Who Makes Cortes Campers?

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A Cortes Camper being towed by a truck
Source: Cortes Campers

You might have seen the iconic silver bullet of an Airstream or perhaps a vintage-looking Casita with its white molded fiberglass egg-shaped exterior. Certain travel trailers inspire adventure and exploration and stir pride in the American soul. Cortes Camper is a company hoping to join the ranks and create a camper that outlasts all the others. 

Let’s look at Cortes Campers and learn more about this next-generation RV manufacturer.

About Cortes Campers

Cortes Campers use marine materials to create lightweight, durable, and stronger travel trailers. Currently, the Corte 17 camper is the only model in production. But the company has more patents pending. 

These four-season campers are built to last a lifetime with cutting-edge materials and next-generation manufacturing processes. The company doesn’t use any wood in the construction, so you can avoid issues with rotting and mold. 

Instead, Cortes Campers have molded fiberglass to create a sleek vintage look while maintaining strength and durability.

A blue Cortes Camper at a campsite

Who Makes Cortes Campers?

US Lighting Group, Inc. (USLG) has four subsidiaries: Fusion X Marine, Futuro Houses, RVTronix, and Cortes Campers. 

Fusion X manufactures boats, and Futuro Houses manufactures fiberglass houses. RVTronix is just being developed but will produce appliances and accessories for recreational vehicles. 

USLG focuses on molded fiberglass products for RVs, recreational boats, and prefabricated off-grid housing.

Where Are Cortes Campers Manufactured?

USLG is located in Euclid, Ohio, but has manufacturing and R&D facilities in Cleveland, Ohio.

Cortes Campers are manufactured in Cleveland, but the company has dealers in 14 states and Quebec, Canada. 

Additionally, the company is in the process of establishing Cortes Campers dealerships in 11 states, so customers can purchase these fiberglass trailers all across the country.

A blue Cortes Camper at a campsite
Source: Cortes Campers

What Makes Cortes Campers Unique?

The high-end components and materials of Cortes Campers make them stand out from other travel trailer manufacturers. 

Fiberglass composite technology uses top-quality marine components and materials, which means these campers will last for decades. Basically, these campers are built like boats.

The axle-less independent suspension provides a smooth ride and off-road capability. The double-pane acrylic adjustable windows keep you warm even in winter temperatures. So a Cortes Camper can also withstand camping in any season.

About the Cortes 17 Model

The Cortes 17 is the only model currently available from Cortes Campers. This marine-grade travel trailer costs $59,500 and includes a seating area, a wet bath, and a full kitchen.

Even though it measures 17 feet in length, you have everything you need for a comfortable camping weekend.


It has a total length of 18 feet 1 inch, but the trailer measures 17 feet. Its height with the air conditioning unit reaches 8 feet 9 inches with an interior height of 6 feet 5 inches. 

The Cortes 17 has a GVWR of 3,500 pounds, making it a lightweight option that you can easily tow by SUVs and light-duty trucks.

Exterior Features

Each camper has two 20-pound propane tanks and two 12 Volt marine batteries. The fiberglass exterior has a marine-grade gel coat to prevent damage and create a stylish look. 

It has enclosed plumbing and tanks with heaters and sensors for year-round camping. Finally, the Cortes 17 camper comes with 15-inch aluminum wheels, 205/75/15 tires, and a spare tire.

Keep in Mind: If you’re going to have a fiberglass camper, then you’ll need one of the RV Waxes you can get!

Interior Features

Even though the Cortes Camper is small, the kitchen has an oven with a three-burner cooktop, microwave, and refrigerator.

The wet bath includes a stainless steel sink, vanity, porcelain toilet, shower, and exhaust fan. 

Additionally, you’ll have no problems staying cool during the summer with the 14.5K Furrion Chill air conditioning system. Plus, the double-pane acrylic windows keep the cool air in.

Furthermore, the front dinette converts into a double bed for comfortable sleeping at night.

The kitchen and living area inside a Cortes Camper
Source: Cortes Campers

Are There Other Cortes Camper Models?

The company has five pending patents for travel trailers and one truck camper. The travel trailers range from 14 to 36 feet in length. 

The smallest Cortes Camper includes a wet bath, full kitchen, and double bed. The 22-foot travel trailer features a double and single bed for additional sleeping space.

However, there’s no timetable for the production of these models or the truck camper model.

Are Fiberglass Campers Better?

Casita, Scamp, Escape, and Oliver brands have made fiberglass travel trailers for decades. Cortes Campers hopes to jump into the scene as a top contender among these other brands. 

Although fiberglass campers are smaller than most other aluminum travel trailers, their quality outranks their counterparts. 

Additionally, molded fiberglass campers have fewer seams, which means better durability and water resistance. They’re also easier to clean and less prone to rust than aluminum.

Overall, fiberglass campers retain their value longer but cost more upfront. So are they better? If you consider the construction, maintenance, and aerodynamics, molded fiberglass campers win.

But if you have a tight budget, you might have trouble finding a model in your price range.

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A grey Cortes Camper
Source: Cortes Campers

Check Out the Sleek Yet Vintage Cortes Campers

Molded fiberglass campers have a recognizable vintage, egg-shaped look. They inspire adventure and create nostalgia you don’t get with aluminum trailers. 

Cortes Campers is a company hitting the RV industry with pride and boldness, believing it can change the way it makes campers and create a better model within the molded fiberglass community. 

After all, on their website, they claim, “Cortes Campers are lighter, much stronger, and smarter than anything you’ve ever experienced. We’ve revolutionized the way trailers are built.”

Will you have a Cortes Camper parked in your driveway anytime soon?

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