Is The Eternabond RV Tape An Emergency Miracle?

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A roll of Eternabond RV tape.
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EternaBond RV tape is what duct tape has always wished it could be. Along with zip ties, and spare fuses, EternaBond tape is one of those items that no RVer should be without. EternaBond is one of those rarities that can sometimes be a temporary band-aid fix. It might actually be the surgical sutures that fix your problem once and for all.

EternaBond is a super adhesive tape that RVers use to patch roof holes, seal seams, repair damaged plastics. It even stops hard-to-fix leaks in fresh, gray, and black tanks. Keep in mind though, that as the name implies, the adhesive is permanent. The tape will be with you through most of eternity. You can use this as a temporary roadside repair. You should plan to either replace the surface that you repaired or live with your potentially unsightly roadside fix forever.

A roll of white Eternabond RV Tape.

Installing EternaBond

The makers of EternaBond have had enough experience with RV repairs. They have developed an impressive amount of documentation to instruct users how to correctly apply the tape. This isn’t like some products where your only resource is to go to YouTube and cross your fingers that someone else has made a decent video. No, the folks at EternaBond have provided a fully stocked library of articles. They cover an assortment of scenarios and their appropriate solutions.

One page shows the basics for five different joint scenarios, plus window frames and corner joints. For example, they explain how flat butt joints can simply be joined with a two-inch width of tape spanning the length of the joint (with no less than one inch on each side). Compare that to joints with a gap in the center. You need to first seal the gap with non-solvent based caulk before taping the joint with four-inch wide tape.

The common denominator in all of the scenarios that they cover is that you must first thoroughly clean and sometimes prime the surface area before applying the tape. However, many users have reported success in patching hard to reach areas like the tops of holding tanks. They just slapped on a piece of EternaBond tape despite the road grime that can’t be reached atop the tank. These “temporary” fixes are cheaper than dropping the tanks and have been known to last for months or years. However, the proper technique for patching a tank is to drill a hole on both ends of the crack to prevent the crack from growing, and then clean the surface and apply the tape.

Before you apply your EternaBond though, plan to spend some time browsing their Installation Instructions to find the solution that’s appropriate for your application. And if you purchase some EternaBond “just in case” (highly recommended), take some time to browse those pages anyway so you can familiarize yourself with the processes. You will spend less time on the roadside reading the paper instructions.


EternaBond uses a patented “MicroSealant” that’s designed to stop non-pressurized leaks and adhere permanently to surfaces. The result is a waterproof and airtight sealant that doesn’t dry out in the sun. It doesn’t shrink back to reveal holes, cracks, or gaps.

Their product line includes a variety of RV tape types in different width rolls or flat pieces. They also offer kits that include primer sprays, caulks, and steel rollers to maximize contact with your RV’s surfaces.

Their tapes vary in sizes from 2” to 48”, and each of them come with the same UV protected backing. In addition, they have an incredible ten-year warranty. And unlike the as-seen-on-TV products that laughably claim to waterproof a rowboat, EternaBond has an unparalleled record of reliable products and dependable service. It’s no surprise that the EternaBond name is so respected in the RV community.

EternaBond RoofSeal White 4" x50' MicroSealant UV Stable RV Roof Seal Repair Tape | 35 mil Total Thickness - EB-RW040-50R - One-Step Durable, Waterproof and Airtight Sealant
  • MULTI-USE: Perfect for use on metal buildings, trailer/RV roofs and sides, drain pans, drain pipes, boats, canoes. bonds...
  • NO ADDITIONAL SEALING REQUIRED: Aluminum backing, combined with a layer of advanced MicroSealant, creates a waterproof,...


So when should you turn to EternaBond RV tapes? The sad reality is that most of us have watched RVers do something dumb or we’ve even done it ourselves. Whether we forgot to lower the bathroom vent and cracked it on a tree limb or something fell on the roof and damaged the membrane, nobody wants to cut their trips short for repairs. We also can’t risk additional damage from water intrusions. 

Eternabond is perfect for these emergency repairs to stop roof leaks or reattach fenders or siding. Cracks and holes are no match for the magic of EternaBond tape.

A broken tree branch.


Are there any drawbacks to using EternaBond tape? First, as previously mentioned, the adhesives in EternaBond tape are intended to last permanently. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to remove it. It won’t be easy and it won’t be pretty if you take it off. And even if you apply it perfectly and don’t ever remove it, a patch of tape isn’t an attractive long-term fix. This won’t matter if you patch a tank under your coach’s belly or patch the roof that nobody can see. A patch to your RV’s body plastics will never look right and the plastics should be replaced once you return home.

Hopefully, you’ll never need to repair holes or leaks on your RV. If and when you do, find the right EternaBond product from Amazon. Quickly patch the damage and get back on the road. Keeping your roof sealed properly could prevent unwanted emergencies.

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  1. Covered a hole caused by a tree branch falling about 30 feet straight down like an arrow. I punctured my rubber roof and compressed about 5 inches of my 6 inch insulation below. No marks inside. Filled hole with spray foam and covered it with EternaBond. It lasted for years – sold the unit 6 years later and the tape had changed it’s color but remained fast and waterproof.

  2. I force myself up on the roof often, in fact I’m a bit of a weather geek and put my anemometer up there so to force the issue, but I digress….
    I have found a few questionable spots over the years, mainly due to tree limbs, and will often cover them with EternaBond just to be safe. The stuff works well. You might even get me dreaming of covering my entire roof with it, if it is late enough and the beers have been cold enough…
    I have an older friend and his wife that full time, he can’t get on his roof due to loosing a leg, and have used it to patch real issues as well. One + year later it is still holding perfectly.

  3. In May, 2019, we were in our way to a 1.5 year-long trip to The Rockies, Alaska, and the West Coast when I screwed up big time. I misjudged the height of a tree branch and left a 2 ft long gash on the edge of the camper roof. The RV dealers in the area had a 3-4 week backlog so I turned to Eternabond. I cut away the torn roofing material, cleaned the remaining material, and applied Eternabond.
    Now, fast forward to Summer of 2020 and my insurance company paid for the roof replacement. There was never a leak of any type and even the claims adjuster said the material I used to repair the roof “temporarily” was still doing its job perfectly.
    I highly recommend all RVers to carry this product with you . . . . just in case!

  4. I used this on our brand new trailer. It had been at the dealer for a while and I could see some checking in the roof perimeter sealing. As a result I used Eternabond tape to seal the full perimeter. The vents, AC, etc were fine and still are but I will be doing those spring.

    I have used it on other trailers as have family members on theirs with 100% success (held up and no leaks). Just make sure you clean he roof thoroughly before applying and apply good pressure to seal it. I use a small roller to apply the pressure.

    Great stuff.

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