help offset its depreciation.

Travel trailers depreciate in value quickly and wear down quickly too.

#5. Lots of Maintenance Required

Maintenance is a regular part of RV life. Travel trailers are no exception. It’s wise to have tools on board and regularly check your systems. Keeping on top of cleaning your RV and tanks can also help prevent issues.

If you’re purchasing a used travel trailer, we recommend having it inspected before making a deal you regret. New trailers typically come with warranties, which help alleviate maintenance costs.

So, What Are the Perks of Travel Trailers?

They’re typically much more affordable than a fifth wheel or motorhome. This helps those with lower budgets get into a unit and start traveling. 

The varying sizes are also a perk. There are options for individuals and families from tiny to large travel trailers. And if you’re concerned about needing to upgrade your tow vehicle, there may be a trailer that matches your current tow capacity. There are some excellent lightweight models out there.    

We may have some travel trailer regrets, but we still think there are plenty of benefits with this class of RV. They can be great for full-time RV living, weekend trips, and seasonal camping. What are some of your travel trailer regrets?

  1. Love our 19QB Geo Pro. Great for this retired couple 20 ft. Well made. Great storage. Love the QueenBed and the nice size bathroom

  2. We just bought a 2021 MPG 2750BH and we’re loving it!!! It’s just the wife and I plus our 2 standard poodles so plenty of space. We’re from So Ca as well, the I.E., and we’re on our 7th trip since Jan when we bought. The 1st few were local trips getting used to this new adventure. Right now we’re on our longest voyage of about 10 days, hitting Paso Robles then heading up to SF then around to Casa de Fruita coming home. We really appreciate yours and many others videos who’ve I’ve watched religiously learning all that I have in this short time. Please keep posting and always enjoy the adventure😎

  3. We have had 3 different travel trailers and a large class c. We are retired and travel often. The trailer gives us a home base while traveling and our tow vehicle, 2019 Durango, allows to to explore once we set up. We pulled a toad with the class c but it was a pain getting in and out of tight spots. You just can’t back up a toad.

  4. Be very cautious when you buy mobile home, Get up on the roof and look for Cracks in any material and make sure you seal With the proper sealant.

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