How Much Does an Average Camper Trailer Cost?

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Are you in the market for a camper trailer? Are you looking for a general price from which to start? If so, it’s helpful to know how much an average camper costs.

Towing your home behind you can be exhilarating, but you don’t want to break the bank or regret purchasing one. 

We’ll discuss everything you need to know about camper trailers, how much they typically cost, and whether you should get one. Let’s begin. 

What Is a Camper Trailer? 

A camper trailer is an RV that you can tow behind you. They typically come with all the amenities you need on the road, such as a sleeping space, kitchen, bathroom, and living area.

You can also expect to have freshwater, greywater, and blackwater holding tanks, as well as an A/C and furnace. Most camper trailers come with a water heater as well, so you’ll be able to enjoy nice warm showers while camping!

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A camper trailer attached to a truck parked on the sane by the beach.

Benefits Of a Camper Trailer

Camper trailers have many benefits compared to other types of RVs. Unlike motorhomes, trailers require a tow vehicle. This means that you’ll be able to set up camp and then use your tow vehicle to explore the area without having to break camp again.

Camper trailers are often cheaper than drivable RVs. They can also make better use of space since the manufacturer doesn’t have to factor in the engine, drive train, and other moving parts that a vehicle has.

Moreover, they’re usually lighter than fifth wheels and can be towed by various vehicles, rather than being limited to a heavy-duty pickup

Pro Tip: Even though camper trailers are lighter than their larger counterparts, you’ll want to make sure your vehicle can handle it. Make sure to read What Does GVWR Mean and How Is It Calculated? to ensure you’re towing safely.

A small camper trailer parked on the grass surrounded by trees.

Disadvantages Of a Camper Trailer

While camper trailers have many benefits, there is always a give and take to RVing. Each type of camper will have advantages and disadvantages, and towable trailers are no different.

For instance, you’ll need a vehicle that’s powerful enough to tow your camper; and unfortunately, most cars, vans, and crossovers just won’t cut it. This means that you’ll have to invest in a powerful SUV or truck to tow your home on wheels, which can be expensive in itself. 

Because camper trailers can be less expensive, they have fewer amenities than motorhomes and fifth wheels. While there are many exceptions (like the Airstream), you may not have as many camper trailers to choose from if you’re looking for a higher-end RV.

If you’re looking for a comfortable, spacious, and durable camper, you may want to focus your search on either fifth wheels or motorhomes

A camper trailer parked at a rest stop.

How Much Does the Average Camper Cost? 

You can pay anywhere from $10,000 to $200,000 for a camper trailer, depending on the brand, features, amenities, and size you want.

However, if you’re looking for a ballpark price, most new camper trailers will cost between $20,000 and $50,000. 

What Is the Least Expensive Camper Trailer?

The good news is it’s possible to find a new camper trailer around the $10,000 range or even cheaper. Some examples include the Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro ($9,995), the Jayco Flight SLX travel trailer ($9,000), and the Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro travel trailer ($8,995).

If you’re looking for even lower prices, be sure to check out listings of used camper trailers as well. You never know what you’ll find!

Pro Tip: Less expensive doesn’t mean lower quality. Check out The Best Cheap Travel Trailers in 2022 to begin your search!

What Is the Lifespan Of a Travel Trailer? 

The average travel trailer will usually last around 10-12 years. However, with the proper maintenance and care, they can last upwards of 25 years. Not only is the lifespan impacted by appropriate upkeep, but the quality also impacts it.

For example, certain brands are known for lasting much longer than others. These include riveted aluminum and molded fiberglass campers such as Airstream, Oliver, Scamp, and Casita. All of these brands have a reputation for standing the test of time.

Do Travel Trailers Hold Their Value?

The higher the quality of the camper trailer, the better it will hold its value. Nevertheless, all RVs will depreciate some. Unlike a house, travel trailers, motorhomes, and fifth wheels will all lose their value over time. If you purchase a quality travel trailer and maintain it, it’ll have a much better chance of holding its value. 

A camper trailer parked by the water while the owners set up a picnic.

Consider a Camper Trailer for Your RV Adventures

Camper trailers are an excellent option for many aspiring RVers. They’re relatively inexpensive compared to motorhomes and fifth wheels, they allow you to set up camp and leave, and they make full use of the living space. If you already own a tow vehicle, you can be on the road in a new RV for less than $10,000. What’s better than that?

Is a camper trailer in your future? Let us know in the comments below!

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