Campfire Starters That Actually Work

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a man using a campfire starter over some loose leaves and wood

If you want a campfire starter that actually works, look no further. With these brilliant tools, you’ll be able to start your campfire with little effort. With just a bit of preparation and planning, you can take the stress out of sitting around the campfire. Let’s take a look.

What Makes for a Good Firestarter?

A good campfire starter will have everything you need to not only start a fire but keep it going, too. They’ll withstand almost anything Mother Nature can throw at you and will be easy to use no matter your firestarter skill level.


A campfire is delightful when there’s a chill in the air and some frost on the ground. And when you have a firestarter that can handle that chill, you know your night is going to be a pleasant one. Neither snow, nor rain, nor sleet will keep a good firestarter down. Make sure yours is weather-proof.

Ease of Use

Your camping plans shouldn’t include hours of starting a campfire. A good firestarter is also easy to use. It should require little effort to get your night around the campfire started right.

Man blowing on a campfire that he got going with a campfire starter, blowing on a fire. Little girl sitting in a grass beside a campfire.

Type of Firestarter

There’s a huge range of firestarters, from all-natural to high-tech. Decide how much technological help you want or need from your campfire starter. There are flint and steel style starters, treated firewood starters, homemade starters from dryer lint, and more.

The Best Campfire Starters that Won’t Fail You

Choosing the right starter for you will all depend on your storage space, your fire starting skills, and the materials you’re using. Let’s take a look at some of the best campfire starters out there.

#1. Gerber Bear Grylls Firestarter

Bear Grylls is a survivalist, writer, and well-known TV host of many shows, including “Man vs. Wild.” It makes sense, then, that he would have his own firestarter. This compact and lightweight fire starter can get the campfire blazing in no time. It uses a ferrocerium rod and metal striker. You also have an emergency whistle for added safety.

Why It Won’t Fail You: No matter where you end up in the world, this firestarter will be by your side. It includes a waterproof storage compartment for tinder, so you don’t have to stress about the weather. It also has a lanyard so that the whole product stays secure and together no matter where you travel.

Gerber Bear Grylls Fire Starter [31-000699]
  • Compact fire starter with ferrocerium rod and metal striker
  • Lanyard to keep product secure and together

#2. Lightning Nugget Firestarters

The Lightning Nugget Firestarter will work its magic with one flick of a lighter. Made of non-toxic wood by-products and no chemical additives, you can use this firestarter for almost any fire.

It’s great for starting BBQs and campfires. You can also use it for an indoor fireplace. The nuggets don’t expire, so you can hang onto them for years. They’re even great for emergencies when you need light or signal fire.

Why It Won’t Fail You: It’s guaranteed to light easily and burn for 15 minutes. Starting a fire doesn’t get much easier than with these nuggets. You can use them in any wood-burning appliance.

Lightning Nuggets Inc 0-47815-14175-7 12-Count Firestarters
  • Power Source Type: Charcoal
  • Great for barbecues, wood stoves, fireplaces and campfires

#3. Light My Fire Kit

About Light My Fire Kit: This complete campfire starter kit can save the day when tinder or dry wood isn’t available as kindling. You’ll get flint and steel along with a fire fork, making roasting marshmallows and hot dogs a breeze. It all comes in its very own storage bag for easy packing.

Why It Won’t Fail You: Made to last for about 3,000 strikes, this durable tool produces a spark hot enough to start a fire even in damp weather and at altitude. Use it to get your gas stove, and BBQs lit in no time.

Light my Fire Ferro Rod Fire Starter - Flint and Steel Fire Starter Kit - 3 in 1-1/4" Magnesium Fire Starter, Tinder Fire Starter & Roasting Stick/Smores Stick - Survival Kit for Camping Outdoor
  • A VERY PRACTICAL FLINT FIRE STARTER - With this flint striker you can easily light a fire or a fireplace, in all...
  • INCLUDES BBQ FORK MADE OF STAINLESS STEEL - The BBQ fork is a perfect to use when grilling over open fire. The fork is...

Pro Tip: Once you’ve gotten your campfire going, try cooking dinner over it with one of these 5 Best Campfire Cooking Kits You’ll Actually Use.

#4. Homemade Lint and Wax Firestarters

Ever wonder what to do with all that lint you’ve collected every time you clean out your dryer? Create a lint and wax firestarter. It burns for 15 minutes and costs next to nothing. 

All you need are a few simple ingredients: old candles, dryer lint, and a paper egg carton. Break some old candles into small chunks and melt them. Grab an egg carton and fill each space with dryer lint.

Pour the melted wax over the dryer link and let it dry thoroughly. Cut each square into individual squares. You now have your very own, inexpensive firestarters.

Why It Won’t Fail You: Having an alternative solution for starting a fire is invaluable. When lighters fail, or matches get wet, a flint and steel combined with your homemade lint and wax campfire starter could save you from a miserable night. Whether you’re a backpacker or a weekend camper, this brilliant creation is a must in any fire kit.

#5. Überleben Zünden Fire Starter

About Überleben Zünden Fire Starters: Not only is this a fire tool, but it’s also a work of art. This beauty has a handcrafted wooden handle made with ergonomics in mind. Created with thick bushcraft steel, it offers durability as well as ease of use. 

Why It Won’t Fail You: Created to withstand up to 20,000 strikes, this flint and steel will immediately become a necessary part of your backpacking and camping gear. You won’t have to worry about starting a fire no matter where you travel with this tool.

überleben Zünden Fire Starter - The Trad - Traditional Ferro Rod with Handcrafted Wood Handle - 5/16" Thick Fire Steel with 12,000 Strikes - Survival Igniter with Neck Lanyard & Multi-Tool Striker
  • AS TIMELESS AS FIRE - Our Zünden Fire Starter is a ferro rod that is as timeless as fire and will help get your flames...
  • BEST FERRO BLEND, PERIOD — Our trademark Sånft-korr ferrocerium blend is a perfect balance that boasts both softness...

Campfire Starters Give You Time to Spend Around a Campfire

Knowing that you now have the tool for the job, starting a campfire will be one of the easiest tasks on your next camping trip. Whatever firestarter you choose, you’ll make your life easier with a quality campfire starter. How do you start a campfire?

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