35 Underrated RV YouTube Channels You Should Already Be Watching

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Top 25 Favorite RV YouTubers

There are so many RV YouTubers now that it doesn’t matter if you are interested in a life in a van, trailer, motorhome, full time RVing couples
or fifth wheel owners. There is something for everyone.

Below is the list of our favorite channels in no particular order.

Some of these channels we watched religiously before hitting the road, some we have met while on the road, and others have become good friends!

Let us know in the comments your favorite!

35. Embracing Detours

Embracing Detours is a couple that decided to break free from the conventional thinking of what life should be to live a more adventurous and fulfilling life on the road. They are currently traveling the U.S. in their customized 4×4 diesel van and a 30′ Airstream travel trailer.

34. Wandering Weekends

Cory and Brooke have full-time jobs, a home to take care of, two small children (Townley and Beckett), and a rescue pup (Tallulah).  While they aren’t full-time RVers, they would like to inspire you to just get out and go! Follow their adventures as they take a break from the daily grind and explore the U.S. in their Grand Design Imagine 2800BH. 

33. Traveling Robert

Robert shares his RV travel stories from the road, in the USA, and occasionally overseas. You can tell he enjoys the journey as much as the destination. He samples the local cuisine, visits the main attractions, and loves off the beaten path destinations.

32. Big Truck, Big RV

Big Truck Big RV’s channel is focused on providing honest, real, and credible reviews of new Pickup trucks, SUVs, RVs, and accessories. The goal is to give the viewers a better perspective of buying as well as owning trucks and RVs.

31. Love Your RV

This channel showcases RV tips & tricks, how-tos, mods & upgrades, and reviews of RV products they personally use. Also, look for Travel Report Vlogs detailing the many cool places they explore in their RV.

30. New State Nomads

Howard and Katelyn work from home and decided to take the show on the road. They live in a 200 sq. foot RV (2019 Winnebago Navion 24D) with their two cute dogs, Piper and Ella. They are now full-time RVers and share travel tips, hacks, and how they travel the globe for cheap. In the first month of RV life, they drove their home on wheels 4000+ miles up the East Coast from Florida to Nova Scotia.

29. Eat See RV

Liz & Dennis dumped their day jobs to become location independent Real Estate Investors traveling the United States on a Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler RV. Since leaving on their grand journey, they’ve downsized to a Class B! They share some awesome tips, tricks, and best places to visiting while RVing.

28. You, Me & the RV

Phil and Stacy are both Navy veterans who love to travel and find new adventures. After experiencing foreign ports of call during their Navy years they decided it was time to explore our great country in their 35 foot Tiffin Allegro 33AA.

27. Finding Our Someday

Corey and Jessie sold our home in Maine and almost everything they own and moved into a Grand Design Reflection 28bhts. They travel the country with their girls, Lily and Leila in the hopes of finding a new place to call home. Their family took the leap after Jess’ father passed away 4 years ago after a long fight with ALS, Lou Gehrig’s, at just 53. He didn’t get his “someday”, so they decided not to wait to find theirs.

26. Brazen Brits

Laurence and Natalie are a riot! Their bio reads “Brazen: Bold and without shame. Brit: A British Person” and we love it. After a few episodes, you catch onto their dry humor and don’t stop laughing. They travel with their two dogs, Roxy and Jax in their 37ft Grand Design RV travel trailer. They share their entire experience, both good and bad.

25. The Motorhome Experiment

Paul and Lorena Charron are a suburban couple, who are trading in their comfortable 1879 sq ft lifestyle, for RV living and the confinement of a 240 sq ft house on wheels.

Join these RV vloggers as they travel the United States, learning about the local flora and fauna, discovering things about this amazing country they didn’t know and discovering things they never even knew about themselves. This is unscripted, mostly unplanned and definitely unfiltered.

If you are looking for information on RV living, full-time RV living, motorhome living or motorhomes in general, then this YouTube channel may be what you’re looking for!

24. Project Trek

Check out the Axness Family! They launched in April 2017 to travel full-time in their RV! They homeschool their children while they travel across America to spread health, wealth, and abundance while sharing it all on YouTube.

23. Always On Liberty

Ahoy! Dan & Lisa are “Always On Liberty” In 2014, they finally hung up their Coast Guard uniforms and traded the Kentucky bluegrass for greener pastures to explore America in their RV! They will show you how they do it, where they go, and who they meet.

Ride along with them to amazing destinations they’ve explored from the Atlantic to the Pacific! From highways to byways, they will take you the America you’ve never seen. From inspiration to perspiration, they will show you cool RV modifications, how-to-guides, interior decor, and organization tips.

They will also share with you the simplicity of RV life on the road on their YouTube channel. They will take you on their emotional journey of living in an RV.

Liberty means being free to do the things they want to do and live where they want to live. And, they are doing just that! So climb aboard and enjoy their journey with them!

22. Crazy Family Adventure

The mission at Crazy Family Adventure is to help families see how family travel is such an amazing way to deepen your family bond. They want to do this by sharing family travel tips, showing you how they travel with their family of 4 young kids plus 2 dogs, and highlighting destinations that they have been to that are perfect for families. Traveling with your family isn’t always easy but it is fun, rewarding, and brings your family closer together!

21. Irene Iron Fitness

Christine and Aaron are a full-time RV couple that run a fitness and nutrition coaching business from their Airstream Interstate Class B RV. Christine is a NASM certified personal trainer and nutrition coach that does a new healthy RV cooking recipe every Wednesday. Aaron runs the website and Youtube channel while also doing all of the RV upgrades and reviews. Follow along with their RV life every Sunday on YouTube as they travel the country and follow their dreams!

20. Fit Two Travel

FitTwoTravel are husband and wife Travel and Fitness YouTubers exploring one country at a time while documenting it for your (and their own) enjoyment. They are both personal trainers by day and work hard on their off-hours on their blog to provide the best content we can possibly create.

19. RV with Tito DIY

Brian makes DIY videos on YouTube covering RV solar, maintenance, off-grid living, and mobile communications. He hopes his videos empower you to perform your own RV maintenance and upgrades. You’ll be surprised how much you can do with just basic DIY skills.

His wife Melissa and him have been RVing for over 12 years and enjoy sharing what they see and learn with you. He has learned how to maintain his RV and do major DIY upgrades that have significantly improved the way they use their RV.

You’ll see lots of videos on topics like solar power that enable them to enjoy their RV comfortably off-the-grid. If his videos inspire you to take on a DIY project of your own, then he’s a happy camper. Whether you are a seasoned or aspiring RV traveler, you’ll find something informative and entertaining here.

18. All About RVs

All about RVs is another great channel for the DIYer. Check it out for tips and tricks for RVing.

17. RV Lifestyle

RV Lifestyle are long-time journalists and love traveling North America in their motorhome, finding interesting people and places to share in these video reports on YouTube and on their RV Podcast and Blog. And they really like hearing from you. Where should they visit next?

16. We’re the Russos

We’re the Russos YouTube channel is all about van life, RV living, and travel. They travel full time in a camper van and share their journey and what life is like living in a van.

15. Adventure Endeavor

Just a young married couple and their two dogs, traveling the U.S. in a 5th wheel full-time. Following 70 degrees, visiting family when they can and having the time of their lives while sharing it all on YouTube!

14. The Glamping Guys

Follow Jason & Tod as they explore this beautiful world & bring you along for the journey with them. They sold their home & purchased a Grand Design 344GK-R Fifth Wheel to live the RV Dream.

Together with their Badass Pomeranian Ziggy, they’re getting out on the road for some Glamping & Camping getaways. Their channel has no set format. It’s about all the fun groovy things relating to their Glamping Life!

13. Enjoy The Journey.Life

Tom & Cheri are sharing their adventures (and challenges), advice and more from the road. Inspiring others to do it now and live life on their terms, a life of freedom and adventure.

Enjoy the Journey.Life is all about making new choices to live, travel, eat, adventure and well, enjoy this journey called life. Are you ready to make the leap from a cubical dweller, 9 – 5 workday grind to living life on your own terms?

You don’t have to wait till retirement to travel and live like you want to. With technology, you can work from anywhere and enjoy all the beauty of our planet. With less stuff and little to no debt, you can explore and adventure for far less than the typical American salary.

Whether you are ready now, are just in the dream stage or have already started, sign up and subscribe to their YouTube channel to get inspiration, travel ideas and real how-to information.

12. I’m Not Lost, I’m RVing

Stacey and Thomas decided to sell just about everything they own and live full-time in an RV! Live vicariously through their videos and share a laugh or two while watching their videos.

11. Long Long Honeymoon

Long Long Honeymoon (“Loloho”) celebrates travel and outdoor adventure. Sometimes they tote an Airstream (RV) travel trailer; sometimes a backpack but show it all on their popular RV YouTube channel.

10. Fate Unbound

David and Jenni Hiser are a husband and wife who always wanted to travel but were stuck because life and expenses kept getting in the way. They decided to do whatever it took to capture their dream of traveling as RV owners.

Starting with selling everything they owned including their house, cars, and all the clutter. They only kept what they could cram into their tiny RV and they hit the road full time! They share their story hoping it will inspire you to chase your dreams!

9. Keep Your Daydream

After years of waiting for the right scenario or the ideal time, they decided to trade-in our “perfect dream” for what they were actually able to do right now. That was three countries, thirty-eight states and over 80,000 miles ago!

They searched every channel on YouTube to find inspiration. It seemed like everyone “sold everything” or had unlimited money. What about the people that enjoyed their life, but we’re ready for a change? That was what inspired them to create Keep Your Daydream.

8. RV Love

Inspiring, entertaining and educational videos about RV life, tips, and travel… from full-time RVers since 2014! Marc and Julie Bennet sold their Colorado home, bought an RV and have traveled to all 50 USA states while working full-time. They want to help YOU hit the road and live your RV dreams too! Make sure to check out these RV YouTubers.

7. Less Junk More Journey

Nathan and Marissa traded in their house for RV living full time! Join them on YouTube as they share their continual struggle of letting go of clutter so they can embrace life.

6. Changing Lanes RV

Chad and Tara (and their dog Daisy) sold their house and everything in it to live and travel full time in our fifth wheel toy hauler RV (2018 Grand Design Momentum 397TH)! In their YouTube videos, they document their travels all over North America, RV DIY projects, RV tips and tricks, and their motorcycle rides on their 2018 Indian Roadmaster. Tune in to their weekly Full-Time RV adventures!

5. The Freedom Theory

The Freedom Theory is putting what freedom means to the test living in an RV (recreational vehicle) full-time and seeing the world while sharing it all on YouTube! They vlog and blog their family’s experiences daily and show how living a simple RV life can be fulfilling every day!

4. RV Geeks

Since 2011, Peter & John have hosted one of YouTube’s most popular channels about RVing. In 2019, they make the big leap to broadcast television from YouTube as they co-host the new TV series The RVers on PBS, iTunes & Amazon! As full-time RVers since 2003, they specialize in DIY and How-To videos, helping fellow RVers learn to manage, maintain, repair and upgrade the systems on their own RVs.

3. Mortons on the Move

Tom and Cait Morton are the RV Youtubers Mortons on the Move. In Sept 2015 they gave up the stationary life for one where they are constantly on the move, and have been living the RV Life as digital nomads ever since. On their channel, they share their travel experiences, the ins and outs of living the RV lifestyle, and technical how-to and review videos around RV Upgrades and Off-Grid Living.

2. Drivin’ and Vibin’

Kyle and Olivia are two Alabama natives traveling fulltime in their self-renovated Airstream Argosy camper. Their goal as RV Youtubers is to live simply and deliberately while they connect with the world around them. Join them for the journey!

1. Getaway Couple

We are Rae and Jason! We travel the US full time with our doggo, Carmen in a Grand Design fifth wheel. We like to share our lessons learned, RV tips and tricks we wish we knew before we started, and the best places to visit in the US with you! We also have many “fireside chats” about whatever topics you want to hear about.

  1. How do you have enough data to watch all these on the road? We’re still at home, watch many of them, and our monthly data usage is around 500G!

  2. Great list guys! Thanks for including us! Hope you are doing well and that we get to cross paths again this year: take care!

  3. You left out The Indie Projects, one of our top favorites, super cool Brits traveling around the world in their custom designed van.

  4. Awh, thanks so much for including us on the list! ❤️ Mexico has been incredible fun for creating videos!

    Hope y’all are doing well, and maybe we’ll cross paths again when we can all travel!
    Howard & Katelyn

  5. Hi! Great post! I was wondering if you know of any RV bloggers or Youtubers who are single women, and older, like 50’s? I will be soon, and will be in a 5th wheel. I’m having trouble finding any to follow. Thanks!

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