Camco TastePure vs Clear2O Inline Water Filter

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Clear2O inline water filter vs Camco TastePure RV water filter floating against a blue background.

You need clean water in your RV for showering, doing dishes, and washing your hands. An inline water filter can help you ensure your water is safe and clean. Let’s compare two fantastic options for inline water filters: Clear2O vs Camco TastePure.

Clear2O vs Camco Inline RV Water Filter Overview

Both the Clear2O and the Camco TastePure inline RV water filters can filter your water effectively. Having an inline RV water filter helps prevent sediment and particles from entering your RV’s water system. This protects your water heater, water pump, and faucets from damage. Both filters reduce odors and particles and improve the taste of the water in your RV. When it comes to Clear2O vs Camco, the differences are in the details.

Understanding Micron Filtration

A “micron” is extremely small. Filters are rated by the micron size of particles they can block. For example, a 100-micron filter will stop particles and debris larger than 100 microns from passing through. The smaller the number, the more particles the filter blocks.

Anything smaller than 35 microns is microscopic, meaning you can’t see it with the naked eye. The micron-size you need for your water filtering system will depend on what kinds of particles you want to filter. For drinking water, you’ll want to have a filter rated for one micron or less.

Clear2O Filter Details

Clear2o CRV2001 RV Inline Water Filter - Reduces Contaminants, Bad Taste, Odors, Chlorine and Sediment in Drinking, Cleaning, Showering Water (Green)
  • SUPERIOR WATER FILTRATION proprietary solid carbon block filters contaminants down to ONE MICRON. That’s 70 times...
  • ELIMINATES the unpleasant sulfur taste and odor from campground water. Reduces Bad Taste, Odors, Chlorine, and Sediment...

The Clear2O water filter can filter out the awful taste and smell of sulfur often found in campground water systems. It reduces chlorine and sediment as well. This durable and wide-bodied filter has a solid carbon block filter that reduces contaminants found in water. The Clear2O can filter down to one micron, making water safe for drinking, showering, and washing your hands or dishes. 

Clear2O Filter Lifespan

The Clear2O works for three to six months, depending on the specific conditions it faces. RVing may create enough demand that you need to change the filter more frequently. If you see a drop in water pressure, that can be a clue that it’s time to change the filter. 

Average Price

The Clear2O isn’t your cheapest option, costing between $30 and $40. This is a major difference when it comes to Clear2O vs Camco. Despite the higher cost, you’ll often see them sell out due to their popularity. If you can snag one, you might want to buy extras so you have one on hand when it’s time to replace it.

Camco TastePure Filter Details

Camco TastePURE RV Water Filter - New & Advanced RV Inline Water Filter with Flexible Hose Protector - GAC & KDF Water Filter - Made in USA - Camping Essentials for Fresh Drinking Water (40043)
  • Advanced 6-Step Water Filtration System: Experience the extraordinary power of Hex-Flow Technology & its remarkable...
  • Superior Filtration Standard: The combined GAC & KDF layers boost your water’s purity by removing unpleasant taste,...

Many RVers go with the TastePure filter instead. This popular choice uses a 20-micron granular activated carbon filtration system that reduces bad taste, odor, chlorine, and sediment. Fluid treatment helps keep things like bacteria and mold from growing in the filter when you’re not using it.

Camco TastePure Lifespan

This filter averages about three months of life. However, as with all filters, the exact timeframe depends on use. Look out for a drop in water pressure. Camco sells two- and four- packs so you can have some spares on hand.

Average Price 

The TastePure offers tremendous value. You can get one for about $17 or a two-pack for about $25 on Amazon. You’ll also find them in big-box retailers and sporting goods stores.

Camco TastePure vs Clear2O: Which Is Best? 

When it comes to Clear2O vs Camco TastePure, some key differences could be the deciding factor for you. Let’s see which filter comes out ahead.

Best Overall: Clear2O Inline Water Filter

Overall, we think the Clear2O inline water filter outshines the Camco TastePure. The Clear2O filter can filter more finely at one micron. Plus, it lasts longer. Despite being more expensive, it also provides more filtration for longer. 

Best Starter or Budget Filter: Camco TastePure

The Camco TastePure does filter out some microscopic particles and bacteria. It can still do a great job if you’re on a tighter budget. If you’re just getting started in RVing and aren’t planning to drink the water from your RV’s water system, consider saving some money with this filter.

Why You Need an RV Water Filter

Having some sort of system to filter the water that comes into your RV is essential for RVing, especially if you plan to drink the water. These filters help eliminate sediment, debris, and sometimes even bacteria. When weighing the Clear2O vs Camco filters, keep in mind that these filters protect not just your RV but also you and your family. 

When moving from campground to campground, it’s essential to have a consistent plan for filtering your water sources. Protecting your RV from potentially damaging bacteria and sediment is one reason, but you’ll also be safeguarding yourself and your family. What system do you use to filter your RV’s water?

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  1. We’ll be using the Camco TastePure as our first line of defense, followed up with the ClearSource 3-filter filtration system. Finally, we’ll use a Brita pitcher for our drinking water.

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