Colorado Has Castles – And You Can Visit Them

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View of Glen Eyrie, one of the castles of colorado
Source: Glen Eyrie

When you imagine a castle, you probably think of an ancient, gothic-style building in the heart of a beautiful European town. You almost certainly don’t picture castles of Colorado.

Evening reading the phrase “castles of Colorado” may seem strange, but these genuine and surprising structures are our primary focus.

We will take a closer look at the castles that dot the landscape of the Centennial State. Let’s dive in!

How Many Castles Are in Colorado?

Colorado isn’t the place you would imagine finding a castle. One alone would be impressive, but the state was once home to 20 castles. Today, 14 of those castles are still intact. 

When is the Best Time to Visit the Castles Of Colorado?

The best time to visit Colorado is between June and October. The weather during this time is optimal for tourists hoping to spend time outdoors and those taking advantage of all that Colorado offers.

The mountains provide a cool respite from the hotter temperatures in the state’s plateaus. 

Visit These Stunning Castles Of Colorado

It’s time to examine a few of the best castles in Colorado. We selected the following castles due to their popularity, unique features, and stunning architecture.

If you’re planning a trip to Colorado soon, we’re sure that you’ll find a castle on the list below that will be worth a stop on your journey. 

Miramont Castle, Manitou Springs

Address: 9 Capitol Hill Avenue, Manitou Springs, CO 80829-1618

Cost of Entry: Adults 13 – 59: $14.00; Seniors 60+: $13.00; Children 4-12: $10.00; Children 3 and under – Free

About The Castle: Miramont Castle is perhaps the most famous castle on our list. Dating to the Victorian Era in the 1890s, the Castle was once home to Father Jean Baptiste Francolon.

When Francolon lived there, the Sisters of Mercy ran sections of the building as a Sanatorium. Due to this history, many believe that former patients haunt the castle.

In the 1970s, the owners registered this building as a historical site and began operating it as a museum and tourist attraction. Today, guests can tour over 40 furnished rooms and enjoy a light tea and meal in the Queen’s Parlour.

Know Before You Go: They don’t require reservations to visit the castle, but if visiting the Queen’s Parlour for tea is on your itinerary, you will need to call ahead to reserve a spot for you and your party.

If you visit the tea room, they’ll discount your ticket for entering the castle.

The tea room in Miramont Castle in Manitou, one of the castles of colorado

Glen Eyrie Castle, Colorado Springs

Address: 3820 North 30th Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Cost of Entry: $9 for a day ticket

About The Castle: This Tudor-style castle is next on our list. Dating to 1871, Glen Eyrie was originally home to William Jackson Palmer and his family. Palmer was a Brigadier General in the Union Army during the Civil War.

He was also the president of the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad and founded the city of Colorado Springs. The family owned the home until the late 1930s when an oil tycoon from Texas, George Strake, bought the property.

The Strakes later sold the house to the religious group the Navigators, who now use the castle as their organization’s headquarters. Tours, overnight stays, and the site’s wedding venues are all available to guests who travel to see the stunning architecture of the castle. 

Know Before You Go: If you plan on staying overnight in one of the many beautiful rooms in the main house, you will need to make a reservation.

Prices for lodging range from $150-$290 a night, depending on the type of room you reserve.

Pro Tip: Colorado is known for being a great camping state! Take a look at our Guide to Camping in Colorado

Bishop Castle, Rye 

Address: 12705 State Highway 165, Rye, Colorado 81069

Cost of Entry: Free Entry

About The Castle: Perhaps the most unique castle on our list, Bishop Castle is a testament to one man’s commitment to his craft. For over 60 years, Jim Bishop has been building the castle in Rye, Colorado.

To this day, construction is ongoing, and visitors can often catch glimpses of Bishop building on the weekends. What began as a small cabin in the 1960s has become an impressive structure defining Bishop’s life work.

Today he continues to work at the local steel shop to support his family while building toward his dream.

Know Before You Go: There aren’t many rules or stipulations to follow when visiting Bishop Castle, but it is essential to remember that the castle is an active construction site.

Because of this, it is wise to exercise caution and watch where you step!

View of one of the castles of colorado, Bishop Castle

Redstone Castle, Carbondale

Address: 58 Redstone Boulevard, Redstone, CO, 81623

Cost of Entry: Public tour: $25 per person, up to 10 people. Private tour: $500, up to 10 people

About The Castle: Redstone Castle stands out as one of the best castles of Colorado for a few reasons. Builders completed this castle in 1902 for John Cleveland Osgood.

It was a popular spot for many of the time’s wealthiest individuals. Some believe that due to Osgood’s ranking as the 6th richest man in the United States at the time, his home was open to fellow socialites like J.P. Morgan, J.D. Rockefeller, and many others.

In 1971, the owners registered the castle as a historical site and began allowing tours. Built in the style of the Tudors, this castle quickly became a popular tourist destination.

Know Before You Go: Due to special covid procedures, the castle may only offer private tours. Because of that, group tickets might be at a slightly discounted rate.

Check the rates before you go! 

Richthofen Castle, Denver

Address: 7020 E 12th Ave, Montclair, Denver, Colorado

Cost of Entry: The owners do not permit entry at this time. The castle is a private residence.

About The Castle: In 1886, the Richthofen Castle was home to Baron Walter von Richthofen and served as his primary family home as he attempted to make his fortune out West.

Over the years, the castle traded hands from family to family until 2012, when Jesse and Sylvia Jesperson bought it. Today the Castle operates as the Jesperson’s private family residence, though they recognize the mystery and appeal of their home.

Because of this, they run a website dedicated to sharing their lives at Richthofen with the public. You can find their story here.

Know Before You Go: As this is a family residence, the Jespersons do not allow public tours.

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Cherokee Ranch and Castle, Sedalia

Address: 6113 N. Daniels Park Road, Sedalia, Colorado 80135

Cost of Entry: Price varies by need and occasion. They do not list prices publicly.

About The Castle: In 1924, a local family built the magnificent Cherokee Castle in Sedalia. This 15th-century-style castle was a unique feature in the Colorado Landscape.

Like many castles on this list, Cherokee Ranch and Castle has changed hands over the years but is now most prominently known as a popular tourist attraction and spot for visitors.

In addition to the castle, it is home to a large cattle ranch that is still active. Castle tours are available daily, including Ranch tours and tea time in the Tea Room.

Each tour lasts about 90 minutes and takes visitors through a castle that mixes traditional 15th-century Scottish style with more modern Western decor. This unique blend offers a fun and entertaining stay for all visitors.

Know Before You Go: The Castle and Ranch are available for rent for various occasions; weddings, conferences, retreats, etc.

You’ll need a reservation for all activities, including the daily tours. These tours and reservations are non-refundable.

Inside a bedroom area of Cherokee Ranch and Castle in Sedalia, one of the castles of colorado

Westminster Castle, Westminster

Address: 3455 W 83rd Ave, Westminster, CO 80031

Cost of Entry: None – no tours are available

About The Castle: Completed in 1893, Westminster Castle was the dream of Henry T. Mayham, a New York socialite who dreamed of building a Presbyterian University in Colorado to rival Princeton in the East.

The school saw its first class in 1908. Tuition for the school was $50 per student for the year, equivalent to about $1,600 today.

The owners soon closed the school, and it was often a site for radical hate groups in the 1920s. Today the castle is home to a famous Christian school in the area. 

Know Before You Go: While you cannot go inside this castle, the structure and grounds are still worth seeing. 

Are There Castles In Other States?

While Colorado may be home to many castles, there are actually around 145 castles across the United States.

These structures range from modest to gigantic, and each comes with its unique history. 

Live Out Your Fairytale Dreams On Your Next Vacation to Colorado

Now that we know more about the castles of Colorado, it’s time to plan your next adventure to the Centennial State.

The castles above are unique and allow visitors to see the surrounding areas in a new light. The history and mystery of many of these locations make for excellent pictures and even better memories.

Which of these castles in Colorado will you visit?

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