Who Owns Cricket Golf Carts?

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A Cricket Golf Cart parked outside

You’ve probably seen dozens of golf carts motoring around campgrounds. You’ve seen them arrive on the back of motorhomes or rolled out from the garages of toy haulers.

You might not think you could ever travel with a golf cart if you have a smaller RV. But actually, there may be a smaller, more portable solution. Cricket Golf Carts makes collapsible mini golf carts designed for travelers with smaller cargo spaces. 

Let’s take a look, and maybe you’ll be placing an order soon!

What Is a Cricket Golf Cart?

A Cricket golf cart collapses to fit in RVs, trailers, and SUVs. These are ideal for travelers who don’t have a toy hauler with a garage space or don’t want to tow a trailer with a golf cart.

These mini electric golf carts aren’t regular size but still provide easy transportation at a campground, rodeo, or livestock show. They come in two-seat and four-seat models.

Who Owns Cricket Golf Carts?

Sometimes big name companies like Thor Industries or Forest River acquire smaller brands in the RV industry, but Cricket Golf Carts maintains its autonomy. When you buy a mini golf cart, you’re buying directly from Cricket.

What Makes Cricket Golf Carts Unique?

Golf carts come in handy at large campgrounds to get around the facilities. Sometimes the laundry room or playground is far from your campsite. 

Cricket Golf Carts are designed to be convenient and economical. Because they collapse, they can fit in many RV basement storage bays, some SUVs’ rear cargo space, and most truck beds. This makes these mini golf carts ideal for travelers without space to tote around a regular-sized golf cart.

You can also get numerous add-ons to upgrade your custom mini golf cart. You can add a hitch, a tinted windshield, side mirrors, seat belts, a zippered rain enclosure, a cushioned armrest, and more. These upgrades range from $49 for a rearview mirror to $799 for a five-star hauler hitch.

Where Are Cricket Golf Carts Made?

The showroom is located at 506 Fentress Blvd, Suite R, in Daytona Beach, Florida. The company offers free pick-up options for locals in the Daytona Beach area or Floridians who can drive a few hours to pick it up.

 People in Florida who can’t pick up their Cricket golf cart in person have a $399 shipping fee. For Americans who live in other states, you’ll have to call to get shipping rates.

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The Cricket Mini Golf Cart Lineup

Cricket Golf Carts makes three mini carts. All three have a load capacity of 600 pounds and measure 58 inches long and 32 inches wide when in transport. 

Each golf cart will travel 20 to 30 miles on fully charged batteries, which require 6 to 8 hours of charging. All three models can go 8 to 10 miles per hour.

Cricket ESV

Weight: 340 pounds

The Cricket ESV model comes standard with a two-person seat. But you can also add an additional rear seat for two more people. 

It operates like a scooter and is a great option for disabled travelers who need to fit through small doors, get into elevators, go up ramps, and navigate narrow hallways. This model has both foot and hand speed controls.

The Cricket ESV model has three heavy-duty 12-Volt 35-amp/hour batteries, a single 36-Volt magnet DC 800-Watt motor, and 13-by-6.5-by-6-inch tubeless tires. 

It measures 50 inches long, fully extended, including the utility box. After collapsing, it’s 28 inches tall. You can choose from eight colors and white or black stitched seats when you order.

Starting Price: $3,899

A Cricket Golf Cart parked outside
Source: Cricket Golf Carts

Cricket SX-3

Weight: 400 pounds

The original model is the Cricket SX-3. This model comes standard with a four-person seating configuration. It has the same batteries, motor, and tires as the Cricket ESV model. 

However, because of the standard four-seating configuration, when fully extended, it measures 72 inches long. After collapsing, the Cricket SX-3 is 28 inches tall. You can also choose the exterior colors and seat stitching.

Starting Price: $4,899

Cricket RX-5

Weight: 420 pounds

The Cricket RX-5 model also has a four-person seating configuration. Like the popular SX-3 model, the RX-5 is an upgraded version with enhanced styling, front suspension for better handling and ride, and column-mounted turn signals. 

This is a more robust and adventurous option. Because of the added suspension, it’s about two inches taller when collapsed. The same color options are available for the Cricket RX-5.

Starting Price: $5,899

A Cricket Golf Cart parked on the beach
Source: Cricket Golf Carts

In What Vehicles Will a Cricket Golf Cart Fit?

According to Cricket Golf Carts, a Honda CRV is the smallest vehicle a mini cart can fit in. Most customers have larger SUVs or RVs. 

These golf carts can also fit in truck beds. Or, if owners would rather tow their Cricket cart, the company also sells hitch carriers.

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Do Cricket Golf Carts Come With a Warranty?

The standard warranty from Cricket dealers is for one year on the golf cart and six months on the batteries. However, when you buy directly from Cricket in Daytona Beach, you’ll receive an exclusive five-year bumper-to-bumper warranty, including the batteries. 

Older models didn’t come with this exclusive warranty. Only 2023 models from the Daytona Beach location offer this protection.

Is a Cricket Golf Cart Worth It?

If you’re limited on space and want to travel with a golf cart to your favorite destination, a Cricket can make a great addition to your camping gear.

All you need is about five feet of cargo space. Whether you have an RV, SUV, or truck, you can likely enjoy the perks of these collapsible mini golf carts.

Is a Cricket golf cart purchase in your future?

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