RV Parts Supplier Buys World’s Fastest RV to Attempt New Record

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A 1977 GMC Kingsley Motorhome, the fastest RV parked outside
Source: Facebook Marketplace

You can find world records for just about anything. A man in California has the longest tongue in the world.

A teenager from the United Kingdom became the youngest esports millionaire from a single tournament in 2019. Did you know there’s a world record for the fastest RV? It’s true! 

And that fastest RV in the world recently sold to RV supplier, RecPro. Let’s look at the famous motorhome that traveled over 120 miles per hour!

What Is the Fastest RV in the World?

The fastest RV in the world is a 1977 GMC Kingsley Motorhome, which drove 122 miles per hour down the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah in 2016. This motorhome has a 700-horsepower Chevrolet Ram Jet 502 motor paired with a TH425 automatic transmission. 

The team did some modifications to help this RV become the fastest RV in the world, like a power bump from a 125-wet shot of nitrous and a gear ratio of 3.07. 

Hot Wheels/Mattel Corp sponsored this Class A, nicknamed the “MoHo,” to promote awareness about CMT (Charcot-Marie-Tooth) neurological disease, which affects 2.6 million people worldwide.

Who Owns the World’s Fastest RV?

Britt Palmer owned the world’s fastest RV but has recently sold it to RecPro. Palmer decked out the exterior in black and gold decals and advertised CMTA – Charcot Marie Tooth Association – which he was raising money for during the record-breaking event.

The interior looks nothing like the exterior. It’s a blank slate, an empty shell. Palmer skinned it from front to back down to the aluminum panels and roll cage. 

The cockpit has dash panels, gauges, a video monitor, and two seats. However, it does not have fixtures, cabinets, or furniture.

Why Did Britt Palmer Attempt to Break the World Record?

The previous land speed record was set by a different GMC Motorhome in 2006. Palmer wanted to raise awareness for Charcot Marie Tooth Disease while breaking this 17-year-old record.

Because Palmer knew he had to beat 102.7 miles per hour, he called up Dennis McCarthy, a custom fabricator who’s famous for creating many of the cars from the “Fast & Furious movies.

What Modifications Were Done to the Motorhome?

A standard Class A motorhome won’t break any world records. Therefore, McCarthy and his team completely gutted the motorhome and added lightweight aluminum sheeting. 

They ripped out the typically heavy RV decor, furniture, cabinets, and fixtures. In addition, they added a front-to-back Chrome Moly roll cage for protection should a crash occur. 

The team transformed the cockpit to look more like a race car than a motorhome. Palmer now had a RacePak IQ3 Dash and Kirkey racing seat.

The exterior also got an upgrade. The team also added modern disc brakes to the six wheels and replaced the suspension with a Ridetech Air Ride System. 

McCarthy and his team also tried to tweak the shape of the Class A to make it more aerodynamic. Their efforts paid off as Palmer’s motorhome became the fastest RV in the world.

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Inside the fastest RV
Source: Facebook Marketplace

What Was the Previous World Record for the Fastest RV?

In 2006, someone else hit the record of 102.7 miles per hour in another GMC motorhome. A decade later, Palmer reached the new world record of 122 miles per hour in his 1977 GMC Kingsley Motorhome. 

However, more modern motorhomes can go quite a bit faster. In 2014, Simon Robins set the record for the fastest speed ever achieved by a motorhome at 141.3 miles per hour. He did this at Elvington Airfield in East Yorkshire, United Kingdom. But his RV looks more like a camper van than a motorhome.

How Much Is the Fastest RV in the World?

The “MoHo” was listed on Facebook Marketplace for $95,000. Because of the empty interior, Palmer suggested that the new owner could use this Class A as a race support crew vehicle, food truck, personal motorhome, or party bus.

Palmer also reminded the public that this motorhome is entirely street-legal. The cockpit is fully functional and meets all requirements.

A 1977 GMC Kingsley Motorhome, the fastest RV parked outside
Source: Facebook Marketplace

In What Condition Is the Fastest RV in the World?

The exterior and mechanical components of the fastest RV in the world are in excellent condition. Palmer had dozens of details about the 26-foot 1977 GMC motorhome in the Facebook Marketplace listing. 

It has a TH425 automatic transmission, Magnaflow exhaust, MSD-7AL ignition control box, applied GMC rear quad air bag system, and P30 master cylinder. 

Additionally, it features a sensitized brake boost, 800mm front calipers, CBR high-capacity radiator, and a K&N high-performance air filter. Plus, it comes with Ultra Goliath wheels, Bridgestone “V” rated tires, applied GMC front swaybars and rear dual sway bars, and numerous other upgrades and features.

However, Palmer also explains that the interior has nothing but aluminum panels and the roll cage. If someone wanted to turn this into a functional, livable Class A motorhome, they’ll have a clean slate and tons of work.

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RecPro Buys The World’s Fastest RV and Has Big Plans

Last month, RV supplier, RecPro purchased the Class A Motorhome with hopes of surpassing the previous record. “We plan to unveil a new and improved MoHo by late 2023”, says RecPro. “Planned upgrades include new graphics, lessening drag, and further drivetrain upgrades.”

To stay up to date with information regarding the fastest RV, you can visit RecPro.com

Do you think RecPro will be able to set the next world record?

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