Who Makes Escape Trailers?

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An Escape 5.0 fifth-wheel trailer attached to a truck

The Escape Trailer is a lot of goodness in a small package. From a small fifth wheel to travel trailers, Escape makes fiberglass campers that will leave you a customer for life. 

Keep reading to learn about Escape Trailers and the masterminds behind the brand. We also look at their lineup and floorplans. 

Let’s take a closer look at these unique trailers.

About Escape Trailers

Escape Trailers first came about in 1993. At the time, Reace and Tammy Harmatuik purchased old fiberglass campers to repair them. People kept asking if the refurbished units were for rent, so they began renting them out. 

The business began to grow into making their own fiberglass trailers from scratch. By 2012, they were selling direct to consumers with an emphasis on quality control, customer service, and fair pricing. 

In 2018, Escape Trailers partnered with KV Private Equity to take the company to the next level. Today, they continue to innovate and add new features that owners are looking for. 

Who Makes Escape Trailers?

The Harmatuiks own Escape Trailers. A growing team of designers and technicians build the fiberglass campers. With seven trailers in their lineup, they have a lot to manage and build. 

The team is trusted and highly regarded by Escape owners. They have a loyal following you’ll see at rallies, such as their 10th-anniversary rally. 

Where Are Escape Trailers Made?

The Escape Trailers headquarters is in Chilliwack, British Columbia. While customers come from throughout North America to pick up their Escape, Canadians are particularly loyal to the lightweight fiberglass rigs. 

You can visit their showroom. It’s open in the mornings and by appointment only.

What Makes an Escape Trailer Unique?

Being lightweight, fiberglass, and affordable are among the top things that make Escape Trailers unique. 

Construction is one of the most important factors to consider in an RV. A lightweight fiberglass trailer is strong, durable, and well-insulated. And it can be molded into an aerodynamic design, which increases fuel efficiency.

Other benefits of fiberglass include reduced dust and critters sneaking inside due to the limited seams. The fiberglass is mold-resistant.  

On a whole, fiberglass trailers require minimal maintenance, making them a good investment. Escape Trailers come in at a fair price point with the promise of longevity.

The Escape Trailer Line Up 

Are you ready to take a closer look at the Escape Trailer lineup? Let’s go! 

Escape 5.0

MSRP: Starting at $44,510

Length: 21-feet-2-inches

GVWR: 5,500 pounds

Floorplans: The Escape 5.0 has a simple floorplan with easy flow throughout and storage. It has a queen-size bed up the stairs with two small wardrobes.

You’ll find a kitchen and a wet bath on the main floor. The bathroom has a sink, toilet, and shower. And in the rear of the fifth wheel is a large u-shaped dinette all along the back wall that also converts into a bed.

The Escape 5.0 is a fifth-wheel trailer you can tow by a mid-size truck. It has a tandem axel and aerodynamic design with a low center of gravity for better fuel economy and road stability. 

An Escape 5.0 fifth-wheel trailer attached to a truck in the mountains

Escape 23

MSRP: The Escape 23 is the newest model in the lineup for 2023, and the manufacturer has not published a price at the time of this article. You can add your name to the waitlist for the latest information. 

Length: 23-feet-9-inches

GVWR: 5,500 pounds

Floorplans: The Escape 23 has two floorplans. The E23C has a walk-around queen-size bed in the front with wardrobes on either side. It has a dry bath with a toilet and a sink on one side and an enclosed shower across the hallway. 

You’ll also find a kitchen with an l-shaped countertop for plenty of room to cook. Additionally, there’s a large U-shaped dinette in the rear that converts into a bed. There’s also overhead storage and cabinets in the kitchen area.

The E23T floorplan is the same as the E23C, except the bedroom has two twin-size beds with a wardrobe between them. And in the E23C, the toilet room opens into the bedroom, whereas it doesn’t in the E23T.

The Escape 23 is a travel trailer. It’s lightweight enough to be pulled by a mid-size truck. It has dual axles and an awning the length of the trailer. In addition, it has a lot of natural light due to well-placed windows in the living area.

Escape 21C

MSRP: Starting at $42,195

Length: 21-feet-4-inches

GVWR: 5,000 pounds

Floorplans: The 21C has a double bed in the front corner with a wet bath next to it. Above the bed, you’ll find overhead storage and a dresser of drawers in front of the bed. The wet bathroom has a toilet and shower only.

The kitchen area is roomy with overhead storage. There’s a U-shaped dinette across the back wall, which also converts into a bed.

The Escape 21C is a travel trailer with dual axles, helping reduce sway when towing. It’s the perfect couple’s camper with an open floorplan. And you can choose between oak or contemporary decor. 

Inside an Escape 21C trailer

Escape 21NE

MSRP: Starting at $42,195

Length: 21-feet-4-inches

GVWR: 5,000 pounds

Floorplans: The Escape 21NE has two floorplans. The first has a double bed across the entire back wall, and the U-shaped dinette is in the front, with three large windows surrounding it. The dinette also converts into a bed. 

There is a wet bath in the 21NE with a toilet and sink. The kitchen offers overhead storage and drawers.

The second floorplan is the same, with the exception of a second U-shaped dinette in place of the double bed in the rear. The front and back dinettes have three large windows, giving this travel trailer a lot of natural light.

Escape Trailer’s 21NE features a large six-person u-shaped dinette for maximum seating and sleeping. The fiberglass travel trailer’s open design maximizes space for guests.

Keep in Mind: If you don’t want a big RV, you may want to consider a Fiberglass Camper!

Escape 19

MSRP: Starting at $39,170

Length: 19-feet-6-inches

GVWR: 5,000 pounds

Floorplans: The Escape 19 has two floorplans. Each has a wet bath with a sink, toilet, and shower. And they have a kitchen with overhead storage and drawers.

The first floorplan has a double bed in the rear and a dinette bed conversion with booths in the front. In contrast, the second floorplan has a dinette in the front and a larger dinette in the rear. Both dinettes convert into beds.

The Escape 19 is a short travel trailer with dual axles, making it easy to maneuver in campgrounds and on the road. This model is the second largest of Escape’s trailers.

While the GVWR still puts you into a mid-size truck for towing, the length gives you a lot more possibilities for getting into tight campsites and off the beaten path. 

Escape 17A

MSRP: Starting at $33,295

Length: 17-feet-8-inches

GVWR: 4,000 pounds

Floorplans: The first thing people notice with the Escape 17A is that it doesn’t have a bathroom. But it makes room for other amenities in a compact trailer. 

The 17A has a double bed in the front and a dinette that converts into a bed in the rear. It also has a kitchen and pantry. There’s plenty of natural light in the camper.

The Escape 17A and the 17B are lightweight travel trailers that you can pull with a small truck or an SUV. It’s a great starter option for a new RVer, and perfect for a solo traveler or a couple.

The kitchen and dinette area inside an Escape 17A trailer

Escape 17B

MSRP: Starting at $34,720

Length: 17-feet-8-inches

GVWR: 4,000 pounds

Floorplans: Unlike the 17A, the Escape 17B has a wet bath. It has three floorplans, each with a wet bath, toilet, sink, and shower. And they have a small kitchen with overhead storage and drawers. 

The first floorplan has a single-seater booth dinette for two in the front. It converts into a single bed. There’s also a larger dinette in the rear that converts into a double bed. 

The second floorplan has the single dinette in the front and a stationary double bed in the rear.

And the third floorplan has a stationary twin-size bed in the front and a large dinette that converts into a double bed in the rear.

The Escape 17B is lightweight and easy to tow, like the 17A model. Each has a single axle, a sturdy frame, and quality fiberglass construction. They also have an exterior awning that spans the camper’s length. 

Keep in Mind: If your camper didn’t come with an electric awning, you could install one on it But you may decide against it after reading these 5 Reasons to Avoid Electric RV Awnings

An Escape 17B Trailer parked outside

How to Order an Escape Trailer

Escape Trailers are a no-commission direct-to-consumer manufacturer. So, instead of negotiating with a dealer, you can purchase an Escape directly from the company at the listed price. 

To order an Escape Trailer, start by building the one you want on their website. You can select optional add-ons and more to get an idea of the price point if you fill your wishlist to the brim. You can also contact the manufacturer to discuss or see samples of fabrics and more.

After you put a deposit down on the trailer, the build timeline will be determined. Escape Trailer’s lead time varies depending on demand and production capabilities. But placing a deposit secures your spot in the line.

And when your trailer is complete, Escape offers free storage for the first month after it’s ready to go. This gives you time to arrange for pick-up.

Enjoy Factory-Direct Pricing and Quality Craftsmanship With an Escape Trailer

Are you ready to consider an Escape Trailer? The lightweight fiberglass campers are some of the best out there. We highly recommend a walk-through when you get a chance. They’re priced fairly and the craftsmanship is extremely high quality. 

Let us know if you have or get an Escape. We would love to hear about how you like it. 

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