Do They Make Six Door Trucks?

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A 6 door truck parked outside

You’ve probably seen your fair share of big trucks, from semi-truck haulers to F-550s. And because RVs keep getting longer and heavier, the trucks towing them are too. But have you ever seen a 6-door truck? 

If you haven’t, it might surprise you that these vehicles exist. Let’s take a closer look at 6-door trucks and why anyone would want one in the first place. Let’s go!

Do Any Manufacturers Make a 6-Door Truck?

No manufacturers make a 6-door truck. These vehicles are custom-made by other companies specializing in this product type. 

For example, the largest Ford truck you’ll see in their line is the F-450 with four doors. In the commercial line, you’ll find F-550s, F-650s, and F-750s, but these only come with a maximum of four doors as well. The 3500, the largest RAM truck, only comes with a four-door option too.

Can I Buy a 6-Door Truck?

So can you buy a 6-door truck? Yes, you can. But only from non-manufacturer companies who can custom make your vehicle or produce their own 6-door options. 

Although several companies specialize in creating big trucks, we’ll explore three of the most popular below.

King Series Pickup

King Series Pickup works with each prospective owner to create an individualized proposal. After accepting the proposal and making a $5,000 downpayment, the build process begins. 

Conversions at King Series Pickup include the complete package from start to finish, including the purchase of the truck and custom build. You can also inquire about the availability of used ones in their inventory. 

But most people choose the custom build process because it allows them to have their hand in creating their 6-door truck, and it’s a completely turnkey process. Builds usually take 10-12 weeks.

A 6 door truck parked outside

Super Truck

Super Truck has all kinds of haulers in its inventory. They even have a 6-door semi-truck hauler option! If you don’t want to shop for a used truck, you’ll find a custom-build process online. 

F650 Supertrucks is a registered Ford up-fitter, so they only use Ford vehicles. You can select from a Ford XLT Pickup, F-650 Hauler, F-650 Extreme, Extreme 6-door, and F-650 Extreme 4×4. 

The Extreme 6-door truck option package starts at $187,845. Once you’ve selected your truck, choose from available options and upgrades and fill out a query online.

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A super truck parked outside

Custom Autos By Tim: The Stretch Truck Company

In 1995, Tim welcomed his sixth child into the world. His family loved camping, and he didn’t know how they would get around as a family of eight. 

He then started working on his Ford F-250 to turn it into a vehicle to transport his growing family. When finished, Tim received so many positive comments that he started building stretched trucks and SUVs for other large families, and his business took off.

At Custom Autos By Tim, you provide the truck, which is different from King Series Pickup and Super Truck. Once the company finishes the conversion, it’ll look like it just came off the factory line. 

Ford 6-door pickup conversions range from $42,000 to $89,000, and GMC/Chevrolet 6-door pickup conversions cost around $89,000. If you don’t need a truck bed and have an SUV you’d like to bring in for modifications, a 6-door Excursion conversion will start around $54,000.

Why Would Someone Buy a 6-Door Truck?

Just like Tim, many parents need a larger vehicle than the typical four-door truck option to travel. For families larger than five, finding one vehicle to haul everyone around is difficult. 

And finding one that can also tow a large RV is even harder. Many RVers also have multiple pets traveling with them. A 6-door offers a roomier interior space without eliminating the ability to tow a fifth-wheel or travel trailer.

What Are the Disadvantages of A 6-Door Truck?

A 6-door truck conversion will be expensive. The custom detail to make the vehicle exactly what you need comes at a price. For some people, buying a standard truck and a second vehicle to follow behind may be cheaper.

The size is also a disadvantage. Even though the added interior space is wonderful for larger families, finding a parking space that can fit this giant truck is difficult. 

You may not have room to park it at your campsite either. When visiting a large city, the added length will make it hard to find street parking and garage parking. 

So although some RVers may find many benefits, it’s important to weigh the cons, too.

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A 6 door truck parked outside

How Much Is a 6-Door Truck?

Because 6-door truck conversions are custom, the price will vary from owner to owner. Super Truck and Custom Autos By Tim provide pricing information on their websites. 

King Series Pickup requires you to call and start the process to receive a quote.

As mentioned above, the Extreme 6-door truck option package at Super Truck starts at $187,845. But depending on custom options, you could spend over $200,000.

Since Tim requires you to provide your own vehicle, making the costs much lower. Pricing ranges from $42,000 to $89,000 just for the conversion.

This is why possibly considering buying a second vehicle is another alternative for larger families. You’ll pay that price anyway to convert a truck.

Will Manufacturers Start to Produce 6-Door Trucks?

So the question is, will manufacturers like Ford, RAM, and Chevrolet start making 6-door trucks? It’s unlikely.

The market is so small for that type of vehicle that they’re better off focusing on building electric trucks and strengthening their current lines. 

It’s more likely that private companies like King Series Pickup, Super Truck, and Custom Autos By Tim will be the only custom builders of these large trucks.

Would you ever consider purchasing a 6-door truck conversion?

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