Exploring Fern Canyon And Getting Lost In The Redwoods

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This week we drove up the coast from Petaluma and through the “Redwood Curtain” to Arcata, CA. We called a spot at Mad River Rapids RV Park home. We explored Rae’s alma mater, Humboldt State University, and spent two days getting lost in the Redwood Community Park. A quick drive up the coast led us to Trees of Mystery for a beautiful view from the top of the “Sky Trail”. Carmen came too! Next, we explored a little of Redwood State and National Park with a stop by the famous Fern Canyon. It is definitely a must-see!

This week also happened to be Rae’s birthday so we had mimosas and crepes for breakfast. Next, we watched a weed parade (Yes We Can-nabis) that happened to pass us in downtown Arcata. Then we finished up her birthday night with a visit to Eureka for a ghost tour. We also spent an amazing hour at Finnish Country Sauna & Tubs for a relaxing evening soak.

Drive up the 101

This was our longest drive yet. We left early enough though to get to Mad River Rapids around 3 pm. The drive was beautiful but a little nerve-racking at times. The 101 takes you through a few redwood groves where the massive trees grow right on the side of the road. If I was in a regular car or even just the truck I don’t think I would have paid them much mind. However, while towing the fifth wheel I felt like every single one was going to catch on the side of our trailer as we went by. We passed through a small town and encountered a packed reggae festival in full swing. I highly recommend taking the drive if you are heading north of San Francisco. It is 100 times better than I-5.

Humboldt State University and Arcata Community Park

Rae was familiar with the area since she attended college here for four years. She toured us around the town and we visited her old apartment and work. The coolest place in Arcata is easily the community park. It is behind the college and has miles of dog friendly trails to walk. It still astonishes me how quickly you can go from town to middle of the forest in a matter of minutes! This place was so cool that we spent two days here just hiking, exploring, and taking photographs.

Finnish Country Sauna & Tubs

Address: 495 J St, Arcata, CA 95521

Phone: (707) 822-2228

Hours: Open Daily from 12 pm – 11 pm

Wow, I wish that every hot tub was a wooden barrel. This place was difficult to get reservations as they only accept phone reservations for the next day and the spots fill up quickly. They also don’t have call waiting so you must call and call until you don’t get a busy signal. I understand why they are busy though because the hot tubs are amazing. You get a private dressing room to get ready in before heading into your own private fenced area with your hot tub. They have a red-yellow-green light system to tell you when your allotted time is coming to an end. This place is another must-see in the area. Don’t forget to bring a towel (they rent them if you do)!

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