The Coolest Car Haulers with Living Quarters

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Black SUV pulling a car hauler trailer.

When considering which RV or trailer to get, you should also consider what you’ll take with you. Do you love your motorcycle? How will you transport it when you travel? If you have ATVs or other toys, bring them along. But how? 

Check out these car haulers with living quarter options. Bring another vehicle or your favorite big toys for an amazing camping experience. Let’s take a closer look!

What Is a Car Hauler?

A car hauler is like a garage on wheels; they transport vehicles. Some call them car carrier trailers or auto transport trailers. 

NASCAR racing team members drive the most popular car haulers. You might pass them on the interstate driving to the next racing destination. These car haulers are as long as semi-trucks.

Car Haulers: Custom or Factory Fresh?

You can get these enclosed car haulers custom-made or produced at a factory. For example, Complete Trailers offers standard models and start-to-finish custom orders. 

Millennium Trailers has hundreds of units to choose from and offers a design-your-own-trailer option. So you can find a car hauler with living quarters pre-made and ready for pick-up. Or you can customize one to fit your needs. Which option you choose depends on you and your travel needs.

A luxury sports car drives up a ramp into a toy hauler at an RV show.

What Vehicles Can You Fit in a Car Hauler?

The smaller the vehicle, the better it will fit in a hauler and the more ease you’ll have towing it. But since car haulers come in all sizes, you have lots of options. Pay close attention to the height and width of the trailer. You won’t get a Ford F-150 in the back of a car hauler, but a typical sedan, ATV, or motorcycle will fit.

Each car hauler has a cargo-carrying weight. So don’t exceed that limit. Additionally, some manufacturers have customizable options to add extra height. This increased height could come from storage or sleeping space or loading and unloading a taller vehicle.

Driver's view of a motorcycle speeding down a forested road.

Car Haulers with Living Quarters That You’ll Want to Live In

Let’s look at four car haulers that provide the room to haul your favorite toy while also providing the luxury of a living space. These car haulers with living quarters are manufactured by companies specializing in custom builds and factory pre-made models. These car haulers offer various lengths from 20 to 45 ft to fit your travel needs.

1. Complete Trailer 45’ Gooseneck Stacker

This 45’ gooseneck car hauler features an interior height of 11’ 3” and an interior width of 82”, so you’ll have plenty of room. Taller people can easily stand up and enjoy the living space that includes a kitchenette, bathroom, and a loft-style sleeping quarter. 

The unit’s exterior features a one-piece roof, blackout package, solar, a generator, and LED lighting. The garage space has three doors for easy access: a trailer ramp, a side entry door, and a side garage door.

2. 32’ Millennium Car Hauler w/ Extra Height

This 2022 32’ car hauler isn’t as luxurious and sleek looking as the one above, but it provides all of the necessities for living. The garage has an entry door, trailer ramp, and cabinets for storage. 

This bumper-pull trailer has a separate entry door into the living space that includes an L-shaped dinette with a pedestal table and wet bath. The kitchen includes a stove, refrigerator, microwave, and sink. It doesn’t have a separate sleeping area, but the sofa folds out into a bed.

3. ATC Game Changer PRO Toy Hauler

2021 ATC Game Change Pro Series Floorplan

All Game Changer models have a 50 amp distribution panel, cabinets, a power awning, and a 5-year structural warranty. With both bumper pull and fifth wheel PRO options, you can find the right toy hauler for your travel needs. 

The shortest unit, the PRO 2015 bumper-pull, measures 20’, and the longest, the PRO 2917 unit, measures 29’. The PRO 2015 and 2419 units don’t have separate sleeping spaces, but all six models include a kitchen with a microwave, sink, and refrigerator.

The PRO fifth wheel units range from 32 to 45 ft. These models all include a queen bed and kitchen. The biggest difference among the fifth wheel models is the length of the garage. The PRO package on all Game Changer models includes upgraded E.P.S. wall insulation, a screwless aluminum exterior, and a changeable floorplan.

4. Sundowner Pro-Grade Toy Hauler

Located in Whitehorse, Yukon in Canada, Tait Trailers delivers trailers to Yukon and Alaska. With the severe weather conditions in these locations, you know the toy hauler models will be top quality. While the Millennium features extra height, the Sundowner features a lower load height for less wind drag. 

This commercial grade toy hauler has an all-aluminum construction from the floor I-beams to the seamless roof and the sides and skin. Sundowner also provides buyers a 36-month hitch-to-bumper warranty and an 8-year structural warranty. 

Sundowner has been a leader in horse trailers for years and now has a pro-grade toy hauler in its lineup. These fully customizable units allow you to choose your furniture, flooring, countertops, sinks, and more.

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Interior bunk space in a trailer

What Can You Expect from the Living Quarters of a Car Hauler?

A car hauler will have smaller living quarters than a travel trailer or fifth wheel because the garage takes up so much space. But when you want to haul your vehicle, ATV, or golf cart, you might more easily give up that space. 

Depending on the customizable options available, you can choose high-end, luxurious finishings that make the interior feel like a Class A motorhome. Or you can select basic, standard finishing for a more affordable model.

Check This Out: These amazing Class A motorhomes have garages for hauling toys.

Not all models have a separate sleeping space, and not all models have a fully functioning kitchen. Some models will have a wet bath, and others will have a standard bath. Depending on your travel needs, you can customize the car hauler to suit you. 

What you get with a car hauler is ample garage space. Although the above models have living quarters, they won’t feel the same as an RV without a garage. If you want more living space, consider buying a Class A motorhome and towing a trailer behind it.

Is a Car Hauler Right for Me?

Some car haulers can only transport vehicles. But these car haulers with living quarters offer so much more.

If you want to take a ride along Going-to-the-Sun road on your motorcycle or travel the country doing off-road adventures in your ATV, a car hauler with living quarters may work best for you.

Even though they don’t have big living spaces, it may surprise you how comfy and roomy they are. Have you ever considered a car hauler?

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